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How to Enable iCloud Backup in iOS 8:Large numbers of apps are submitted on Apple App Store every day. How to choose the way gps phone tracking com best iPhone number tracker? How to track phone number free?

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iPhone Recovery Stick, that was released by ProofPronto.com , permits you to have access to the deleted contacts, internet history, call logs, images, and text messages, from the target iPhone.

With the introduction of this, parents and spouses are in a position of recovering data that had been deleted from iPhones. In short, this enhances the security of the targeted user.

How does it work?

Actually, it is an easy process. What one needs to do is to connect the targeted iPhone to a USB port , on a computer that has Windows as the operating system. Using the same computer, plug in the Recovery Stick in another USB port.

It will approximately take about 10-15 minutes for the program to be done with the recovery process. However, the recovery time will depend on the amount of data to be recovered.

If your search is directed to a specific name or address, then the recovery stick has the option of searching for particular items.

What to note is that you need to have a computer that runs on Windows 2003, 2000, XP, or Vista .

The backbone of the operating mechanism of the recovery stick, is that the whole process depends on the available storage space on the targeted iPhone, and the amount of new information that has been written on it.

Advantages of using recovery stick

It’s the only alternative to recover deleted iPhone data, which includes videos, photos, or text messages that you needed to get access to them. In fact the recovery stick has simplified the work of recovery.

What does the recovery stick control?

  • The full contact list
  • Text messages saved in the device
  • Saved clips
  • Internet history
  • Call history
  • Erased photos

What recovery stick can recover

  • Call history that has been deleted
  • Deleted messages that were texted
  • Erased website history
  • Deleted photos

Easy to use and fast

With the fact of plugging the recovery stick into the USB port of the computer, and running the program, the whole targeted iPhone will be scanned. The good news is that the scanned iPhone will never leave proof that it was scanned.

The scanned iPhone will take about 10 minutes to get scanned fully , depending on the storage capacity of the phone.

The working mechanism of recovering the deleted files

When the user deletes the files in his/her iPhone, the deleted data is not fully erased, but still remains somewhere, that you cannot view it. The work of the recovery stick will be retrieving the hidden information or data from the hidden place.

Does it work with all iPhones?

Yes, it functions with all types of iPhones. But if the targeted iPhone possesses a password, there is a need to first access it, as it is a necessity for you to have the password in order for the stick to function. Apart from that, your PC or computer will necessarily have to run on Windows 10, 7, 8, or Vista.

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