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No Jailbreak iPhone Spy Software

This is the newest way for spying on iOS users – without Jailbreaking the device . Jailbreaking has always been a turnoff for people who are interested in using a cell phone spyware program . Some are afraid that it will damage their phone while others believe it’s too complicated for them.

Well, a couple of companies heard a lot of their complaints and responded by creating this no jailbreak option. mSpy, XNSpy and MobiStealth both offer this service right now.

Currently mSpy is winning with its No Jailbreak Version

mSpy offers one of the best solutions for you to hack an iPhone without having to go through the whole Jailbreaking process.  While it’s a good option for people who don’t want to jailbreak the device – it does have a few limitations.

To use this method – you will need the Apple ID and password associated with it – also iCloud backups have to be enabled. It’s a good option if you’re just looking to monitor your children’s iPhones.

If their phone is not set up to backup information on iCloud, you will need to do it for the program to work. Other than that you won’t need to come into physical contact with the phone.

Using your mSpy login you’ll be able to view reports sent from the user’s iCloud backup interface to mSpy’s Online Dashboard – no software is involved . A downside is that reporting is not done in real time. You’ll have to rely on information sent to iCloud’s backup, be it call logs or messages sent from the device.

With the current version you can review text messages, online activities, call logs, contact list, apps installed, and mobile message apps like Instagram ,Line, Skype, SnapChat and WhatsApp – not bad if you ask me.

The Price

mSpy no jailbreak version comes with the same price tag as the regular version – starting from .99.

MobiStealth No Jailbreak Version

They have recently released their No Jailbreak version to compete with mSpy. It works in the same way and offers a new alternative. See my main review for all the details.

XNSPY No Jailbreak

XNSpy are one of the newer spy programs to offer a No Jailbreak monitoring version. It is very similar to mSpy and what I like about this one is their well designed Dashboard – where all the reporting takes place. They have done a good design job making it easy to use.

Now let’s look at Full iPhone spy software programs (installed versions).

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Top Best New Smartphone Hack Application Free Download

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