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Review: WhatsApp Spy10 Nov 2017 .. Read more Track Whatsapp can i hack husband or boyfriends whatsapp remotely without notifying him 2017 The best cell phone spy monitoring app hack boyfriend whatsapp software ..

How to hack someones WhatsApp messages without touching their ..I am monitoring app hack boyfriend whatsapp really amazed by the by this Russian by the name Artur VitaliCell Phone Tracking

In this video you will learn how to hack Whatsapp Account Without Target Phone 100% Working. This is new Whats App Hack trick 2017 must watch.Aaj mai aap logo ko is video me bataunga ki aap Kisi ka bhi WhatsApp account bhut hi aasani se hack kar sakte hai janane ke liye aap ye video suru se ant tak dekhe .....*NOTE:-This video is only for educational purposes.*For more videos checkout links Below:-

  • You need a computer that has access to whatsapp on PC . Check out this article on how to use whatsapp on pc
  • Lastly but not least, you need a one time access to your friend/ girlfriend’s phone whatsapp . (This isn’t too hard to fulfill )

3 Methods to Hack WhatsApp – A Complete Guide

WhatsApp Hack

2. How to View WhatsApp Messages from an iCloud Backup

Step 1: From the “Extract Data from Backup” tab, select “Download iCloud Backup” and then sign in to iCloud.

Step 2: Select the iCloud backup file containing the WhatsApp messages you want to view and click “Next.”

Step 3: In the next window, select “WhatsApp” and then click “Next.”

Step 4: The program will scan the backup for the messages and display them in the next window. You can select as many as you want and click “Extract” to export them to your computer.

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FREE Website builder with hostingHow Do You Track Gps on a Cell Phone7 Free WhatsApp Hack App by which You Can Spy on Boyfriend .. How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages Smart Keystroke Recorder Download He hacked his Phone,facebook,instagram, WhatsApp, twitter and email account

Android Tracker Device

Use TheTruthSpy How to spy on whatsapp messages without target phoneshahzaib ali

So you want to hack someones phone it can be your kids or spouse phone The app that lets you see EVERYTHING your partner does on their phonePart 2: Best hacking software for android WhatsApp Spy – Spy WhatsApp Messages – WhatsApp Tracker6. Hoverwatch.comNow, you as a will be user C

  • Can I Hack Boyfriend's Phone, Calls Records Without Having ..How to Check Someone's WhatsApp Messages by just knowing ..
  • You need a profession who do this on daily basisHow to read or see your friend or girlfriend WHATSAPP messages
  • 1st gen and 3G:
  • 3 Methods to Hack WhatsApp on SamsungHow to Hack WhatsApp Account to Confirm Your Children
  • Step by step guide on how to change chrome theme
  • Method 3: Decrypt & Read Chats from WhatsApp Backup File on Android
  • Matatu App Review – How to download and play matatu

Learn Best Whatsapp Tricks 2018 and Whatsapp Hacks 2018 - We will be coming .. WhatsApp Messenger is a platform mobile messaging app which allows you to send .. How To Run Multiple WhatsApp Account On Your Android Phone ... It's easy to use, has a very clear value proposition as an instant message platform.Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails .. If your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you and using a Blackberry phone, you .. Login in DUC with your NOIP credentials from NOIP

252 Comments Google Latitude Mobile Phone Spy Technique 2: Spy Software

31 Mar 2018 .. New Hacking Software That Allow You Get Husband or Boyfriend's .. Hacking Software That Allow You Get whatsapp messages without her iOS, .. the most complete remote phone tracking and monitoring system for Android. Cheating Spouse How to Catch Apk Free Download Read His Text Messages Online 2 Jul 2014 .. However, you can check your husband's WhatsApp chats on iPhone .. messages, sent or received by the user of the destination cell phone, ..

How to hack WhatsApp account using phone number Tracking Phones by Gps HOW TO READ OR SEE YOUR FRIENDS OR GIRLFRIEND WHATSAPP MESSAGES..

