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  1. Victor Blizzard says: May 22, 2017 at 10:43 pm

    Eugine (8 March 2017 at 4:14am)

    Hi Eugine,

    Hope you receive this post and reply accordingly.

    I have been tasked with finding a cost effective and suitable GPS tracker that can preferably operate independently of GSM (Mobile/Cell) network. It needs to be 12-24VDC and preferably OBD2 compatible to cover all fire appliances and support vehicles State wide.

    I found a online site and believe that their T356 might be what we are seeking but will look at all options with cost of ownership/operation being highly relevant.

    The scope of operation would be to track and monitor our volunteer fire appliance and particularly on unfamiliar rural fire grounds where often Mobile/Cell Networks are not available. If a vehicle becomes lost or is involved in and incident causing injury to any of the crew, it is vital that we are able to effectively locate the fire appliance in at timely fashion to render assistance. Therefore, an SOS system (push button etc) would be ideal.

    Theft prevention could also be an option – via the ability through a compatible software program to immobilise the vehicle in question.

    At the outset, we wish to purchase a singular unit for trial and upon successful trial at the brigade, we would look at equipping the 3 units at the home brigade. If this brigade trial is successful, it is intended that units would next be purchased for the entire Regional area and if that trial is deemed a success then state wide would be the next step and could even be introduced Australia wide.

    Kindly understand that we will be working with a government body and progress can, at times, be unbearably slow and arduous.

    Any assistance and advice you are able to provide so that we may undertake the above mentioned trial would be greatly appreciated.

    Please provide pricing for our Volunteer Fire Fighters Brigade in the first instance. Also an understanding of bulk pricing levels would be appreciated 1-10, 10-20, 20-50, 50-100, 100-500, 500+ units etc. A web link would be extremely helpful.

    Kind Regards,

    Victor C Blizzard Funding and Sourcing Officer Burrum Heads Rural Volunteer Fire Brigade Reg#1372 (Class I-zone) Queensland Australia

  2. josejpp says: April 29, 2017 at 6:04 am

    I use GPS TOTAL RUN (for Android), the app has everything you need, its free and don’t have ads, I love this app

  3. Rishov Das says: March 24, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Hope You guys have heard about Redcompass right??

    This company is providing GPS Tracking devices @just Rs 4500/- ($ 69). I am a happy customer of them. There are few criterias why i have selected Redcompass: 1. They have their Software development set up. 2. Factory to develop various devices 3. Own R & D team. 4. Various devices for different vehicles including OBD and all. 5. Great Price. 6. Free 1 year Subscription. 7. 3 years Guarantee. 8. Nice after sales service. 9. User friendly mobile app (android, ios), desktop app. 10. Free installation.

    Website: contact: +91 8828221143

  4. Eugine says: March 8, 2017 at 4:14 am

    Dear sir: Glad to know you are in gps device,we are the main gps tracker supplier of China specialize in this field for over 10 years .We product OBD gps tracker with diagnosis,wiring gps tracker and strong magnet gps tracker.Our product are in good quality and better price,mang customers are very fond of it and come back to buy.We know you are in the market of gps tracker,hoping to make corperation with you.Both wide voltage can use on different vehicle and motorcycles. We also provide OEM/ODM service,and all life free tracking software to use.

    Yours Sincerely Eugine

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5 best car tracking apps for Android

Apps & Games by Joe Hindy June 29, 2018 300

Almost everyone who drives has forgotten where they parked. Places like stadiums, malls, festivals, and other such places have parking lots that are miles long from end to end. Wouldn’t it be nice to just know where your car is? As it turns out, there are apps for that. Unfortunately, there aren’t any apps that’ll track a stolen car. You’ll need to buy hardware for that. However, we can help you find where you parked your car! Here are the best car tracking apps for Android.

Here are some more car apps you might like!

5 best speedometer apps for Android

10 best car apps for Android


Price: Free DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYHurdlr is one of a few car tracking apps for self-employed people. It is for people who drive as part of their work. You can easily track how far you drive, how much money you spend on gas, and other stats like that. You can then use those numbers at tax time to get your proper deductible. It has integration with Square, Uber, PayPal, and tons of other companies. It also has a few additional tools for self-employed people. It's not something you'd traditionally think of in this space. However, it is really useful and free. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Google Maps

Price: Free DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYGoogle Maps can do a lot of things. That's what makes it one of the better car tracking apps. An update in 2017 gave you the ability to save where your car was on the map. You then use Maps to find your way back to your car. It has a lot of other features as well. You know most of them. It'll give you step-by-step directions, show various transit information, and you can even re-route your commute to avoid obstacles like traffic or construction. It's a one of a kind app. Those who use this app already should just keep using it for keeping track of where your car is. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Path Guide

