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A short, animated look at how an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) works, why an ATS offers significant value to those in the talent acquisition field, and guidance to help candidates improve their resumes and make them robot-friendly.Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can help Hiring Managers find the best candidate for a job. In today’s robust and competitive job market, an ATS can help HR professionals reduce the burden of having to read scores of resumes from candidates who simply may not be right for the role, saving hiring companies a great deal of time and money. Job candidates and recruiters, however, may not fully understand or appreciate how an ATS works — or even know why they’re in use. • What does an ATS look for? • Why do some resumes pass and others don’t? • What can be done to tune a resume so it’s not immediately declined? This brief video explains how (and why) potentially qualified candidates may be screened out simply because their resume was written the old-fashioned way; for human eyes, not the discerning “robot” eyes of an ATS.Infographic:

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