How Can I Track My Wife’s Mobile Phone Without Her Knowing? Tracking Quotes Software for Laptop Mobile Hacking App Track Husband or Boyfriend's Snapchat OnlineMay 3, 2017 .. You can only do it if you have the next person's phone, so at least you'll be hacked by a person you love – most likely to be a life partner.

Hack whatsapp by sending message Mohamed Limame Free SMS to Phone Whatsapp iphone hacks

This is a method which can help you out with "Spying" all the phone information of an Android Device. After you complete the process mentioned in the video, every activity of the "Victim's" device will come to you.You can use this method for tracking activities of your girlfriend/boyfriend, friends, little brothers/sisters etc. and it will remain hidden.Activities included are :Cell Phone Tracker records SMS, call history and audio, camera, locations, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, internet activity, calendar, contactsThis works for Android, Windows PC and Mac OS XNote: This is for education purposes only.Website : : Remain Completely InvisibleThe invisibility feature of the cell phone tracker allows it to stay completely hidden from the user, even if your children are familiar with how their devices work. The phone tracker app gets the most accurate information while remaining undetectable by the user of monitored Android device.Text Messages and CallsThis SMS tracker for Android allows you to record every single outgoing and incoming call. With the help of SMS tracker app you can view all SMS and MMS messages sent or received by the user. Moreover, you’re able to track the images included in the MMS messages and view them from your personal account.Facebook & Viber & WhatsApp TrackingThis mobile phone tracker is your chance to read the messages sent using WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook mobile apps. You can track and save every single file (photos, videos and audio recordings) that was exchanged in Facebook conversations.Geolocation FeatureThe gps mobile tracker helps you determine and view location of the target device user from your account. The android phone tracker uses Wi-Fi signals, cell towers and GPS to track the location of the monitored device.Front Camera PhotoThis best phone tracker includes automatic front camera photo feature. Every time a user unlocks the screen, the call and SMS tracker takes a photo using the front camera.SIM Card ReplacementYou will be able to track the device using this software even if the user removes the SIM card. When you use this hidden mobile tracker, you will get a notification every time a user decides to change the SIM card.

  • Once the app is activated, users will get complete access to all the functions of the targeted phone remotely.
  • Knbiti what can i do after 4th step.
  • TheOneSpy android monitoring app allows you to listen and to download any call/voice recording found and stored on the target phone to your very own control panel.
  • Gger Sucking. the apk file which is produced in desktop not installing on my android.

Taking too long?

If the process is taking too long to respond please refresh the page and do it again. Because sometimes we are loaded with users on hacking accounts we can’t comply everyone.  If the Process stops please refresh the page and try again.

What’s new?

  • Country option removed, however, dial-code must be entered
  • Much easier user-interface system
  • Removed bugs like compressing freeze and validation freeze

How to Hack WhatsApp Messages

How to Hack WhatsApp Messages

Method 1: Using WhatsApp Hack TheTruthSpy

Method 1: Using WhatsApp Hack TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is basically application software that offers users to hack someone’s WhatsApp Messages from their computer or Smartphone. It is a set of program this is programmed in manner to trap all the digital data and minimize the size. Now, the program waits for getting the internet connectivity. When the device is connected to the internet network, it sends all the trapped digital data to the particular website. This website can be accessed by the hacker and know all the necessary digital information. It is a simple hacking technique in which you do not need to perform any computer coding-decoding.

  1. Undetectable

The biggest concern about spying is getting discovered. This can put you into some serious trouble. This is the main reason why most people resort to TheTruthSpy . This software will update you about the targeted person’s whereabouts without giving them a whiff that they are being tracked. This may be the safest software for spying on WhatsApp.

  1. GPS tracking

This is one of the best features with using TheTruthSpy. The software tracks the GPS location of a phone and gives you a continuous update. This can be a great plus point if you want to know where your children and spouse have been hanging around, behind your back.