Price: Free DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYPath Guide is one of the unusual tracking apps. It's a newer app from Microsoft. It works by recording where you walk. Thus, you can start recording when you leave your car and stop when you get to the entrance. You can then reverse those directions and the app will tell you how to get to your car. You can also share your paths with other people. That makes it really easy to help them find you in something like an amusement park or festival. It's a newer app and still has some bugs. However, it does work most of the time. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY



Manufacturer apps

Price: Free (usually) DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAYManufacturers are making a bigger push into the mobile space. Many car companies now have apps that connect to their cars. Ford, Chevy, Lexus, and many others are doing it. The apps aren't all that good. However, every now and then they can actually be helpful. We would recommend you try your luck with one of these apps if your car is new enough to support it. Worst case, there are other apps on the list that will get the job done for sure. These apps will likely improve over time to do better. DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY

Thank you for reading! Here are some final app lists to check out!

5 best car insurance apps

10 best car shopping apps for Android

If we missed any great car tracking apps, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

Apps & Games Android apps Cars Android apps , Cars Joe Hindy @ThatJoeHindy 300 Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. You Might Like   Best Drones of 2018dronerush   Best Headphones under 0soundguys   Best Bluetooth Speakerssoundguys   Best Noise Cancelling Headphonessoundguys Sunday Giveaway  

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July 22, 2018

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Track real time arrival and departure information for Qantas, QantasLink and codeshare flights. * Once you've found the flight you're looking for you can register for notifications about arrival and departure times, or any cancellations, delays and diversions.

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Cellular Solutions

If you'd rather not have to nick your partner's phone to install a local tracking app, the major cellular companies all offer family tracking plans. Again, these are designed for monitoring the whereabouts of young hellions. However, they can just as easily be co-opted to keep tabs on anyone that's party to the cellular family plan.


Sprint's Guardian bundle allows the subscriber to find, in real-time, the precise location of any phone on the plan via GPS, either at will or, with the Safety Checks feature, at preselected times and days. This could be used to know when or if your child gets home from school or, alternately, be used to learn where your spouse goes every morning after you leave for work that leaves them smelling of ammonia and polystyrene. You can even text the target phone while you track it, potentially catching your lover in a lie.

AT&T's Family Map works much the same way. The GPS-based Family Map service displays the location of the target device on an interactive map with the option to call or text the target. You can also set up automatic check-ins so that the target device will text you whenever it arrives at a pre-selected location. And because the service operates through a web app,, it's accessible from any mobile device or computer with a web browser. The service costs an additional /month on top of your existing family plan and iPhone 5 users will also have to install the AT&T Check-In companion app in order for it to work.

Verizon's Family Locator can be installed on up to 10 devices per account for a month, though really, you'll need just one. You'll first have to activate the service through your My Verizon control panel, then follow a series of SMS instructions to add the Family Locator app on the target's phone (you may want to borrow the target device to avoid tipping them off) and sync the newly-installed app with Family Locator through the My Verizon control panel. Once the system is set up, you'll be able to actively monitor the device's location and receive notifications at scheduled intervals as well as whenever the device departs from or arrives at a specific location.


Electra iOS 11.3.1 Jailbreak Detection Bypass Tweak Libertas to be Released on Friday; Works with Over 90 Popular iPhone apps11. FirecatSee your teen's current smartphone location on a map as well a history of the phone's location. .. “app is the ultimate app for preventing cyberbullying.”. 3. Habit Hubdhl usa trackingTrack a Cell Phone Location for Free with a Spy App? What is the Better Way to Make a Hack Cell Family Locator - GPS Tracker

Bigger battery and charging band may be in store for the Apple Watch Series 4

Ready for an all new Apple Watch for 2018? It looks like Apple may be planning a complete redesign with improved health features. Here are all the details about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4. Posted 2 hours ago — By Steven Winkelman Mobile
  1. Set the source to VLAN SVI if present.
  2. Search for a source/MAC pair in the IP host table for the same subnet.
  3. Send the zero IP source as in the default case.

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The Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers (Under )


Software Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Denali 16.1.x (Catalyst 3850 Switches)

