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About UsThe issue top 10 android phone text monitoring app of privacy is a growing concern in the digital age.

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Mobile Spy

Since Mobile Spy was founded in July 1997, the company has sold its mobile tracking app to more than 150,000 customers in over 150 countries. They understand why parents want to monitor with whom their children communicate, and why businesses need to ensure employees value the company’s time and money. Named after the company behind it, Mobile Spy is a cutting-edge mobile tracking software that runs on all modern smartphones, including most Android and BlackBerry devices as well as iPhone. The full compatibility list is available on the official website .

Like all respectable mobile monitoring solutions, Mobile Spy helps you access incoming and outgoing call logs, SMS and MMS messages, the device’s current location, and various usage statistics. It can also show you the full list of the target smartphone’s contacts and provide you with a summary of recent social media and IM activity.

Mobile Spy doesn’t require jailbreak and comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a list of frequently asked questions. In case you need any help, there’s a 24/7 support line waiting to assist you. A trial version of the app is available or free, and you can obtain the full version of the app as a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription.

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  • Install . Install the application on the phone that you want to monitor. You can install the application for free and you will have a free trial. GPS will always be tracked for free.
  • Login . The cell tracking app uploads activities to your secure online account. You can view all the activities if you login to this server using the account that you have created when you installed the application.

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How To Find Hidden Apps On Android And iPhone Devices

July 12, 2018
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    How Can I Monitor My Child's Text Message Without Them Knowing?

    If you don’t want to get caught tracking your kid’s text messages, be careful how you approach any concerns that arise from what you’ve seen [ ... ]


    Though children these days are well-informed about the positives of technology, they are often unaware of its dangers ...[and] might still get into trouble unintentionally [ ... ]


    1. Look at your phone bill

    2. Physically check

    3. Monitor with KidGuard

    4. TxtWatcher

    [ ... ]


    Cell phones are part of kids’ lives. That’s just how it is. Of course, not every parent allows mobile phone use. But, the trend towards having tech-savvy children is on a definite upwards swing [ ... ]






    When should I raise the subject?

    The best time to have the conversation about monitoring is when you give your child access to a phone.  Whenever a child is given a device, some rules and boundaries should be set.

    If you have decided to give your child a phone, you can explain to them how the phone works, what they are allowed to do with it, when they are allowed to use it, and what you have set up on the device that allows you to monitor their activities.

    If your child has been begging you for a phone for ages and you have finally relented, you can make monitoring of text messages a condition of allowing them to have the phone.


    What should I tell them?

    Try to give your child as much information as possible without scaring them too much! Tell them about some of the the things they might have to deal with once they have a phone and access to text messaging.

    It’s worth mentioning the mounting problems of sexting, cyberbullying, online predators, extortion and digital footprints in an age-appropriate way.

    Younger children might simply need to know that sometimes text messaging is used to bully or for strangers to get information about them.

    Older children and teenagers should be given a more detailed picture of the inherent dangers and how they might inadvertently become a victim.

    Make it clear to your child that your role as a parent involves keeping them safe and happy and that monitoring their messages will help you to do so.


    What should they be texting?

    As well as talking about some of the inappropriate things others may be texting, it is worth having a discussion with your child about their own texting behaviour. It’s essential to educate children how to be good digital citizens.

    Tell them that it is not acceptable to use text messages to hurt or harass others. Children often find it easy to behave differently than normal when texting, but it’s important that we teach them that they shouldn’t say anything in a text that they wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Explain to them that whatever they say or send via text message can be shared with others and may stay online forever, even if they think it’s been deleted.

    Make the point that monitoring their text messages can help them to behave appropriately when texting, taking away the temptation of sending something that is unacceptable.



    Ask for their opinions

    Whenever we talk to our children, it is a good idea to get their opinion. This helps to build trust and keep the lines of communication open.

    Having explained to your child why you think it’s important to monitor their text messages, ask them what they think. Listen to their concerns and experiences. Chances are that they will at least understand  why  you would want to spy on them in this way, even if they still don’t like the idea.

    Listen to their opinion without judgement, but explain that for their own safety and wellbeing this has to be a condition of them owning a phone.

    Don’t be a sneak

    It’s not a good idea to do things behind a child’s back. Trying to ‘catch them out’ will not help to build trust with your child and will only serve to alienate them.

    Once they discover that you have been spying on them without their knowledge, they will not be inclined to share other aspects of their online lives with you and will find new ways of hiding information.

    It is far better to be honest and upfront  about the fact that you can see their text messages. As with all parent-child communications, your willingness to be honest and share information with your child will inevitably lead to them being more honest with you.

    Talking to children about what they are doing on their phones and other devices can be hard, but these open and honest conversations will pay off in the long run. Talking to your child about text messaging and text monitoring will inevitably make it easier to talk about other online behavior too. Although they might find it irritating at first, your child will ultimately know that you care.

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    Facebook * The Best New Free Smartphone Location Tracking Free Online I use DeskSMS on my phone, which will forward all texts to an email address of my choosing (which could then be received on another phone) and also allow ..

    Most Popular Apps2.2.24 5 smartphone apps that might be spying on you Monitor & Track someone's mobile phone remotely with Android Spying Software. .. messaging apps; Calls, SMS, GPS tracking and 25 more features ..You might find many apps that claim to spy on text messages and that too completely free of cost. However, these apps hardly perform the way they are expected ..3 Best SMS Text Message Spy Tracker for iPhone in 2018

    Human-looking robots are coming to a home near you

    Text Message Tracking Protects Your Kids

    Read text messages

    • Monitor text content
    • SMS, MMS, and iMessages
    • View even deleted texts

    Monitor chats

    • Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Kik
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Instagram comments

    Block incoming SMS

    • Block messages by phone numbers
    • Block SMS by bad words or threats
    • Limit the amount of SMS sent daily
    • Features Of PhoneSheriff

      • Filtering Features
      Set parental restrictions and filters.
      • Application Filtering

        Block apps on the cell phone to keep your child from using them.

      • Website Filtering

        Block the cell phone from accessing websites by URL address or category.

      • Contacts Filtering

        Block contacts by setting a blacklist/whitelist of phone numbers in the cell.

      • Time Restrictions

        Lock the entire cell phone or just calls during certain time periods of each day.

      • Geo-Fencing Alert

        When the monitored cell phone travels beyond a perimeter that you set.

      • Profanity Alert

        Rude words or abusive content that go through the monitored cell.

      • Intrusion Alert

        Know if someone is tries to do anything restricted on the monitored phone.

      • Phone Locking

        Lock or unlock the cell. Also play a siren sound and wipe information.

      Login to your online web panel to view cell phone activities.
      • Real Time GPS Tracking

        Find out where your child is immediately by getting instant GPS locates.

      • Internet History

        Logs all websites visited in the internet browser of the device.

      • Monitor Text Messages

        Monitor and see all SMS logs (sent and received) by the smartphone.


        Outgoing and incoming call information is logged with number and time.


        Now you can see what apps are install on your child's smartphone.

      • PHOTO LOGS

        Logs all photos that are taken on the monitored device.

      • CONTACTS

        Everytime a new contact is added to the cell phone it is logged.

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