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Use iCloud Credentials to Spy on Someone’s iPhone

Admin | March 31, 2018 | no comments

Have you ever thought that you will get a chance to spy on someone using their iCloud credentials? Well, many of you might have not! But, yes, due to technology advancements, you can now spy on any iPhone easily. Technology from time to time has surprised us with many things such with introduction of internet, mobile phones, spy softwares and more.

Haven’t heard about spy software? Well, this is what will help you to use iCloud to Spy on someone’s iPhone . Isn’t that amazing? As you all know how difficult it is to find the truth of someone whom you doubt upon and you know their phone is the reason behind. Also, you are quite aware of the fact that it’s not easy to track information from their phone as mostly people lock their phones or delete messages, call logs and all evidences that might put them in danger. But, hey all paranoid people! If you are fed of such people around you, might be your spouse, employees or kid, then this tool might work as a life savior for you.

Spy softwares are gaining a lot of popularity among people, especially among the ones who are married and suspect their partners to be cheating on them using phones. The software easily helps them spy on other’s phone whether it is Android or an iPhone. Although, in an Android phone, one needs to install the software and then use the service, but in case of an iPhone, there’s no need of doing so, as iCloud credentials are enough to spy on iPhone and track all the details of that phone. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Choose a reliable software of your choice that offers all spy features that you are looking for. You can search on the internet to do so and make sure to check the reviews as some software don’t offer what they commit.
  • Once you have decided to buy a particular software, the next thing you need to do is to fetch iCloud credentials of the phone that you want to track. Once you have those credentials, use them to login onto software’s control panel.
  • After this, you will have to fill up the iCloud credentials and start spying on the target phone and that too without touching it.

Isn’t that an easy process to spy on someone’s iPhone and that too when you don’t have to touch someone’s phone and not install the software and neither jailbreak it.

What Information Will You Receive?

Well, this is the most important thing that you need to know. Well, spy software will offer features like tracking IM Chats : Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook, monitoring call logs, text messages, phonebook and calendar access, web browsing history , and much more.

Which is the Best Phone Monitoring Software?

There are so many softwares in the market that it becomes nearly impossible for the users to look for the best one. The internet is always flooded with numerous queries regarding which is the best one and how to select it.

Well, we don’t pitch our visitors to grab our software i.e. Spymaster Pro, but yes, we definitely have the reasons behind to why choose us and here’re some of them:

  • Spymaster Pro offers all essential and committed features to Spymaster Pro customers in a seamless way.
  • There’s hardly any kind of tussle faced by customers and if in case, there is any fault in the software, customers can avail refund for the money spent on the software. However, it is advisable to first go through the refund policy
  • Also, to ease customer’s process of using the software, Spymaster Pro provides 24/7 customer support service so that in case there is any problem, technical support experts can assist its customers with queries.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy the software today and spy on someone’s iPhone seamlessly and remotely.

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#1Method: Using True Caller

I want you to acknowledge the application called True Caller , Truecaller is the Swedish company it had the users of 85 million worldwide approximately nowadays everyone is taking benefit of this android app. It works with a database of millions of previously identified numbers. Once you recognize them, the application allows them to be blocked . The program also researches on the internet information related to the caller. I am going you to mention the steps on how to use true caller on a computer and gain sufficient amount of information about the unknown caller.

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But before I proceed I want you to know one thing the reason why I had selected Truecaller is because there are many other websites available in the web to trace mobile number. But most of them are fake and only let you know the Network operator. Truecaller is the only one that used to provide the correct information based on real identity, and it also mentions the name of the caller. The reason behind Truecaller success is because of its Android app. People used to sign up with Truecaller with their address and real name. Follow the steps below to know unknown mobile number with the help of Truecaller.

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Step 1. Go to Truecaller official website with PC.

How to Trace Phone Number with Name and Address

Step 2. Select your country from the drop down if you are from India then the default option will be “India(+91) enter the phone number that you want to search and then click on search.

How to Trace Phone Number with Name and Address

Step 3. Now the popup will come up which will ask you to sign up with a true caller to know the details of your searched mobile number. If you have a Gmail or Microsoft account then you can connect with Truecaller with the help of these, you can also connect with Truecaller if you have a facebook account simply choose your network and sign up.

How to Trace Phone Number with Name and Address

Step 4. After the sign up completed successfully you will be given the complete details of your searched number. And the information is completely true and 90% accurate .

How to Trace Phone Number with Name and Address

So that’s it that was an easy step I guess. You only need a Truecaller account to get rid of today’s headache, so no more unknown number say hello to Truecaller. I forget to mention one thing in this post, that you can also get benefitted with Truecaller with its Android and iPhone app.

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Using True Caller on Android

You can get benefitted with Truecaller if you have an Android smartphone. To make the most use of this fantastic product, you need to install Truecaller app on your Android smartphone.

Step 1.  Download Truecaller app directly to your smartphone using the above download link.

Step 2.  After you downloaded Truecaller you need to install it and open the app.

How to Trace Phone Number with Name and Address

Step 3.  Caller id of Truecaller app is enabled by default, so you have to click on “ Got it ” once Truecaller pops up a notification regarding this.

How to Trace Phone Number with Name and Address

Step 4.  Now you will see the search option this doesn’t require any signup process, you can simply search for your desired number as shown in the screenshot.

How to Trace Phone Number with Name and Address

You can easily perform a brief search using Truecaller Android app, all you need is to download and enjoy the features of this app.

