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Visit: https://www.gofleet.com/product/cellc...Cell Control increases fleet safety by eliminating distracted driving through disabling the functionality of a driver’s mobile devices (i.e. smartphone+tablet). With the assistance of a driver app and in-vehicle hardware, the driver’s device goes into Safe Mode once the vehicle begins moving. Fleet Managers have the option to give a driver’s device limited functionality, such as navigation apps, music, or whitelisted phone numbers. With Cell Control, you can eliminate risk, liability and keep your fleet operation running smoothly, without worry.FEATURES & BENEFITS-Block/Defer Unauthorized Texts, Calls And Emails-Customizable Management Web Portal-Detailed Reports-Device Usage Trends-Reduce Risk And Lower Liability-Drive Policy Compliance-Manage All Your Drivers From One Account-Simple To Install

You need a Boat & Marine Vehicle Signal Booster for Voice & 3G.

  • You need the SureCall Fusion5s Yagi 2 Antenna Kit.

  • Technology to Eliminate Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving is one of the the fastest growing fleet management expenses for businesses and the stats are startling.



    Blocked Apps


    Blocked Texts


    Blocked Calls

    Reduce Liability Risk & Expense

    It’s not a matter of if your fleet will experience an accident from distracted driving, but when. You can reduce that risk and expense today.


    Increase Operational Efficiency

    Drivers and vehicles out of service are the most visible sign that distracted driving is affecting the efficiency of your business.


    Improve Worker Health & Safety

    Optimizing the safe driving of your workers requires your immediate attention. Your workers are one of your most valuable company assets.


    Simplify Compliance & Regulation

    The complexity and volume of laws and regulations continues to grow. Be sure you are compliant.


    Protect and Maintain Company Reputation

    The last thing a business leader wants is to see the company reputation tarnished.



    Where Does Worker Safety Start and End?


    Carrots, Sticks and Engagement: Improve Driver Safety


    The Power of the Habit


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    Find out how Cellcontrol can help your business reduce acidents, increase efficiency, improve worker safety and much more. Fill out the form to schedule a free demo today.

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    Where do you need to boost your signal?

    Monitor An Mobile Phone from An Android Mobile Phone

    9 28, 2018
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    • Find My Phone – This one may help you find your lost or stolen smartphone.
    • GPS Tracking Pro – This one will let you keep track of all your friends and family members much like Google Latitude used to.
    • Find My iPhone – This one is designed just for the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and it has some powerful features such as remote lock and remote wipe.
    • avast Anti-Theft – This one is designed to help protect or recover a lost or stolen mobile device.
    • Glympse – This is a particularly useful app for business users because they can set tracking timers that expire within a few minutes to a few hours. This way business users can allow their associates to track them and still maintain their privacy after business hours.
    • BuddyWay – Another free app that has an interesting proximity alert feature that many people find quite useful.
    • MobiWee – Offers premium features like those seen on Find My iPhone and iLocalis but it’s free.
    • Map My Tracks – This app is designed to track sporting activities. It has features that can help athletes train more efficiently and improve their performances.
    • Family Locator Pro (Life360) – Great one designed for keeping families safe. If you’re interested in family safety, this software has a very interesting feature that will show visible indicators of registered sex offenders that are near the phone’s current location.
    • Mologogo – This app is supposed to work with prepaid phone from Boost Mobile.
    • Where’s My Droid – This app is really interesting because you can send a text message to retrieve the location of your lost phone. You can also make your phone start ringing for a predetermined length of time simply by sending a text message to the phone. This feature works even if the phone is on silent mode.
    • GPS Logger For Android – This is a simply, no frills, bread crumb type GPS tracking application. Even though it’s not packed with lots of features, I think many of you will still find it quite useful.
    • WAZE – A very cool free app that makes use of the GPS capabilities of modern cell phones to point out traffic jams and warn drivers of road hazards such as speed traps, accidents, and more.
    • Prey Anti-Theft – This one is designed specifically to help people track down and recover their stolen smartphones, laptops, or tablet computers.

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    You need the SureCall Flare.

  • https://goo.gl/ej3yXr - Click here to learn more about weBoost and how you can stay connected with our cell phone signal boosters!Which tower is for my carrier? How do you find a cell tower? Which way should I aim my antenna? These are all questions you may have asked yourself. There are a number of reasons why you might want to locate a nearby cell tower. To aim your outside antenna if you're installing a cell phone signal booster. So you know which side of the house has stronger signal and can place calls from there. These are just a few reasons.There's an easy way to find a cell tower through a free app called Open Signal. Open Signal is a great app for Android or iOS deices and best of all it's free!With Open Signal you can find a nearby cell tower, see your signal level, view all nearby cell towers on a map, do a speed test, see coverage maps for all carriers and even check your data usage.I'll show you how to find a cell tower using the Open Signal app and run through the other features as well.If you have any questions feel free to contact our Customer support at: 1-866-294-1660 or visit us online https://goo.gl/Usptd2

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