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How can you tell if how to spy a cell phone without software installation needed any of these spy apps are on your phone? Great question!3. iWep Pro

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Strategy 2: Use the Cloud

There are several core features—namely email, contacts, and calendars—that have been pushed into what is called “the cloud.” The cloud is a cute way of describing servers that are somewhere on the Internet. If you’re using Gmail or another IMAP-based email server, or Exchange, you’re already using the cloud. Thus, if you (gasp) had to get a new iPhone, your email would be intact—it’s not only on the iPhone—it’s also on a remote server.

Another feature with cloud data storage is the push feature. With push, changes made on the Web or on computers to calendars, contacts, and email are instantly pushed over the EDGE or 3G or Wi-Fi Internet connection to your iPhone. This feature ensures that there is a copy of all this data securely stored on Apple’s servers, as well as on your Phone, and probably on your computers that are syncing to MobileMe as well ( Figure 1-28 ).

Figure 1-28. Apple’s MobileMe “cloud” syncing

Many of the iPhone applications that accessorize existing online services—eBay, Amazon, PayPal, WordPress, Jott—rely on accounts that you already have online. So saving data to the cloud is built into these applications, and all you need to do to get running on a new phone is reinstall the applications and reenter your login information.

Turn Command-Line Scripts into iPhone Apps and Create Periodic Tasks that Run in the Background show you how you can create scripts and applications to back up anything not covered here to the cloud.

This Text Message Hack Crashes And Breaks ANY iPhone Messages App In Seconds

A great way to start the new year ;)

January 2, 2017 SHARE Facebook Twitter

Short Bytes: A new iPhone crashing exploit is here to take down and break your iMessages app. Hacker Vincedes3 has uncovered a hack that overloads your phone’s vCard that’s used for exchanging contact information. The hacker has also shared some fixes, which can be found on his blog.

The iPhone text message crashes are becoming increasingly common these days. Back in November, we told you about a creepy video link that crashed any iPhone in seconds . Thanks to a new hack in town, all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod) running iOS 8 or later are vulnerable to crash.

This hack was discovered by hacker Vincedes3. It was also covered by the popular YouTuber EverythingApplePro who tried and tested it on multiple devices.

Disclaimer : The information shared ahead is just for educational purposes. Fossbytes isn’t responsible if it breaks your device.

Here’s the iPhone text message crash in action:

How does iPhone Messages app crash work?

Basically, the message shown here contains lots of text. When it’s loaded by iOS, it freezes the app. As you close the app and reopen it, iOS again tries to fetch the message and fails. Thus, the exploit works on the principle that iOS always tries to open the most recently opened text.

This is done by overloading the vCard, which is used to exchange contact information, with lots of data. The exploit uses a contact with about 14,281 lines of code, which is about 70 times the code found in an average vCard.

In his blog post , the hacker has detailed the exploit and instructions. If you’re willing to give it a try, do so at your peril.

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  2. Documented the Window scan (sW) which Lamont Granquist added in September 99.
  3. Gunnar Lindberg reported the problem and contributed an initial patch, then Brandon and Kris refined and implemented it.
  4. I wonder what I should put in the extra white space this leaves on the report :). And dont forget that corrections are very important, so do submit them if you ever catch Nmap making a version detection or OS detection mistake.
  5. Joao Medeiros Upgraded the shipped LibPCRE from version 7.

Manipulate Your iPhone’s Filesystem

Now that your iPhone or iPod touch has been jailbroken and freed from the shackles of conformity Open Your iPhone or iPod touch to Customization by Jailbreaking , it’s time to learn how to navigate the files and folders of its file directory. Being able to find your way around the iPhone’s filesystem is absolutely mandatory for mastering the full customization capability of your iPhone or iPod touch.

If you’re familiar with the hierarchical storage system on hard drives, where files are sorted into nested containers called folders or directories, then you’ll find that underneath the glossy user interface, the iPhone is no different. And if you’re familiar with the directory structure of Unix-like operating systems such as Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X, you’ll have an even better sense of where things are stored on the iPhone.

There are as many ways to look at iPhone files as there are ways to access any computer. Depending on what server software you install on the iPhone, you can use FTP, HTTP, AFP (Apple file sharing), or techniques like the Unix SCP (secure copy protocol). But most of these techniques use the wireless network connection on the iPhone. But if you want to move files the quickest, you can use a copy utility that works over the iPhone’s USB connection.