  1. Read messages instantly

Unlike other spying software, TheTruthSpy gives constant updates about the messages that are being exchanged from a certain phone. You also do not miss out on anything if you are not logged into your account. The application will store all information and notify you whenever you log in to your account. Apart from WhatsApp, TheTruthSpy can also be used to spy over other messaging platforms like Skype, Viber, Line and hangouts.

  1. Check the call logs

TheTruthSpy not only allows you to read text messages, but also shows the list of all contacts that have been in touch with the person. You can view the entire call history and even check the exact date and time the call was being made.

  1. Listen to recorded calls

This is a rare feature for a spying software right, but it is possible with TheTruthSpy. This app allows you to listen to all recorded audio and video calls that have been made using WhatsApp. You can even retrieve deleted calls and listen to those as well.

  1. View multimedia

TheTruthSpy allows you to check every multimedia messages that have been sent or received using WhatsApp. You can view photos, videos and audio files. You may also read document files that have been exchanged through the platform. No wonder this is the perfect software for spying on anyone and everyone.

Get Mobile Spy TheTruthSpy for Android

Get Mobile Spy TheTruthSpy for iPhone

Method 2: How to hack WhatsApp via Database (Rooted)

Method 2: How to hack WhatsApp via Database (Rooted)

If target phones have installed WhatsApp, you need Rooted to access WhatsApp database.

You can use Root Explorer in Google Play .

Method 3: Decrypt & Read Chats from WhatsApp Backup File on Android

Step 0: Backup WhatsApp Conversations on Android Phone. 1) Go to WhatsApp > [Menu Button] > Settings > Chat Settings 2) Tap [Backup Conversations]

Step 1: Find the WhatsApp backup folder and copy it on your computer

/storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp or /sdcard/WhatsApp

Step 2: Run Backuptrans Android WhatsApp Transfer (

Method 3: Decrypt & Read Chats from WhatsApp Backup File on Android

Step 3: Decrypt and Extract successfully. Now you can read all WhatsApp messages you have backed up on Backuptrans Android WhatsApp Transfer software. Simply click “Export”, “Print” or “Restore” buton on tool bar if you want to export WhatsApp Messages to file, print WhatsApp Messages or transfer messages from database to device.

Method 4: How to hack WhatsApp via Spoofing the MAC Address

Method 4: How to hack WhatsApp via Spoofing the MAC Address

For Android – Head over to settings —> About phone —> Statu s—> Wi-Fi MAC address

For iPhone – Head over to Setting s—> General —> About —> Wi-Fi address

For Windows Phone – Head over to Settings —> About —> More info —> MAC address

For BlackBerry – Head over to options —> Device —> Device and Status info —> WLAN MAC

Guide: Spoof WIFI Mac address in Android

Method 5: How to hack WhatsApp via catch WhatsApp Notification (only Android)

Method 5: How to hack WhatsApp via catch WhatsApp Notification (only Android)

For Android Developers

The other way to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages is to write an app, to catch WhatsApp Notification(only incoming WhatsApp messages).

You can get code from

For spying on WhatsApp, I still recommend the usage of TheTruthSpy as this method is lot simpler than that of spoofing MAC address or catch WhatsApp Notification

Why do people need WhatsApp Hack?

Why do people need WhatsApp Hack?

Before understanding WhatsApp Hack App, you should know about WhatsApp. Basically, WhatsApp is one of the poplar messenger applications that allow users to share pictures, images, audio files, video files, GIF files, and PDF files. It is basically mobile application which is available for various mobile platforms, currently android, iOS, and windows phones are very common among the users. The messenger application is available for all the mobile operating system. User can download the application through their mobile app store.

After downloading and installing the application you can launch the app where you have to make account with the app. This account is necessary to be a WhatsApp user and contact others. Some personal information such as mobile number and name are necessary to make account. Now, you con refresh the contact list and find the friend who is using WhatsApp. This feature enable user to enjoy incredible features and live greater virtual life.

