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How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone Texts Messages without Jailbreak

Due to the security restrictions implemented by Apple, in order to install third-party applications (such as a spy app) on an iPhone, you would need to jailbreak the device first. Jailbreaking an iOS device removes all the restrictions set by the manufacturer and opens the door to extended functionality on the iPhone or iPad. Once the device is jailbroken, it will be possible to install apps and games that are not available in the App Store.

While the process is relatively simple and secure (as long as you follow the right instructions), many users would prefer not to jailbreak the device. This my be because they find the process complicated and don’t want to take the risk, in case they may cause any damage on the iPhone or iPad. If you need to spy on someone’s text messages on an iPhone, but don’t want to jailbreak the device, you can follow the steps that will be discussed in this guide.

It should be noted that without jailbreaking the iPhone, the monitoring abilities of a spy app are limited. However, if you are mainly interested in reading text messages and other basic information, you can opt for this solution that doesn’t require jailbreak.

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