The first step of familiarizing yourself with the file directory is to get good browsing software for your computer. DiskAid is an excellent choice. The user-friendly interface of this program makes it perfect for beginners. Yet the ability to modify files and folders in the iPhone’s file directory makes this same program highly useful for even the most advanced hackers as well.

Access iPhone Files from Your Computer

As mentioned earlier, the ideal file-management software for both Mac and PC is DiskAid, available from . It’s free, and it can be used with or without jailbreaking. Once your file-management software has been installed, start it up while the iPhone is connected to your computer. Figure 1-18 shows the interface of DiskAid. Once the software is loaded, you’ll see the basic, “safe” media directory. The drop-down menu in the lower left will allow you to access the root directory, which has the guts of the device.

Figure 1-18. DiskAid

Understand the Hierarchy

Try opening up each folder and taking a look around. However, be careful not to modify any of the files until you know what they are, as you could do unnecessary damage to your phone. Of the folders, the main ones to spend some time browsing through are Applications, System , and /var/mobile . Remember that your root directory, / , is the origin of the main folders.

An important lesson in iPhone file directory browsing is to understand folder path addresses. When you see the phrase /private/var/tmp , it will help you to know that this phrase actually means to look in your / (root) directory for the private folder. Once you find the private folder, open it to be greeted by another group of folders. Look down this list to find the var folder, and open it up to see even more folders. Look through this new list to find the tmp folder, and open it. You’ve now arrived at your destination, as in Figure 1-19 . All the mysterious phrase /private/var/tmp was trying to say was to just look inside the tmp folder by following the path from /private , through var , and into tmp .

Figure 1-19. The /private/var/tmp folder

Also note that in Unix, there is a feature called “symbolic links,” which is similar to aliases on Mac OS X or shortcuts on Windows. On Unix filesystems you can refer to the folder by any of its symbolic links, so /private/var and /var are effectively synonymous. In DiskAid these are symbolized by the “curved arrow” icon for directories.

Here are some brief explanations for each of the main folders in the Home or (root) directory.


This “slash” symbolizes the top of your filesystem, the root directory, simply called " root .” Pathnames (folder/directory paths) are symbolized with this forward slash, such as /var/mobile .


Contains—you guessed it—applications. In addition to the stock iPhone applications, some of the third-party applications that you may install will be placed in this folder. This is where you’ll typically go for such things as customizing application icons or even modifying the program code. User-installed applications from the App Store will be installed in /var/mobile/Applications/ .


Contains various preferences and frameworks, as well as the ringtone and wallpaper folders.


This is where a lot of the Mobile OS X system files can be found. The programs that customize your phone with custom graphics, carrier logos, and skins change many graphics files in this folder.


bin is short for binary, meaning simply a program you can run, usually command-line based. On an iPhone, you’ll find the various essential shell utilities and command-line programs here.


This is where core dumps are stored. When a program crashes, the OS sometimes writes a file to disk showing the memory state of the program just before it crashed, for the purposes of debugging.


dev stands for device. In Unix, almost everything is treated as a file from the programmer’s perspective—the hard disk, network cards, and Bluetooth can all be accessed with files such as /dev/disk0 .


A shortcut to /private/etc , the etc directory is traditionally where configuration files—the text files that define settings for programs—are stored.


Contains a lot of important files, including music, photos, and some email data.


This is the place for superuser binaries—programs for system administration.


The tmp directory is where temporary files used by programs are written. The expectation is that the contents of this directory are frequently deleted, like a “trash can.”


usr is intended to be for shareable, read-only data. Folders such as /usr/sbin and /usr/bin contain additional commands, and /usr/lib contains libraries of software code shared by the whole system.


A shortcut to /private/var, var stands for variable and is intended to contain variable data, such as logs, news, mail spool files and so on, which is constantly being modified by various programs running on your system. On the iPhone, it also happens to be the directory that contains much user data, originally in the /var/root directory but now stored in the /var/mobile directory.


A lot of the iPhone user’s personal data is stored here, including music, pictures, and more.


Prior to firmware 1.1.3, user data was stored here. It has moved to /var/mobile .