As each coin has two faces similarly WhatsApp has small limitation. Some of the people want to know their kid’s, business partners, employees and spouse’s WhatsApp activities. This is for knowing about their reliance. Some people are conscious about their life partner’s virtual activity as he/she cheats and talk with third one. Similarly in business, business partner or employee may leak some business plans or strategy to business competitors. On the other hand parents are caring about their kid’s virtual activities. It can distract kids in their educational activity or tend to learn something wrong with the social media apps. Also, you can find hundreds of reason that is why, people want to hack someone’s WhatsApp messages.

Read more: How to spy on WhatsApp messages

Better guidance

After downloading the spy tool in you devices, it asks you to have the parental control on your device. If you switch on this option, then you can control your devices remotely. This provides more options such as control device remotely, call recordings, real time device location on map and WhatsApp spy as well. No need to perform any unwanted hacking techniques.

Help & support

It is one of the necessary options that people want. While downloading, making an account, accessing digital data, accessing website and else, people need small help. If someone does not have better command on using Smartphone application, then it will be trouble for users. In that case, you can contact official to understand each task in which you have doubt. Also the official can help to operate the WhatsApp spy tool and in hacking operations.

Find lost mobile phone

It is explained above that the truth spy app deliver hundreds of services in which real time location is best service. If your kid or you have lost your phone in which the spy tool is installed can be tracked using the website. First, you need to access the website then access the location option. In very short time, you can recognize device’s real time location. This can be done through the GPS (Global Positioning System). It directly provides the cell phone location on the map and you can get your lost mobile phone.

Monitoring child cell phone activities

Some of the kids and teens are addicted to use social media sites as they want to always connect with their friends. Also, some of the teenagers addicted to watch adult movies or videos. It is difficult to prevent them to use mobile phone. Also, it is impossible to hide all the adult content from the internet. So, this impacts badly on kid’s mentality. These unwanted activities and tons of social media sites like WhatsApp, SnapChat, Facebook distract kids to study well. In this case, parents prevent them to use mobile phone regularly. Parents monitor kids, blocks broadband connection, and much more. Monitoring kids for all the time is most difficult. In that case, the WhatsApp spy tool is best suitable option for parents.

Download and install the truth spy on your child’s Smartphone. Now, you can use computer of your Smartphone to monitor your kid’s mobile activities. you can know their call history, call recordings, GPS tracking facility and much more.

You can keep your kid away from cyber crime

In news paper, TV news and else, you can know hundreds of cyber crimes per day. These cyber crimes are increasing day by day. Cyber crimes includes hacking, performing unwanted activities using social media platforms or else. You can a number of social media website or application. Teenagers love to use the social media sites or apps. If you want to keep your kid away from any unwanted social activity or cyber crime, you should monitor your child. Checking your kid’s mobile phone is not a perfect monitoring that he/she can delete chats or other information. So, the WhatsApp spy tool can better provide the monitoring facility. It can recover deleted messages or you can read their messages without checking victim’s phone.

Catch cheats

WhatsApp is one of the popular social media platforms that allow users instant messaging. Hence, your spouse, business partner, or employee may use it to communicate with it. If you want to know their reliability or their WhatsApp activity, the truth spy is best suitable spy tool. You can catch cheats easily by installing the spy tool in victim’s devices.

All these specifications help you to get the best WhatsApp spy tool to monitor someone. It can help you to track mobile phone, catch cheats, access WhatsApp activities and much more. Instead of WhatsApp hack, you can hack other social media platforms.

Review: How to hack WhatsApp
  • Using WhatsApp Hack TheTruthSpy
  • How to hack WhatsApp via Database (Rooted)
  • Decrypt & Read Chats from WhatsApp Backup File on Android
  • How to hack WhatsApp via Spoofing the MAC Address
  • How to hack WhatsApp via catch WhatsApp Notification (only Android)
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