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Using True Caller on iPhone

The moment already arrived where iPhone users can experience a more powerful and personal mobile phone experience. The new design and reconstructed Search comes with a new feature called Widget Search !

To Make use of this, you need to install Truecaller on your iPhone and perform a simple search for a number to gather information about it.

How to Trace Phone Number with Name and Address

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#2 Method:  Find And Trace

Find And Trace

This is one of the best web-based trackers which let you search for your phone number, Vehicle numbers, STC Code, Bulk SMS sender and much more. You will get to know the telecom circle and many other things. The best part of this side is you can even find the pin code of the number you are searching for.

#3 Method:  Site 2 SMS

Site 2 SMS

Site2SMS has very cool features from simply sending a text & voice SMS and doing a free phone call to India.  Now you can also Trace Mobile Number Details of any Mobile Subscriber using our Mobile Tracker Feature here which can quickly help you locate any Mobile Number Details such as Subscriber Name, Location & Telecom Operator Name and you can trace details for as many numbers as you wish.

#4 Method:  Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Number

Trace Phone Numbers, Mobile Numbers & Landline/STD Numbers. Find whether it’s a Mobile/Landline number. You just need to enter the phone number, and you will get all the required results about the location of the number along with network operator

#5 Method:  Bhartiya Mobile

Bhartiya Mobile

This is a site where one can trace mobile number. This mobile number tracker software can trace Indian mobile number with the name of the operator. Know how to trace mobile number and track a mobile location.

number calling you is a mess nowadays.

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#6 Method:  Way 2 Sms

Way 2 Sms

Remember this site? This was the most used site when free SMS was on the trend. You can use this site to trace the location. All you need to do is just enter the number here, and we will find the location of that mobile for you. You can search for as many mobile numbers as you want.

#7 Method:  E Mobile Tracker

E Mobile Tracker

You don’t need to go through a long process of signing up to find details about the number. You just need to enter the number and solve the Captcha and will get the details with name & address of the number you are searching for.

#8 Method:  Techwelkin


Using TechWelkin Mobile Number Tracker Tool, you can trace the location of a mobile number. You can also know which cellular operator is providing a particular number. This information tells you which city the mobile call originated from to enable you to take further action.

#9 Method:  Indiachacha


Indiachacha is useful for Mobile Number Location and Operator Details, Trace any Indian Mobile Location, Locate service Provider, state/circle, signaling and other information, mobile number’s exact location and also Trace mobile number owner name

#10 Method: Full On SMS

Full On SMS

FullonSMS offers a Mobile Number Tracker with Address Facility to customers that include a very simple tracking process. All a customer is required to do is enter their mobile number in the space provided and the exact location of the mobile will be tracked.

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So today we have shared the easiest way to identify the person calling you, You can make full use of this free service which provides us the simple way to know the unknown or private number with their name and address. Moreover, it had the power of blocking unwanted and spam calls.

commission trades and no minimum balance requirement, you can easily trade on the stock market with the app. It does protect your sensitive personal information with SSL that is fully encrypted.

Download from  PlayStore

Download Auto Capture PC: Capture PC is Award-Winning computer monitoring software, combine powerful monitor features and ease of use. Auto Capture PC records keystrokes including usernames, emails and passwords, screenshots, plus provides powerful parental features such as blocking unwanted programs, websites and protecting programs with password and much more.Features :- Keystrokes typed include usernames and password.- Capture screenshots.- Log all data stored in windows clipboard.- Log all viewed windows.- Monitor files change including "Create, Rename, Change and Delete".- Block unwanted websites.- Block unwanted programs.- Protect any program with password.- Stealth audio recorder.- System auto logoff, restart and shutdown.- Email delivery.- Startup monitoring and invisible mode.- Advanced features including "keyword trigger and keyword filter".- Invisible mode

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    Very few people believe that it is possible to spy on an iPhone using iCloud . This has however been made possible, thanks to the MSpy iPhone spy application .

    With this spyware using iCloud on iPhone you will be able to:

    • Review all phone calls.
    • Read SMS text messages.
    • Review all the iPhone’s contacts
    • Spy on WhatsApp .
    • Read all iMessages.
    • Spy on Skype.
    • Spy on LINE.
    • and much more.

    MSpy on iCloud works by accessing the backup information the iPhone stores on its own iCloud account . You have to turn on the iCloud storage and backup options on the target device for it to work. You also need to synchronize the device to an apple ID account. Both are common setups a user does in her or his iPhone to backup important information to the iCloud and once enabled it will automatically back up all the iPhone’s data every day.

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      How to spy someones computer without them knowing

      No more victims, only heroes.

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      Step 2: Compromise the Remote Computer

      Probably the best way to compromise your target's computer is to use a carefully crafted email that will get the target to click on a document or link . Inside that document or link, we will embed a rootkit/listener that will enable us to turn on the built-in microphone on their computer and save any conversations in the room where it is located.

      Since we know the victim (it may be a girlfriend, neighbor, spouse, business associate, foreign diplomat, foreign spy, etc.), we can can be very specific in crafting an email that would gain their acceptance. The key, of course, is to create document that sounds compelling, or at least interesting, to get the victim to click on the Word document .

      This becomes an exercise in social engineering at this point. If the victim is a girlfriend/boyfriend, you might try sending a love letter. If the victim is a business associate, it might be Word or Excel document with a sales or other report. If it is a neighbor, it may be a link to a community webpage.

      I hope you get the point. Be creative and imaginative and send something that the person will be compelled to open and view.

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