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  • paraninos23

    Well, it does have a bigger and brighter screen, a better pair of cameras and better recording capabilities. By most accounts, the battery life is actually pretty similar and it does load up games much faster which is good. It does have a fresh look for htc as well. I'd say it's a side grade to the 10 with a couple of improvements. Not worth the bashing everyone is giving it that's for sure especially if the 11 comes out later. The amount of vitriol is pretty funny actually; I might have to take some classes in social science so I can fully understand this weird mob mentality I've noticed over this :/

    • Luigi L

      I think that the problems come when you compare it to other smartphones.

      I saw a comparison between this and LG G6, and with the same 5.7" display there is absolutely no match to be honest.

      Yes the HTC display might be a little better, the camera too maybe, but it is absolutely giant, has no jack, and the battery installed on a smartphone that big is a joke...

      • paraninos23

        I agree, I think the g6 is better but not by a landslide. There are a lot of people who actually associate big phones with better phones (first hand experience working at a cell phone company) so that's not a huge deal in general. For me, I have big hands so it would be ok but I'd prefer it without the secondary display.

        The battery life is similar from the pocket now review even with a bigger battery in the g6. So, the only differentiators are the headphone jack and waterproofing/wireless charging. I personally put a lot of stock into screen and camera so it's alot closer to the ultra for the win but overall I'd get the g6.

        I just dont see how that makes his phone so horrible especially since it's not the true flagship. I feel like people over exaggerated and took it too far.

        • D13H4RD2L1V3

          It's the price.

          If it's 0, many of its faults can be forgiven. If you've read a lot of the reviews, many of the cons are connected to the device's high price.

          Had the device sold for less, then its shortcomings would be more forgivable. Especially since it's actually a stopgap device and was never planned to be a flagship.

        • paraninos23

          Well, if you go on swappa or eBay, new U ultras sell for around 600 which is interesting. That puts it right into the "maybe it's ok" category to me.

        • D13H4RD2L1V3

          I guess the price is already dropping on those.

        • MJ

          "I just dont see how that makes his phone so horrible especially since it's not the true flagship."

          Why do people keep saying this? You can say it's not a flagship all you want but it's priced as a flagship which makes it even more horrible.

        • D13H4RD2L1V3

          That's the problem right there.

          The U Ultra may not have been planned as a flagship, but its price tag puts it right inside flagship territory.

          As I said above, had this phone sold for significantly less, many of its flaws can be forgiven because we wouldn't be paying much for it. But at 0 minus taxes, any flaws are less forgiving.

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