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Do you have to spend money on security cameras? Did you know you can DIY a home security system with old smartphones and Alfred? It’s free, and it’s BETTER! Look no further if you are searching for a baby cam, pet cam, or security cam!Home security camera, surveillance camera, dropcam, baby monitor, webcam, or pet cam shouldn't cost us hundred bucks when all you need is Alfred.Repurpose smartphones for home security, elderly care,home care, distant care, home healthcare, elderly healthcare, day care, child care. You can prevent package theft, stolen packages, unattended delivery, stolen parcels, parcel theft with Alfred. It facilitates neighborhood watch, ALS, Parkinson's Disease, alzheimer's disease, motion detector, trust circle, IPCAM app, IP cam app, turn your old phone into security camera, turn your Android phone into baby monitor.Alfred is an app that facilitates video monitoring and turns your old phones into baby monitor, baby monitor, nanny camera, nanny cam, CCTV alternative, home security camera, IP camera, IP cam, IPcam, security cam, web cam, wifi camera, DropCam, Nest Cam, home security alarms.Video surveillance has never been easier. Install Alfred the mobile app on two phones. One is your home security camera at your designated location and take the other one with you as a Monitor. Log in with the same Gmail, and that’s it! You are now connected to your home security system via WiFi or 3G/4G from anywhere in the world. With Alfred’s motion detector feature, you are alerted with surveillance photos. Alfred is your security alarm.What’s so special about Alfred?1. Alfred is friendly: Easy to use. No tutorial required at all.2. Alfred supports multiple monitors and multiple security cameras.3. Alfred is perceptive: Alfred offers free motion detector features. You get free videos from Alfred when motions are detected. 4. Alfred is deterrent: Two-way communication feature allows you to warn and deter unauthorized visitors. 5. Alfred is interactive: Sing to your baby or talk to your pets with the two-way communication feature.Who’s Alfred?1. Your baby monitor. Alfred makes sure you are the first one to know if your baby is crying. As a baby monitor and a motion detector, Alfred sends you a motion detection message right away. 2. Your pet monitor. Alfred knows that they all look innocent but will help you identify who knocked over the trashcan. Interact with your pets with Alfred’s two-way communication features. 3.Your office surveillance camera. Manage your staff, visitor and assets with Alfred. Alfred motion detector sends you photo and videos when motions are detected. More responsive than other IP cameras. 4. Your nanny cam. Alfred makes it easier to manage your nanny or caretaker5. Your home security system. Alfred guards your doors and garage to check if you have visitors, if your children have arrived home from school, if there is any suspicious people around, or if anyone left garbage at your doorstep. Alfred ensures that you are alerted when there is a break in or any suspicious activities.Old smartphone can work as your WebCam, IP camera or WiFi live camera, start watching over your location 24/7, and send you alerts if something comes upWhat is your home security system budget? Here is an affordable solution! Your phones have the best cam, wifi cam. It is so easy to install, the easiest setup, actually. Buy refurbished phones, second hand phones, old smartphones, or repurpose broken phones, used phones, recycle smartphones.

The Risks That Come With IoT Devices

As with any internet-connected device that watches or listens to your home, it's not out of the ordinary to be somewhat wary of a smart baby monitor. All Internet of Things (IoT) devices are potential soft spots for hackers to monitor you. Anything you network can possibly be compromised, and while you shouldn't be afraid of an epidemic of camera breaches, you should always weigh the convenience of these devices against the risk of someone getting control of the feed.

If you want a connected baby monitor or home security camera in your home, at the very least you should diligently keep its firmware updated, along with your router's firmware and security features.

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