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Part 2: Intercepting text messages from both iOS and Android phones


mSpy is a popular application which is compatible with both iPhone and Android. mSpy for phone has all the features which make this application an unique one to go for. mSpy for phones could give information regarding text messages on the target device and chats. Moreover, mSpy also gives information about call logs and contacts along with an access to the IM chats like WhatsApp monitoring, Snapchat monitoring, etc. mSpy also allows you to view the photos and videos taken or stored or just viewed on the target device. mSpy can remotely erase targeted phone’s data. This feature helps when the phone is stolen. Installing mSpy on the target phone is extremely simple and involves very few steps. So, it takes few minutes to install the application on the target phone. mSpy works with iPhone as well as Android phone. So, text message interception is possible with both iPhone and Android using mSpy.

Using mSpy to intercept text messages from other phones

To be able to intercept text messages from other phones, it is first required to install the mSpy application on the target phone that has to be intercepted. Here are some steps to intercept text messages using mSpy from other phones:

1. Install mSpy and set it up

To start the process, buy mSpy that has to be installed on the target device. mSpy requires account creation and activation. This account with login credentials will be later used to monitor all the activities. You will be asked for email id in which you will receive the set up procedure.

2. Install the application

After you have received the installation procedures, install mSpy on the target device which will take few minutes. Once the application is set up, it is going to work invisibly and the target user will never get to know that he is being monitored. The target phone will work normally and mSpy will not interfere in any of the applications installed on the target phone.

Installing in Android

Installing on iOS

3. Start monitoring

You can now start intercepting the text messages remotely from other phones. Use your account through your login credentials and get reports from the target phone pertaining to text message history, chats, etc.

The above screen is the monitoring console through which we can see all the text messages on the target device. The control panel can be opened on any device i.e. phone or computer through browser using the login credentials.

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Android Question Intercept outgoing sms conditionally?

Discussion in ' Android Questions ' started by KMatle , Nov 28, 2013 .

  • Invoke an SMS client app via Implicit Intents.
  • Send the SMS directly yourself by using the SmsManager telephony class API.

Disabling Advanced Messaging

This tutorial describes several ways to locate the Advanced Messaging option on devices running Android 6.x.

The easiest way to locate this option is to use the Search function within Android Settings. Click here to try that option. Or, if you prefer to navigate there yourself, click here .

Searching for Advanced Messaging

To begin your search, open Android Settings and click the "Search" option located in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

When the search input field appears, type in "Messages".

When the search results appear, look in the "Applications" section and click on "Messages".

In the "Messages" menu, you might have an option for "Advanced Messaging" if your carrier supports this feature.

In the "Advanced Messaging" menu, look for the "Use Advanced Messaging" option and make sure its set to "OFF".

Navigating to Advanced Messaging

If you prefer to navigate directly to the Advanced Messaging settings, you are at the right place. Before we begin, lets figure out if your Android settings are configured for List View or Tab View.

Does your Settings look more like this List View ?

Or... more like this Tab View ?

List View

If your Android Settings are configured for List View then scroll down until you see "Applications".

Click on "Applications" to open the Applications Settings.

In the "Applications" menu, scroll down until you see the "Messages" settings. Click on this setting to open the "Messages" settings.

In the "Messages" menu, you might have an option for "Advanced Messaging" if your carrier supports this feature.

In the "Advanced Messaging" menu, look for the "Use Advanced Messaging" option and make sure its set to "OFF".

Tab View

If your Android Settings are configured for Tab View then swipe to the right

Swipe right again to display the Device menu.

In the Device menu, look for the "Applications" settings and click it.

In the "Applications" menu, scroll down until you see the "Messages" settings. Click on this setting to open the "Messages" settings.

In the "Messages" menu, you might have an option for "Advanced Messaging" if your carrier supports this feature.

In the "Advanced Messaging" menu, look for the "Use Advanced Messaging" option and make sure its set to "OFF".


That's all there is to it. If you need to restart this tutorial, click here . Or you can jump directly to each section by clicking one of the links below: Find "Advanced Messaging" using the search method.