Book Contents Book Contents
  • Preface
  • Using the Command-Line Interface
  • CleanAir
    • Configuring Cisco CleanAir
  • Interface and Hardware Component
    • Configuring Interface Characteristics
    • Configuring Auto-MDIX
    • Configuring Ethernet Management Port
    • Configuring LLDP, LLDP-MED, and Wired Location Service
    • Configuring System MTU
    • Configuring Internal Power Supplies
    • Configuring PoE
    • Configuring the Cisco eXpandable Power System (XPS) 2200
    • Configuring EEE
  • IPv6
    • Configuring MLD Snooping
    • Configuring IPv6 Unicast Routing
    • Implementing IPv6 Multicast
    • Configuring IPv6 Client IP Address Learning
    • Configuring IPv6 WLAN Security
    • Configuring IPv6 ACL
    • Configuring IPv6 Web Authentication
    • Configuring IPv6 Client Mobility
    • Configuring IPv6 Mobility
  • IP
    • Configuring HSRP
  • IP Multicast Routing
    • IP Multicast Routing Technology Overview
    • Configuring IGMP
    • Configuring IGMP Proxy
    • Constraining IP Multicast in Switched Ethernet
    • Configuring PIM
    • Configuring PIM MIB Extension for IP Multicast
    • Configuring MSDP
    • Configuring Wireless Multicast
    • Configuring SSM
    • Configuring Basic IP Multicast Routing
    • Configuring the Service Discovery Gateway
    • IP Multicast Optimization: Optimizing PIM Sparse Mode in a Large IP Multicast Deployment
    • IP Multicast Optimization: Multicast Subsecond Convergence
    • IP Multicast Optimization: IP Multicast Load Splitting across Equal-Cost Paths
    • IP Multicast Optimization: SSM Channel Based Filtering for Multicast
    • IP Multicast Optimization: PIM Dense Mode State Refresh
    • IP Multicast Optimization: IGMP State Limit
  • Layer 2/3
    • Configuring Spanning Tree Protocol
    • Configuring Multiple Spanning-Tree Protocol
    • Configuring Optional Spanning-Tree Features
    • Configuring EtherChannels
    • Configuring UniDirectional Link Detection
  • Lightweight Access Point
    • Configuring the Device for Access Point Discovery
    • Configuring Data Encryption
    • Configuring Retransmission Interval and Retry Count
    • Configuring Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
    • Configuring Authentication for Access Points
    • Converting Autonomous Access Points to Lightweight Mode
    • Using Cisco Workgroup Bridges
    • Configuring Probe Request Forwarding
    • Optimizing RFID Tracking
    • Configuring Country Codes
    • Configuring Link Latency
    • Configuring Power over Ethernet
  • Mobility
    • Information About Mobility
    • Mobility Network Elements
    • Mobility Control Protocols
    • Configuring Mobility
  • Network Management
    • Configuring Cisco IOS Configuration Engine
    • Configuring the Cisco Discovery Protocol
    • Configuring Simple Network Management Protocol
    • Configuring Service Level Agreements
    • Configuring Local Policies
    • Configuring SPAN and RSPAN
    • Configuring Packet Capture
    • Configuring Flexible NetFlow
  • QoS
    • Configuring QoS
  • Radio Resource Management
    • Configuring Radio Resource Management
    • Configuring Optimized Roaming
    • Configuring Rx SOP
  • Routing
    • Configuring MSDP
    • Configuring IP Unicast Routing
  • Security
    • Preventing Unauthorized Access
    • Controlling Switch Access with Passwords and Privilege Levels
    • Configuring TACACS+
    • Configuring RADIUS
    • Configuring Kerberos
    • Configuring Local Authentication and Authorization
    • Configuring Secure Shell (SSH)
    • X.509v3 Certificates for SSH Authentication
    • Configuring Secure Socket Layer HTTP
    • Configuring IPv4 ACLs
    • Configuring IPv6 ACLs
    • Configuring DHCP
    • Configuring IP Source Guard
    • Configuring Dynamic ARP Inspection
    • Configuring IEEE 802.1x Port-Based Authentication
    • Configuring Device Sensor
    • Configuring Web-Based Authentication
    • Configuring Port-Based Traffic Control
    • Configuring IPv6 First Hop Security
    • Configuring Cisco TrustSec
    • Configuring Control Plane Policing
    • Configuring Wireless Guest Access
    • Managing Rogue Devices
    • Classifying Rogue Access Points
    • Configuring wIPS
    • Configuring Intrusion Detection System
  • Stack Manager and High Availability
    • Managing Switch Stacks
    • Configuring Cisco NSF with SSO
    • Configuring Wireless High Availability
  • System Management
    • Administering the Switch
    • Performing Device Setup Configuration
    • Configuring Right-To-Use Licenses
    • Configuring Administrator Usernames and Passwords
    • Configuring Aggressive Load Balancing
    • Configuring Client Roaming
    • Configuring Application Visibility and Control
    • Configuring Voice and Video Parameters
    • Configuring RFID Tag Tracking
    • Configuring Location Settings
    • Monitoring Flow Control
    • Configuring SDM Templates
    • Configuring System Message Logs
    • Configuring Online Diagnostics
    • Managing Configuration Files
    • Configuration Replace and Configuration Rollback
    • Working with the Flash File System
    • Upgrading the Switch Software
    • Conditional Debug and Radioactive Tracing
    • Troubleshooting the Software Configuration
  • VideoStream
    • Configuring VideoStream
  • VLAN
    • Configuring VTP
    • Configuring VLANs
    • Configuring VLAN Groups
    • Configuring VLAN Trunks
    • Configuring Voice VLANs
    • Configuring Private VLANs
  • WLAN
    • Configuring DHCP for WLANs
    • Configuring WLAN Security
    • Setting Client Count Per WLAN
    • Configuring 802.11w
    • Configuring Wi-Fi Direct Client Policy
    • Configuring 802.11r BSS Fast Transition
    • Configuring Assisted Roaming
    • Configuring Access Point Groups
Search Find Matches in This Book Available Languages Download Download Options

