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FollowMee GPS Tracker tracks location of a Windows device (phone or PC). Installing this .. More. Entertainment Software Rating Board Everyone. Free. Get.PoliSys29 Jun 2013 .. TextView is also Android class for displaying text. smart phone tracking software .. As we have now access to TextView all we have to do it is just use setText() method .. are two lines with setText() doing the same, but in different way) and strings.xml file.

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CheckMate Equipment Tracking Software - Law Enforcement Version uses fast and accurate barcode technology for check in/check out of the equipment. Know where it is, when it is due back, and whether it needs maintenance. CheckMate will also keep track of an inventory of consumables, such as masks or gloves. A minimum/maximum inventory level can be set for these items, and a reorder/replenishment report can be run at regular intervals.

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http://www.bestmobiletracker.comTrack a cell phone the quick and easy way. Tracking a cell phone is possible with cell phone tracking software. Track an iphone, android, blackberry and more. Track a cell phone location and other features. Click the link below to get started.http://www.bestmobiletracker.comDisclaimer: MSpy software is created for purposes of parental control, monitoring employees devices (with prior explicit consent obtained) and other directly related reasons. No other usage of mSpy software is endorsed by is not liable for the other ways of the software use, described on sites other than phone trackercell hone trackinghow to track a cell phonetrack a cell phonecell phone tracker softwarecell phone tracker onlinecell phone trackersgps cell phone trackertrack cell phone location

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Hack Mobile Phone Application Free Download for Mobile

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NOW WATCH: This 9-year-old makes $1 million a year opening toys04 dicas para otimizar a Gestão de Estoque no Atacado Distribuidor By Valor Systems Cheapest Spyware Tracking AppWhy us?Mar 16, 2015 .. The StingRay can trick your phone into thinking it's a cell tower, and police are secretively using it to catch criminals. How to Track a Blackberry Phone Down

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  • Jan 9, 2018 .. Track phone location without installing software app by using the number of the .. Let's find out more in this post, where the most popular tacking .. address of the smartphone that you want to track along with other information .. Unfortunately, there is no such way to track a cell phone if Android powers it.About MdE, Inc.

Try this trick if your Android phone keeps losing its data connection

Part 2: Top 5 Free Mobile Number Tracker Apps for Android

If you use an Android phone and the fact that tracking a mobile number via a free website is not your cup of tea, you can employ various apps to track your number of interest. The following are the leading free mobile number tracker app for Android that you should make use of.

1: Mobile Number Locator

The Mobile Number Locator is an Android-oriented free mobile number tracker app that gives you unmatched flexibility when it comes to tracking down a particular number.


  • This phone number locator comes with a fully functional 3D Google map.
  • Each and every globally used code is present on this app.
  • The automatic caller identification feature lets you know who the new caller is before answering the phone.


  • The phone number locator works perfectly with no internet connection.
  • You can call and message anyone via the app instead of using the boring call logs and messaging platforms that come pre-installed with Android devices.
  • You can view a list of all your call logs, the area of origin as well as the operator name.
  • The Google 3D map makes it easy for you to know the exact location of the phone number.


  • The phone number tracker is only applicable in India, Canada, Pakistan, and the USA.
  • It cannot trace any mobile ported number.

2: Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile Number Tracker is a free mobile number tracker app that gives you the opportunity to track the location of any number based in your locality.


  • You can track the location of your target number by following two basic steps.
  • It supports GSM, State, and CDMA mobile providers.
  • This free phone tracer comes with an inbuilt GPS map which makes it easy to track the location of the phone number.


  • It's easy for you to track any number regardless of the network provider.
  • You only require two simple steps to retrieve your number.
  • Mobile Number Tracker is free for use.


  • The phone number tracker only traces phone numbers based in India alone.
  • Multiple users have complained about the quality of the services offered.
  • You must have an active internet connection to track your phone number.

3: Caller ID & Number Locator

If you are looking for a flexible and highly dependable free phone number tracker, look no further than the Caller ID & Number Locator app . Unlike other free mobile number tracker apps, this app brings together the combination of a caller identifier and a number locator.


  • This phone number locator has a database where more than 12,982 cities are evenly stored for simplified tracking.
  • The caller ID feature lets you know the real caller of a new number before you can answer the phone.
  • It comes with an optional call blocker feature.


  • You can search for any number without necessarily using an active internet connection.
  • You can search any mobile number in over 200 countries globally.
  • You can view the location of the caller as well as the ID.
  • Thanks to the caller blocker feature, you can block any annoying caller.
  • The presence of the map makes it easier for you to pinpoint the exact origin of the caller.


  • The phone number tracker cannot function on any Android version below 4.0.

4: Truecaller Phone Tracer

It is no secret that Truecaller Phone Tracer is the world leading call and number locator app globally.


  • The block feature allows you to block any unwanted numbers.
  • You can view the name and the photo of your caller.
  • Truecaller Phone Tracer has a contact database which makes it easy for you to trace down an unknown number.


  • Your phonebook contacts are not uploaded online as it is with other apps.
  • You can know when someone searched for your number online.
  • You can make calls directly from the app.
  • With over 200 million users, you are guaranteed the best tracking and location services.


  • You must have an active internet connection for this app to work.
  • You must use your phone number to register the app.

5: Trace Mobile Number

Trace Mobile Number is mobile number tracking application that is designed for Android devices. You can try this application if you want to locate the live location of the target device. There are numerous of cellular network service providers available in this application. Every Android device running on Android version 4.0 or higher can use this application services.


  • The accuracy of location tracking with this application is very accurate unlike other phone number location tracking application for Android.
  • One of the main features of this application is that you can easily locate the mobile number in offline without internet connection.
  • The developer of this application adds new data and functions in their database and app to give you best location tracking services.


  • Engaging with is, you can also view the network cellular provider name during every incoming and outgoing call.
  • Using Trace Mobile Number is very easy to use without any extra computer skills.


  • Only limited to India, and some neighbor regions.
  • The advertisement is available that is very frustrating for the user.

WAY GPS Phone Trackingby iView Systems Where to start?Install. Do-it-yourself in 45 minutes, or hire a third-party. Totally invisible once installed. Real-time activity is reported automatically. Details →5 Best Spy Apps for iPhone & Android in 2018 Release dateBroadband Internet

how to trace track locate and search mobile number current location online in india and united states , usa by imei of cell phone . know the technique & procedure how police department track cell phone location by imei number in india & unites states by mobile number in india and abroad using a software called cell phone locator. In united states of america , it is very easy process and some where it can be accessed using cell phone tracker software . This is determined by the triangulation formula used by the measurement of angle of the cell phone in respect to the mobile tower.It can be easily done by gps facility if on in your phone it can be accessed on the internet on google map and google latitude , these phone tracing software are also used in android , apple i phone etc

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