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Four ways to share your exact location with family (and why)

Do you know where your family is? You do now with these handy apps designed to share or track locations using your phone. Peace of mind is priceless.

  • Scott Webster
February 9, 2016 5:00 AM PST

Checking in on a family member in 2016 is much easier than ever, and perhaps less invasive, too. We don't have to call or text to see that Sally hasn't left the house or that Dad is driving and should be home by 7.

We have apps that can passively keep an eye on friends and family members' whereabouts, and that's a huge relief. No more worry when someone forgets to call or is held up. A quick glance at your tracking app tells you all you need to know -- and then you can relax.

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If tracking the people you love sounds shady, or you're worried about spying, don't worry. These Android and iPhone apps are safe and I've used all the ones I recommend below. Contacts have to agree to be tracked, and the apps come with very clear instructions for use.

As you read through each selection, bear in mind that this is not an exact science and that GPS signals determine how precisely locations can be calculated. What's more, none of these will work with the phone turned off.


Designed around the simple notion of at-a-glance-tracking, Glympse lets you decide who you want to see your GPS location, and select how long they can track you.

You can stop freaking out now. Apps help you keep an eye on your family.


Although location sharing ends once the time interval is up, it's possible to manually stop the transmission at any time. Along those lines, it's also possible to tack on extra tracking time.

Glympse is perfect to turn on when you're headed home from work and want to let your spouse know where you are. It's also great for friends to keep temporary tabs on one another when you're planning to meet up at a park or public event.

Glympse also lets you share real-time locations, estimated arrival times, and travel speeds through email, text or social networks. I especially like the calendar integration, which shares location and your ETA with everyone.

Glympse is free for both Android and iPhone .

Life360 Family Locator

This free app lets family members track one another in real time. One great feature automatically lets family members know when someone has entered a predefined location, like home or school. You can choose two such spots. So when the kids come home after school, Life 360's app automatically checks them in and sends an alert to show they've made it.

Life360 Family Locator lets families track each other in real time.


The app also includes a full location history, which is nice for an overview of recent activity. The built-in "panic" option sends out an emergency beacon to designated emails, text and phones with your exact location of your GPS coordinates. The app can also be used to message family members.

While the app and service are free to use, a premium version sells for per month (which covers the whole family) or per year. That pro version comes with unlimited check-in places, roadside assistance, the ability to locate non-smartphones, and protection against stolen phones. Life360 offers a 30 day free trial to its premium features.

Download the free version of Life360 Family Locator for Android and iPhone .

Find My Friends

This app, which is also made by the Life360 guys, gives you a central place for sharing your location and messaging. Headed out of town for a few days of downtime? Plan and coordinate your trip with others before getting in the car. Likewise, the app can be used to quickly broadcast your location in an emergency situation.

Enlarge Image

Find My Friends has free and paid versions.

Scott Webster/CNET

Like other apps of its kind, this one uses Google Maps at its heart, so it's a breeze to learn and understand. Along these lines, the map automatically lists places such as police stations, fire departments and hospitals, among other.

For a month, the premium version of Find My Friends adds unlimited check-in locations, an expanded location history, roadside assistance and support for non-smartphones. All users are invited to try the 30-day free trial.

Find My Friends is free for Android . (Not to be confused with Apple's own Find My Friends app for iOS .)


It might be tucked away in the corner, but Google's social networking service, Google+, offers the ability to share location. The design is reminiscent of the old Google Latitude and integrates, naturally, with Google Maps.

Enlarge Image

Location sharing and tracking is tucked away in Google .

Scott Webster/CNET

To share your location with others, send a request to that contact through the Google+ app. Once the person accepts, you'll be able to see each other through the app. It's worth noting that a friend doesn't have to share their location with you in order for you to send yours.

Google+ still relies on the concept of grouping contacts together in "circles." If you find yourself tracking tons of friends and family members, it's easy to filter your map by circle, say karaoke buddies. Conversely, you can toggle exactly who you share your "where" with, too.

Google+ is available for free for Android and iPhone .

Carrier-branded apps

Each of the four major US wireless providers also offers its own particular Android app or service for keeping an eye on loved ones. All four feature a number of free services and individual options tailored to the user; paid features come at a monthly premium. If you're a subscriber to one of these carriers, then you may find one of these apps suits your needs.

