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In the current state, the best metric advertisers get from ads are impressions and click numbers. But those numbers do not precisely reflect the effectiveness of ad campaigns because a lot of what gets counted as impressions goes to waste on non-human sources. That is something that changes with eye tracking technology.

“The advertising industry is currently in the midst of some major upheaval when it comes to universal standards for measuring ad impact,” says Porco, the Impax chief executive. “The whole concept of ‘viewability’ is now being redefined to make more sense in the age of ad blockers and bot traffic.”

With eye tracking technology, online advertisers will be able to measure exactly how many actual human eyes actually view their ads when they appear on the page. While gaining precise metrics would be nearly impossible until such time as every computer and mobile device is embedded with eye tracking technology, using eye tracking does give insights into how users interact with ads.

In the physical world, however, eye tracking is already showing promise.

“Market research firms are experimenting with directly measured biometric data to precisely determine the composition of people in out-of-home media environments such as retail stores, for audience measurement purposes,” Porco says.

Porco’s company, Impax Media, is investing heavily in eye tracking technology along with other computer vision techniques to collect attention metrics from its proprietary in-store advertising screens. “We’re big believers that the future of the ad industry is going to be grounded in attention metrics, as opposed to impressions, and eye tracking is, hands down, the best way to track attention,” Porco says.

The data, Porco says, helps advertisers and location partners to assess audience interest in various messaging angles, and to correlate this information with parameters like location, timing and demographics. “It’s great for media buyers seeking to get the most for their budgets, and for store managers dealing with questions about everything from inventory to staff shift schedules.”

While retailers always benefit from collecting information about customers, the area is somewhat a gray and is often subject to controversy and falls across privacy regulations. However, Porco underlines that there’s no need to collect identity parameter in order to glean useful insights, and anonymized data about gaze point, age and gender along with duration of view suffice.

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HiveDesk is helps you manage your virtual team or remote workforce - easily manage tasks, track time and generate visual reports. Learn more about HiveDesk

HiveDesk is helps you manage your virtual team or remote workforce - easily manage tasks, track time and generate visual reports. Learn more about HiveDesk

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  • Free Location Monitor: There is no subscription fee to track your devices. Simply visit our web site ( in your desktop or mobile browser
  • Tracking Multiple Devices: You can track multiple devices in your account. All your devices are shown in the same place
  • Real-Time Update: Location data for your device is available in our web site real-time. Please note that this feature is not available for WiFi-only devices
  • Geo-Fencing: You will receive notification email when your tracked device exits or enters the geo-fence. Geo-fencing can be set up in our web site
  • Opt-in Sharing: You can publish your tracks through URLs or downloadable KML files
  • Downloadable Report: You can download your raw data in HTML or CSV (Excel) file format
  • Multiple Mobile Platforms: GPS Tracker for other mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry) are available in our web site


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