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Why use reliable spyware?

When looking for a trusted or reliable solution to hack an iPhone, think about different features. Spying programs store, record, transfer all operations and generate reports while remaining invisible for phone users and malware detecting apps.

Important spying software features

How to choose the right one? Pay attention to important features:

  • Saving iPhone passwords;
  • Recording keyboard activity;
  • Recording clipboard changes;
  • Sorting received data;
  • Transferring and saving screenshots;
  • Simple and convenient interface;
  • Simple data removal methods.

Different apps that hack an iPhone track and store buttons when users press them, no matter if they use translator programs or text editors. Get an iPhone password to get access to personal information. You’ll access different passwords. Spying programs store any data about installing, restoring, removing, or modifying software, documents, or images, and you’ll receive all files automatically. Apps make screenshots in a specific time period. You can remove them when you want.

What spyware enables you to do

Highly effective iPhone spying programs enable you to do the following:

  • Read messages and emails;
  • Spy on phone calls and record them;
  • Check GPS locations;
  • View different audio, image, and video files;
  • Monitor all chats;
  • Check iPhone passwords;
  • View opened web pages and bookmarks;
  • Remote use.

Great benefits of using spying apps

People who know how to remotely hack an iPhone with special programs understand their benefits. They enable users to monitor children’s activities. Apps are interesting to employers who want to track their workers or contractors and people who want to know what their spouses do when they’re away. Use them for personal purposes if you conduct any important business correspondence.

Most people want to monitor the calls or messages of their children, parents, employees, spouses, and it’s 100% normal to be curious. When looking for an opportunity to hack other people’s iPhone, there can be different reasons why you don’t trust them. Ensure that your doubts are pointless. Special mobile spyware enables you to:

  • Spy on your spouse ;
  • Track children;
  • Monitor your parents;
  • Monitor employees or contractors.

How these programs work

How does it work? There are only a few steps for you to take:

  • Install spyware on the iPhone you want to track;
  • Login into an online account to start checking phone activities;
  • Customize different settings to determine the activities you want to track, how often you want to receive reports, control phones remotely.

Final words

Hacking an iPhone discreetly is a fun thing to do, but you need to use effective and reliable tools. Available methods are easy to get around and use. Modern technology enables you to easily get access to phone activities or data, no matter if you have a passcode. It’s all about snooping into other people’s privacy without their consent or knowledge. Ensure you use the best spying program ( mSpy or FlexiSpy ) to find out the truth or achieve other goals.

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    April 18, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    I need a remote install . i cant get access to husbands phine . both androids


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Show Battery Percentage, Monitor and Track Battery Usage on iPhone 4S

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3 Parts: Steps Video: Show Battery Percentage, Monitor and Track Battery Usage on iPhone 4S Comments

Hello you are watching VisiHow, my name is Kara and in today's video, I will show you how to set up the percentage view on your (iPhone 4S) battery.

Frequently asked questions about finding your iPhone

Since I published this article, many people post comments with similar questions. Below you can find answers to the most asked questions. I hope this helps some of you!

“Can I track my iPhone if it’s turned off, is in airplane mode or not connected to the internet?”

Let me ask you the following: can you access your mobile browser and google something if your phone is off, in airplane mode or has no data connection? Correct…no you can’t. Same thing applies to tracking your phone. As long as it doesn’t have a working connection to the internet, it won’t be able to send any location data.

With Find My iPhone you can let the tool check regularly for your iPhone’s location. As soon as it goes back online (someone charges and turns it on, for example), Find My iPhone will notify you. This enables you to locate it (literally) as soon as possible. You can also check your Google Maps Timeline (see above) for your phone’s last reported location to Google.

“Is it possible to find my iPhone if someone turns off location services?”

Luckily, even if a stranger turns off location services on your iPhone, it’s still possible to locate your iPhone. With Find My iPhone you can activate the so-called ‘Lost Mode’. This activates location services on your iPhone remotely and immediately tries to locate it. It will stay activated as long as no one unlocks your device.

“Can I still locate my iPhone if I have already erased my iPhone?”

Bad news. Once an iPhone has been erased, it’s not possible to locate it anymore. The whole sense behind erasing a phone is to delete everything, including personal data, images, user settings and all logins (including iCloud). Without a connected iCloud or Google account, tracking isn’t possible. I recommend that you try to use your Google Maps Timeline (covered above) to get the last recorded location of your phone.

“I forgot my iCloud password and cannot locate my iPhone. How do I get my password back?”

In order to use Find my iPhone, you need to sign into your iCloud account. If you forgot your password, then this isn’t possible, of course. Apple makes it fairly easy to reset your Apple ID password (same one as on iCloud). All you need is your backup email account. Below you find the steps you need to follow:

  1. In your browser visit .
  2. Below the signup, click on “Forgot Apple ID or password?”
  3. Enter your Apple ID email address and click continue
  4. You’re offered two ways to reset your password. Either by sending a reset link to your backup email address or by answering the security questions you set up while creating your Apple ID account.
  5. Choose one of the options (easiest is via backup email address)
  6. If you chose “Get an email”, check your backup account for Apple’s email on how to reset your Apple ID password. In case you don’t receive an email within one hour, please check your other email accounts. Maybe you checked the wrong one and not the actual backup account you chose back when you first created your Apple ID.
  7. In the email, click the password reset link and follow the upcoming instructions. You’ll have to answer some security questions you set up before and enter your birth date.
  8. After that, you can enter a new password and confirm the password reset.
  9. That’s it! Keep in mind that you have to log into your Apple account on all your Apple devices since the old password doesn’t work anymore.

What if I’m not close to any computer to track my iPhone?

In that case, ask friends or try to find a helpful stranger with an iPhone. You can track your lost iPhone using the “Find My iPhone” app on another device. Just make sure that you are signed into your own iCloud Account. Otherwise you’ll just track the iPhone you’re holding in your hand.

I really hope this article helps you find your lost iPhone, iPad or Mac. If you do, it would be great if you share your story in the comments! Also, if you know of any other way to track down a lost Apple device, please let us know.

Note: In case you’re actually missing an Android device, head over to my guide on how to track a lost Android phone or tablet .

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