Book Title

Software Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS XE Denali 16.1.x (Catalyst 3850 Switches)

Chapter Title

Configuring IPv6 First Hop Security

  • PDF - Complete Book (29.91 MB) PDF - This Chapter (1.53 MB)

    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices



Updated: July 3, 2018

Chapter: Configuring IPv6 First Hop Security

Chapter Contents
  • Configuring IPv6 First Hop Security
  • Finding Feature Information
  • Prerequisites for First Hop Security in IPv6
  • Restrictions for First Hop Security in IPv6
  • Information about First Hop Security in IPv6
  • Information about SISF-Based IPv4 and IPv6 Device Tracking
    • Restrictions when Migrating to the SISF-Based Device-Tracking CLI
    • Migrating to the New SISF-Based Device-Tracking CLI
    • IPDT, IPv6 Snooping, and Device-Tracking CLI Compatibility
  • How to Create a SISF-Based IP Device Tracking and Snooping Policy
    • How to Attach a Device Tracking Policy to an Interface
    • How to Attach a Device Tracking Policy to VLANs
    • Examples : How to Disable SISF-based Device Tracking
  • How to Configure an IPv6 Snooping Policy
    • How to Configure IPv6 Neighbor Tracking
    • How to Attach an IPv6 Snooping Policy to an Interface
    • How to Attach an IPv6 Snooping Policy to a Layer 2 EtherChannel Interface
    • How to Attach an IPv6 Snooping Policy to VLANs Globally
  • How to Configure the IPv6 Binding Table Content
  • How to Configure an IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Inspection Policy
    • How to Attach an IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Inspection Policy to an Interface
    • How to Attach an IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Inspection Policy to a Layer 2 EtherChannel Interface
    • How to Attach an IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Inspection Policy to VLANs Globally
  • How to Configure an IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard Policy
    • How to Attach an IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard Policy to an Interface
    • How to Attach an IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard Policy to a Layer 2 EtherChannel Interface
    • How to Attach an IPv6 Router Advertisement Guard Policy to VLANs Globally
  • How to Configure an IPv6 DHCP Guard Policy
    • How to Attach an IPv6 DHCP Guard Policy to an Interface or a VLAN on an Interface
    • How to Attach an IPv6 DHCP Guard Policy to a Layer 2 EtherChannel Interface
    • How to Attach an IPv6 DHCP Guard Policy to VLANs Globally
  • How to Configure IPv6 Source Guard
    • How to Attach an IPv6 Source Guard Policy to an Interface
    • How to attach an IPv6 Source Guard Policy to a Layer 2 EtherChannel Interface
  • How to Configure IPv6 Prefix Guard
    • How to Attach an IPv6 Prefix Guard Policy to an Interface
    • How to attach an IPv6 Prefix Guard Policy to a Layer 2 EtherChannel Interface
  • Configuration Examples for IPv6 First Hop Security
    • Examples: How to attach an IPv6 Source Guard Policy to a Layer 2 EtherChannel Interface
    • Examples: How to attach an IPv6 Prefix Guard Policy to a Layer 2 EtherChannel Interface
  • Additional References

Prerequisites for Access Interface Connectivity

  • Complete the procedure described in the Global System Configuration workflow, which includes the necessary configurations for the access interface configuration.
  • Complete the procedure described in the “Configure QoS on an Uplink EtherChannel Interfaces” workflow, which includes the creation of input services policies for end devices.

IP Device Tracking (IPDT) Overview

Translations Download Print

Available Languages

Download Options

  • PDF (15.3 KB) View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:November 25, 2014 Document ID:118630
  • +
  • +

Track Calls

If you wish to access information related to all incoming and outgoing calls of the target iPhone, you can get it within a matter of seconds using the mSpy app.

Available for free on the web and .99 on  iOS .

As the name suggests, uses the “don’t break the chain” method to motivate you to break or make good habits and goals and break the bad ones. You can install it as a Chrome extension to your laptop or download the mobile app version on your iPhone and is completely free to use.

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