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Device(config-nd-inspection)# limit address-count 1000

Enter 1–10,000.

Step 6

sec-level minimum value

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  Command or Action Purpose
Step 1

configure terminal


Device# configure terminal

Enters the global configuration mode.

Step 2

interface interface


Device(config)# interface gigabitethernet 1/1/4

Specifies an interface and enters the interface configuration mode.

Step 3

[no ] device-tracking attach-policy policy name


Device(config-if)# device-tracking attach-policy example_policy

Attaches a device tracking policy to the interface or the specified VLANs on the interface.


SISF based device-tracking policies can be disabled only if they are custom configured. DT-PROGRAMMATIC policies are applied as a result of DHCP Snooping and hence, cannot be removed.

Follow the steps in Examples : How to Disable SISF-based Device Tracking to disable SISF-based device tracking.

Step 4

show device-tracking policies [interface interface]


Device#(config-if)# do show running-config

Displays policies that match the specified interface type and number.

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How to Track Someone's Smartphone Remotely

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Choose your device specification

IP Device Tracking (IPDT) Overview

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Updated:November 25, 2014 Document ID:118630

Disable IPDT

On releases where IPDT is not enabled by default, IPDT can be turned off globally with this command: # no ip device tracking

On releases where IPDT is always on, the previous command is not available or it does not allow you to disable IPDT (Cisco bug ID CSCuj04986 ). In this case, there are several ways to ensure that IPDT does not monitor a specific port or it does not generate duplicate IP alerts.

Enter the ip device tracking probe delay 10 Command

This command does not allow a switch to send a probe for 10 seconds when it detects a link UP/flap, which minimizes the possibility to have the probe sent while the host on the other side of the link checks for duplicate IP addresses. The RFC specifies a 10-second window for duplicate address detection, so if you delay the device-tracking probe, the issue can be solved in most cases.

If the switch sends out an ARP Probe for the client while the host (for example, a Microsoft Windows PC) is in its Duplicate-Address Detection phase, the host detects the probe as a duplicate IP address and presents the user with a message that a duplicate IP address was found on the network. The PC might not obtain an address, and the user must manually release/renew the address, disconnect and reconnect to the network, or reboot the PC in order to gain network access.

In addition to probe-delay, the delay also resets itself when the switch detects a probe from the PC/host. For example, if the probe timer has counted down to five seconds and detects an ARP Probe from the PC/host, the timer resets back to 10 seconds.

This configuration has been made available through Cisco bug ID CSCtn27420 .

Enter the ip device tracking probe use-svi. . . Command

With this command, you can configure the switch in order to send a non-RFC compliant ARP Probe; the IP source will not be, but it will be the Switch Virtual Interface (SVI) in the VLAN where the host resides. Microsoft Windows machines no longer see the probe as a probe as defined by RFC 5227 and do not flag a potential duplicate IP.

Enter the ip device tracking probe auto-source [fallback ] [override] Command

For customers who do not have predictable / controllable end devices or for those who have many switches in an L2-only role, the configuration of an SVI, which introduces a Layer 3 variable in the design, is not a suitable solution. An enhancement introduced, in Version 15.2(2)E and later, the possibility to allow arbitrary assignment of an IP address that does not need to belong to the switch for use as the source address in ARP probes generated by IPDT. This enhancement introduces the chance to modify the automatic behavior of the system in these ways (this list shows how the system automatically behaves after each command is used):

Enter the ip device tracking probe auto-source Command

  1. Set the source to VLAN SVI if present.
  2. Search for a source/MAC pair in the IP host table for the same subnet.
  3. Send the zero IP source as in the default case.

Enter the ip device tracking probe auto-source fallback Command

  1. Set the source to VLAN SVI if present.
  2. Search for a source/MAC pair in the IP host table for the same subnet.
  3. Compute the source IP from the destination IP with the host bit and mask provided.

Enter the ip device tracking probe auto-source fallback override Command

  1. Set the source to VLAN SVI if present.
  2. Compute the source IP from the destination IP with the host bit and mask provided.

    Note : An override makes you skip the search for an entry in the table.

As an example of the previous computations, assume you probe host With the mask and host bits provided, you generate a source address of

If you probe entry, you would generate an ARP probe with source address, and so on.

Enter the ip device tracking maximum 0 Command

This command does not truly disable IPDT, but it does limit the number of tracked hosts to zero. This is not a recommended solution and it should be used with caution, because it affects all of the other features that rely on IPDT, which includes the port-channels configuration as described in Cisco bug ID CSCun81556 .