The carrier apps:

  • Verizon Family Locator (.99/month per account for up to 10 phones): Features locations, address, a detailed map, turn-by-turn directions, arrival and departure updates, integrated text messaging.
  • AT&T FamilyMap (.99/month to locate up to two family members, .99 per month to locate up to five family members): Features ability to locate from smartphone or PC, find lost or stolen phones, maps with designated safe spots, schedules, notification options. Includes 30-day free trial.
  • Sprint Family Locator (.99/month to locate up to four phones): Features ability to locate lost or stolen phones, automatic check-ins, text alerts, option to check from Web site, real-time locations. Includes 15-day free trial.
  • T-Mobile FamilyWhere (.99/month to locate up to 10 phones): Features automatic location checks, real-locations, text alerts, ability to work with non-smartphones, schedules. Includes 30-day free trial.

What about you?

Which apps do you prefer to use for such a purpose? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

This story was originally published June 26, 2013, and was updated February 5, 2016.

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    In this video I will teach you how to trace current location of mobile phone of lost phone. Using GPS and network location we can find lost phone. We can also trace mobile number.Mobile phone lost and steal is a problem of many people. At this time they try to trace their mobile phone but most of them are not get success. They thinking without GPS can’t track the mobile phone and go to police for complain? Many of them are try lots of tricks and trips in google to trace their smart phone, and some of them have Symbian phone so, they probably lost the hope of get that phone. But now if you lost your phone then don’t worry and without hesitate watch this video to get back your phone. Methods to trace your android phone: By given method you can trace your android phone1. How to trace a lost android phone with GPS.2. How to trace a lost Android phone without GPS.3. How to trace your phone with SIM card.4. Trace a lost Symbian Phone.5. Track Java and China phone.6. Track Samsung phone7. Trace Xiaomi phone. Trace any Android phone: Most of people don’t know that they can trace their phone. There is no need to install any application. You just need to log in in your google account on your android phone. I don’t think that any person use his phone without logged in google account. And one most important thing is that google already tracing your phone. And if there is a result not available by google then your phone company like Samsung and other are also providing facility for mobile lost. If you are Samsung owner then you go to Samsung device locator site, and you can trace it by your ID.1. How to trace a lost android phone with GPS: Tracing a lost phone via GPS is the best and easy way to find a lost mobile phone. One of the advantage of this method is that you get accurate location pf your mobile phone. But in front of this it also has a back point is that you cannot track if GPS is off in your phone.2. How to trace a lost android phone without GPS: We all know that android device is very smart!! Just install an application and get the solution. Am I right? It is absolutely true. But here is a something twist. You don’t need to download any application for this. It is already installed in your phone. Google, yes google can help you. Google is already tracking your location. NETWORK LOCATION.3. How to trace your phone with SIM card: Most of the people think that we cannot trace our phone by its SIM card. Yes, they are right we cannot trace the SIM card but the Service provider can trace the SIM card. By its network location they can trace your SIM card.4. Trace a lost Symbian Phone: In Symbian mobile you can get message when someone change your SIM card. So, for that you need to install sis software in your Symbian phone. So, if you lost your phone somewhere and someone try to change SIM card, you get a SMS of your phone location in your new number.5. Track Java and China phone: normally java and china phones are no more costly but, if you lost it then you have only one option to get it back, Go to the police station and complaint it. If they found you legitimate then they give you reliable answer and they try to trace your phone via IMEI number of your phone. So, if you don’t have an IMEI number of your phone then please note that so, it can help you to trace your phone if it will lost.6. Track Samsung phone: For Samsung owners my best advice is go to, login with your Samsung ID and password and click on locate my device. They give current location of your phone via network location or GPS. This is the main advantage of Samsung owners. This facility is given by Samsung Company to protect consumer’s privacy. There is an option, by using that you can also lock down your phone so, without you no one can open your phone. As well as you can also ring your phone. Just click on Ring button and your phone will ringing whether it is anywhere.7. Trace Xiaomi phone: MI providing best feature to trace your lost mobile phone. It also provides many features for lost mobile phone like lock down your phone, erase data etc. For that you just need to l signup in mi cloud and they take a new mobile number for security reason. So, when someone login to your account then need OTP code of new mobile number. When you login to your account you have an option find my device. Click on it. It will trace your phone and can also perform options like erase data and ring mobile phone etc.Though, is you are unable to trace or track mobile phone using GPS, without, GPS, with SIM card , via network then you can go to police and complain for mobile loss. Then they can definitely help you to get mobile back. Because, they have some more privileges and permission to go in more deep to trace mobile or any electronic item. Most probably they are use IMEI number to locate your device.

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