What is the Better Way to Track Sprint Android Phone

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Phone tracker28 May 2018 .. Find My Phone what is the better way to track sprint android phone is Google's native find your phone app. It does all of the basic stuff. It can locate your phone within a certain distance. The app ..

Free Spy for Cell Phone Texts Location

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FBI Child ID

Created by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, this app lets parents store their children's photos plus other identification (height, weight, hair and eye color, age) for quick access if a child ever goes missing. The information is stored on the iPhone only until parents need to send it to authorities. Notable features include safety tips, checklists for what to do if something happens to your child, and shortcuts to dial 911 or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Parents also have the ability to email info immediately to law enforcement agencies if the unthinkable occurs. (Free; iPhone, iPad)

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Part 4: TrackerGPS Mobile

Another great GPS tracking app is no doubt the TrackerGPS Mobile . This app has been designed by Mobile Media Networks with the driver, car owner, and phone user in mind.


-It comes with a real-time update feature that keeps you updated just in case your devices get lost.

-You can create landmarks on the map and send commands.

-It comes with an information platform where you can see and retrieve the location and information of your devices.


-It provides you with real-time tracking.

-You can use this app to track a fleet of your cars, cargo, and mobile phones.

-In case you need the history of your monitored devices, you can easily retrieve it using this app.

-You can track the location of your devices or machinery by a simple tap on the screen.


-Most of the instructions are in Mexican and Spanish hence making it hard for non-Mexicans to use the app due to the language barrier.


Free of charge on Play Store.

7 Best iPhone Tracking Software

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Part 6: GPS Tracker for Android

Another great and easy to use GPS mobile tracker is the GPS Tracker for Android . This mobile tracker gives you the opportunity to effectively track your phone regardless of its current state or location.


-With the SOS function, you can send an alarm when in dire need of help.

-It supports both GPS and Network positioning.

-The sharing platform allows you to share your location live on the internet.

-It supports Geofencing capabilities.  


-You can view the location time of your device by going back to the location history.

-In case of an emergency, you can send an SOS to your trusted group of friends.

-In case someone you care for is in a speeding car, you can get the notification right on your device.

-You can create a trip based on the location history of the app.

-You can optimize the battery life by setting location detection intervals.


-It’s only available on the Android platform.

-It's full of annoying ads.


Free for download and use.

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