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9 May 2013 .. In the meantime, if you like to shop at Nordstrom but don't like the idea of location tracking, turn your phone off and take the battery out if it's a .. How To Track A Phone Number: The Definitive GuideHighster Mobile

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What can 'Find My iPhone' Do?

  1. It can pin point the exact location of your missing iPhone on a map.
  2. It can activate a siren sound at full volume for 2 minutes so that anyone close-by can identify and hopefully return it.
  3. It can put the device under Lock with a Passcode.
  4. You can Toggle on "Lost Mode", and flash a custom message on the screen of the iPhone.
  5. You can find the shortest driving route to the iPhone.
  6. If you feel the iPhone has been stolen or compromised, you can wipe off all data.

Lamborghini’s high-performance Spyder turns physics into fun

But none of us can afford it.

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“You’ve spent quite some time in the lingerie department, but you haven’t even peeked at our display of Bose® ‘OE2′ Audio Headphones, which were 9.95 but are now ONLY 4.96! Can we talk?”

OK, so that’s not exactly what Nordstrom says it’s planning to do with the information it gleans from tracking customers’ movements throughout their stores.

But it certainly could market that aggressively, now that the department store – purveyor of apparel, shoes, jewelry, and the like – has implemented technology to track how much time you spend in specific departments within 17 stores in the US.

Tara Darrow, a company spokeswoman, told CBS DFW that sensors in the stores are collecting information from customers’ smartphones as those phones automatically scan for WiFi service.

Darrow said that the sensors monitor which departments you visit and for how long, but the sensors don’t actually follow your phone from department to department, and they don’t identify personal information tied to a phone’s owner:

"This is literally measuring a signal. You are not connected to the signal."

Nordstrom plugged in the technology in October but hasn’t yet done anything with the data it’s collected.

It’s referring to that data as “anonymous aggregate reports that give us a better sense of customer foot traffic”.

Nordstrom says it will eventually use these anonymous aggregate reports to enhance the shopping experience by, for example, increasing staffing during high-traffic times, keeping more registers open, or by tweaking a department’s layout.

The store is posting signs to alert customers and to tell them that if they want to opt out they can turn off their phones.

CBS DFW spoke to John Fu, marketing director of Euclid, the company that provides the tracking service. Apparently, while the company provides technology to collect information about us, it’s wary about disclosing information about its clients, citing, ironically enough, privacy concerns.

Fu did tell CBS DFW that Euclid serves a “variety of different kinds of retail stores, ranging from mom & pop stores and coffee shops to large department stores.”

Fu said that Euclid doesn’t collect names, addresses, phone numbers or email.

Well, I guess that’s better than what Google was doing with WiSpy , when its StreetView cars were roaming neighborhoods worldwide, collecting emails, text messages, browsing histories and passwords from unsecured wireless networks.

If anything, this is a clear reminder regarding how much information our smartphones leak about us.

Smartphones constantly ping for WiFi service if you have WiFi turned on, whether you use it or not, as long as the phone isn’t shut down.

Do they stop pinging once they’re powered down?

That depends, according to Tom Henderson, principal researcher at ExtremeLabs, who tells me that phones that come back on instantly after being shut down haven’t actually been powered off; they’re just in a very-low-power-consumption mode.

A fast start indicates standby mode and a possible periodic location beacon. For that fast-start type of phone, users need to take the battery out if they’re worried about locational privacy.

As Julian Bhardwaj wrote about for Sophos last October, leaving WiFi turned on can let your phone leak all sorts of useful things for malicious actors to intercept and act upon.

One example: smartphones often broadcast the names (SSIDs) of your favorite networks for anyone to see.

That’s enough for someone to figure out where you work, where you live or your favorite coffee shop.

Worse still, it could allow an attacker to set up a rogue WiFi with the same SSID as one of your preferred networks, so as to launch a man-in-the-middle attack and thereby intercept data sent between you and others.

There’s no easy way to disable active wireless scanning on Androids or iPhones, but Bhardwaj did suggest two steps that can help keep your smartphone data safe:

  • Tell your phone to forget networks you no longer use, so as to minimise the amount of data leakage.
  • Configure your phone to automatically turn on/off wireless in certain places using a location-aware smartphone app.

In the meantime, if you like to shop at Nordstrom but don’t like the idea of location tracking, turn your phone off and take the battery out if it’s a fast-start phone before you head into one of the stores that are equipped with these sensors.

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Image of WiFi , shopping cart, and smartphone courtesy of Shutterstock .

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Phone trackerHottest Articles Get Access to Girlfriend's Phone Calls Without Her Knowing Guide to streaming video services

How to Track a Phone Number Location with a Spy App

How can you track someone by their cell phone number in some other way? Well, you would love to use a spy app. This way is very effective and affordable. The tracking option is not the only one. You will get a constant control over the target device. This is useful if you are trying to keep your kids safe. Tracking phone number with a monitoring app (such as iKeymonitor or   mSpy ) may give lots of advantages:

  • GPS monitoring
  • Blocking features
  • Calls and messages monitoring
  • Keylogger for passwords
  • Media content monitor

It is just a great way to track phone number free.

Nordstrom No Longer Tracking Customer Phones

by Angela Martin, CBSDFW.comMay 9, 2013 at 10:43 pm Filed Under: Euclid , GPS , Nordstrom , Opt-Out , shoppers , smart phone , Smartphone , Wi-Fi

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Nordstrom is no longer collecting information from the smart phones of its customers.

Earlier this week, CBS 11 told you about the technology being used at 17 Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores across the country, including the NorthPark store in Dallas.

Since September, sensors staged throughout the stores were able to track signals from smart phones as they attempted to connect to Wi-Fi service.   The company said it was using the data to measure foot traffic within different departments of its stores at different times of the day.

Nordstrom spokesperson Tara Darrow confirmed the company stopped using sensors the day after CBS 11 aired a story about the practice.  After the story, customers contacted the company to ask questions and share feedback, according to Darrow.

“We’d been testing Euclid since September and have said all along this was a test for us. We had been discussing what made sense in terms of concluding the test; after 8 months we’d felt like we had learned a lot and determined that it was the right time to end it,” said Darrow in an email.

Nordstrom maintained the sensors never picked up any personal information from customers, but shoppers seemed unhappy with the revelation that their phones were being used to gather collect any data without their permission.

On the Facebook page, some shoppers said they would no longer patronize Nordstrom stores.  “They’ve lost me with this. They can track my purchases while Im in the store but dont track me or my phone,” wrote David Lautz.

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