Turn Off Active Features that Trigger IPDT

Some features that might trigger IPDT include NMSP, device sensor, dot1x/MAB, WebAuth, and IPSG. This solution is reserved for the most difficult or complex situations, where either all of the solutions previously available did not work as expected, or they created additional problems. This is, however, the only solution that allows extreme granularity when you disable IPDT, because you can turn off only the IPDT-related features that cause problems and leave everything else unaffected.

In the most recent Cisco IOS, Versions15.2(2)E and later, you see an output similar to this: Switch# show ip device tracking interface gig 1/0/9 --------------------------------------------Interface GigabitEthernet1/0/9 is: STAND ALONEIP Device Tracking = DisabledIP Device Tracking Probe Count = 3IP Device Tracking Probe Interval = 180000IPv6 Device Tracking Client Registered Handle: 75IP Device Tracking Enabled Features: HOST_TRACK_CLIENT_ATTACHMENT HOST_TRACK_CLIENT_SM

The two lines in all caps at the bottom of the output are those that use IPDT in order to work. Most of the problems created when you disable the device tracking can be avoided if you disable the single services that run in the interface.

In earlier versions of Cisco IOS, this 'easy' way to know which modules are enabled under an interface is not available yet, so you must go through a more involved process in order to get the same results. You must turn on debug ip device track interface , which is a low-frequency log that should be safe in most setups. Be careful not to turn on debug ip device tracking all because this, on the contrary, floods the console in scale situations.

Once the debug is on, bring an interface back to default, and then add and remove an IPDT service from the interface configuration. The results from the debugs tell you which service has been enabled/disabled with the command you used.

Here is an example: Switch(config)# int gig 1/0/9 Switch(config-if)# ip device track max 10 Switch(config-if)#*Mar 27 09:58:49.470: sw_host_track-interface:Feature 00000008 enabled on portGi1/0/9, mask now 0000004C, 65 ports enabled*Mar 27 09:58:49.471: sw_host_track-interface:Gi1/0/9[L2 DOWN, IPHOST DIS]IPhost tracking max set to 10Switch(config-if)#

What the output reveals is that you enabled feature 00000008 , and that the new feature's mask is 0000004C .

Now, remove the configuration you just added: Switch(config-if)# no ip device track max 10 Switch(config-if)#*Mar 27 10:02:31.154: sw_host_track-interface:Feature 00000008 disabled on portGi1/0/9, mask now 00000044, 65 ports enabled*Mar 27 10:02:31.154: sw_host_track-interface:Gi1/0/9[L2 DOWN, IPHOST DIS]IPhost tracking max cleared*Mar 27 10:02:31.154: sw_host_track-interface:Max limit has been removed fromthe interface GigabitEthernet1/0/9.Switch(config-if)#

Once you remove feature 00000008 , you can see the 00000044 mask, which must have been the original, default mask. This value of 00000044 is expected since AIM is 0x00000004 and SM is 0x00000040 , which together result in 0x00000044 .

There are several IPDT services that can run under an interface:

IPDT Service Interface
HOST_TRACK_CLIENT_DOT1X     = 0x00000002
HOST_TRACK_CLIENT_SM  = 0x00000040

In the example, HOST_TRACK_CLIENT_SM (SESSION-MANAGER) and HOST_TRACK_CLIENT_ATTACHMENT (also known as AIM/NMSP) modules are configured for IPDT. In order to turn off IPDT on this interface, you must disable both, because IPDT is disabled ONLY when all of the functions that use it are disabled as well.

After you disable those features, you have an output similar to this: Switch(config-if)# do show ip dev trac int gig 1/0/9 --------------------------------------------Interface GigabitEthernet1/0/9 is: STAND ALONEIP Device Tracking = Disabled IPDT is disabledIP Device Tracking Probe Count = 3IP Device Tracking Probe Interval = 180000IP Device Tracking Enabled Features:? No active features--------------------------------------------

In this way, IPDT is disabled with more granularity.

Here are some example of commands used in order to disable some of the functions discussed previously:

  • nmsp attach suppress
  • no macro auto monitor

Note : The latest feature should be available only on platforms that support Smart Ports ( SmartPort Flash presentation ), which are used in order to enable features and settings based on the location of a switch in the network and for mass configuration deployments across the network. 

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