As you gain more experience navigating through your directory, you can begin using the other main ability offered by your browser software: modification of files and folders. DiskAid allows you to add, replace, or delete any file or folder in your directory. These abilities open your iPhone up to an all-new breed of customization options, from changing icons and backgrounds Skin Your iPhone and Change System Sounds to modifying the files that an application is based on.

Browse Your iPhone Directory on the iPhone Itself

Because your iPhone is probably with you far more than your personal computer, you will probably want to be able to access the filesystem on the go. There are a few utilities that make this easy as well.


You can find MobileFinder in Cydia. Once installed, you’ll see the icon for MobileFinder on your SpringBoard. Just tap it to start the application ( Figure 1-20 ). Once the application starts, you’ll be greeted by a screen like that in Figure 1-21 .

Figure 1-20. MobileFinder icon Figure 1-21. Browsing the root file directory with MobileFinder

MobileFinder has started you at your root directory. To open a folder, just tap it. If you need to go back to the previous list of folders, just hit the Up button at the top left of the screen. MobileFinder displays the folder you’re currently in at the top of the screen to help prevent you from getting lost. These convenient features can be seen in Figure 1-22 .

Figure 1-22. Pressing the Up button at the top left displays the previous directory; the current directory is shown at the top.

If you ever find yourself lost in a sea of folders, and wish to return to the root directory, just repeatedly press the Up button at the top left of the screen until you get back. Alternatively, you can press the folder icon with trailing dots at the top of the folder list, which serves the same function as the Up button.

To customize your MobileFinder experience, press the Settings button at the top of the screen. You’ll be able to change numerous attributes affecting the file directory and its appearance, as shown in Figures Figure 1-23 and Figure 1-24 . When you are done with the Settings screen, press the Finder button to resume browsing.

Figure 1-23. The top half of the Settings screen Figure 1-24. The bottom half of the Settings screen

The bottom five buttons on the MobileFinder screen help you with file operations: you can copy, move, and delete files with the three buttons on the left. The New button creates a new file, folder, or bookmark. The Info button provides any available information about a selected file. In addition to modifying files, MobileFinder can launch applications. Just tap an Application, and it will launch.

Although MobileFinder may not be as easy to use as DiskAid, it makes up for this by eliminating the need for a computer to do this type of work. For more information about MobileFinder, simply read the release notes for the app in Cydia. Note that there’s a version of MobileFinder on the App Store—but it lacks the features of the jailbroken version.

Mobile Safari

Did you know that most web browsers can also be used to browse your filesystem? For example, if you type File:///C:/ into Windows Explorer on a PC, you can browse your hard drive.

Unfortunately, this behavior is stripped out of Mobile Safari, but you can set up a web server on the device to solve the problem.

On a jailbroken device, install lighttpd Make Your iPhone or iPod touch a Web Server . Also, make sure that OpenSSH is installed (preferably with Cydia).

Once lighttpd is installed, you’ll need to create a configuration file before it will run. SSH to your phone Connect to Your iPhone with a Secure Shell (SSH) Terminal Program . Navigate to /etc and type nano lighttpd.conf, then press Enter. This step opens up a new file in the nano editor.

Enter the following lines: dir-listing.activate = "enable" server.document-root = "/"

The document root in the second line, inside the quotes, can be any directory you want. We’re using " / " or the root directory, so that everything on the phone can be viewed. There are plenty of other options that you can set for your web server as well. We’ll just add one more for security: server.bind = ""

This line makes sure that only the phone browser can view our files. You can also add your home network prefix to allow other computers on your network to see the files, or you can leave the line out altogether.

To start up your web server, type lighttpd -f /etc/lighttpd.conf and make sure that there are no error messages. Go to Safari, and navigate to localhost or ( Figure 1-25 ).

Now you can browse the files on your iPhone! This hack has the added benefit that any file that Mobile Safari can handle—such as audio/video files, PDFs, and so on—can be accessed and viewed.

Figure 1-25. Browsing your iPhone’s filesystem on your iPhone using Mobile Safari

There are thousands of files on your iPhone that might hold the key to the hack you wish to accomplish, so getting to know your filesystem is a good first step.

—Adam Stolarz, Christopher Kurpinski & David Jurick

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