Navigate to "Advanced Messaging" in List View

Navigate to "Advanced Messaging" in Tab View

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    tigrot Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Maybe there is a private API, like in IOS, and autorized people can write APPs with such a behaviour, while we cannot, sadly...   tigrot , Apr 7, 2017 #5
  • With SMS Tracker for Android, Parents now have a powerful partner to help keep their children safe in the age of instant communication. The rapid proliferation of smart phone usage by teenagers has given rise to risky and potentially life altering online activities. Gizmoquip SMS Tracker is designed to help parents fight back against often secret and toxic influences. By installing SMS Tracker on their child's Android phone, parents can remotely monitor SMS Text messages, MMS Multimedia messages, call logs, browsing history and GPS location using any web browser. SMS Tracker intercepts and forwards phone use information to the SMS Tracker web portal where parents can remotely view the activity.Gizmoquip SMS Tracker is the most complete remote tracking and monitoring system for Android phones. By installing the SMS Tracker Agent on the target phone, you can remotely read all inbound and outbound SMS Text messages, MMS multimedia messages, photos sent and received, view phone call logs (including name, number, and length of call), web browsing history and view GPS location information on a map. All phone usage information can be remotely viewed on any web browser. • SMS Tracking -- Intercept text messages. Read all inbound and outbound text messages. Details include time and date, phone number, contact name and location of the target phone.• MMS tracking - Intercept MMS multimedia messages. Read and view all inbound and outbound MMS messages. See what photos are sent to and from the target phone. Details include photo, time and date, phone number, contact name and location of the target phone.• Browser Tracking -- monitor all web browser activity on the target phone. Know which web sites were visited, which pages were viewed and when. Also identifies the location of the phone every time the browser is used.• GPS Tracking -- view GPS location information on the map. Know when where the phone is located at all times. • Call Logging -- Monitor all inbound, outbound and missed calls. Identifies the phone number, contact name, call duration, and location of the phone for every call.If you want to know where your kids are, just send them a text message. The location of the phone is recorded every time it sends or receives a text message.To use SMS Tracker, install it on the device you wish to monitor and complete the registration process. Registering the device, ties the device to the email address you supply. After the device is registered, you will receive a confirmation email and are ready to start tracking the target phone.Unlike other monitoring solutions, SMS Tracker does not just forward a message to your phone via SMS which can cost you money, it saves the messages on a remote server that only you can access.• Silently monitor all inbound and outbound SMS messages.• Gizmoquip is a US Based company• Does not use SMS forwarding which can incur additional costs.• Integrates with the contact data base so you know the names and the numbers of people communicating with your child.

    SharePhoneSheriffFacebook Spy What Can You Monitor With The SMS Tracker? With the SpyHuman app, you can monitor the following SMS Log data : .. Install SMS Tracker and Spy on Text Messages.,%20java.util.ArrayList ,%20java.util.ArrayList )">sendMultipartTextMessage

    gawie007 Member Licensed User

    Hi, It appears that the ability to intercept and consume SMS messages will not be allowed from Android 4.4 unless the program that we write is the default SMS App . I came across this on my almost fruitless search to try to delete an SMS from the store. My programs will be filling up the SMS stores with meaningless information (to the user) because of this change if my program is not the main receiver OR unless someone has a solution - besides installing older versions of Android . What are Google thinking?????   gawie007 , Jan 27, 2014 #1
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    Disclaimer : SpyHuman is specially designed to monitor your under aged children, employees, and a phone that you own. But before using this App as a monitoring tool in your device, make sure that you are providing all the essential information regarding this App to the user of the phone. It's user's responsibility to follow all the relevant laws of their country regarding the use of SpyHuman App. If you have any doubts, please first consult your local attorney before using SpyHuman. By using this App, you represent that SpyHuman will be used only in the lawful manner. Checking other person's messages and others phone activities secretly and installing SpyHuman App on other person's phone without their knowledge can be taken as an illegal activity in your country. SpyHuman is not taking any responsibility for any misuse and damage caused by our App.

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      Hello Eliana,

      With the help of cell phone spy you can track the target device. You need only one time access to install a spyware to this device.



    Android Application Development Cookbook: 93 Recipes for Building Winning Apps by Wei-Meng Lee

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    Incomming SMS Broadcast Receiver - Android Example

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    In this android example we are showing ,when any new SMS event brodcasted ( When new SMS received ) then how to create receiver to read SMS data.

    NOTE :   If you are new in android developement then first see this article Introduction To Broadcast Receiver Basics


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    FlexiSPY is one of the most sought after mobile tracking app that is capable to track almost all of the cell phones, works with Android, Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad.


    a. Keeps a check on digital as well as audio communication.

    b. SMS tracker, spies on instant messages.

    c. Records live conversations.

    d. Can capture the phone surrounding.


    a. The process is secure, easy and fast.

    b. Provides best technical support


    Cannot block any numbers or web address from the device.


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