How Do I Save My Text Messages on iPhone

Export Internet Visit History and Bookmarks to SafariIf you have ever backed up how do i save my text messages on iphone your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes you should be able to restore your iPhone text messages from the backup.

How to Use Reading View in Microsoft Edge for how do i save my text messages on iphone Windows 10dr.fone

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How to View iPhone Texts on Computer or from iCloud

iPhone users are well aware that they can back up and restore their complete smartphone data with iTunes or iCloud. Unfortunately you can retrieve the text messages from backup files using any program in your computer. Viewing text messages from iPhone to computer can be a little tricky since there are not a lot of apps available on Apple store like Android smartphones that can help to view iPhone messages on computer.


Yet, we will show you two amazing programs in this tutorial that could help to view and manage iPhone text messages on computer. The reason why you may want to view iPhone text messages on computer is because it is probably easier to manage your messages from computer than iPhone due to its wide large screen. Furthermore, you can also print out text messages from computer which is not possible from iPhone directly. So, let's dig deep and see how we can achieve this task.


Method 1: Direct View iPhone Messages on PC or Mac

Method 2 : Read iPhone Texts from iCloud Backup

Method 3 : View iPhone Text Messages with iOS app


About Pat Stanley20 Jun 2018 .. Retrieving messages from an iCloud backup. Connect the old iPhone to a power source and turn on Wi-Fi. On the old iPhone, open the Settings app and tap your name at the top of the screen, then tap iCloud. Make sure iCloud Backup is turned on. Tap Back Up Now, and wait for the backup process to complete.For Business IPhone Spy App-Spy SMS/Emails/Calls/GPS on iPhone X/8/7/6 Featured PostsTrack Messages SecurelyAnyTrans® for iOS

Process for Changing the iPhone Text Message Notification Display

  1. Tap the "Settings" app on your iPhone home screen.
  2. Tap "Notifications" and then tap "Messages." You'll arrive at the Messages screen.
  3. Tap the ON/OFF toggle to the right of Allow Notifications until it is shaded green to turn on and activate notifications on your iPhone.
  4. Move the Show Notifications toggle to the ON position to display notifications for messages that you receive in your iPhone's notification center.
  5. Tap the text to the right of Sound to navigate to the Sounds screen. On the Sounds screen, tap "Vibration" to display a screen where you can either choose a default vibration type, opt to create your own vibration type in the Custom section, or choose "None" if you don't want any vibration notification for new messages. If you do opt to select a vibration, you'll feel a preview of that vibration on your iPhone. Tap "Messages" in the upper-left corner after making your selection to navigate back to the Messages screen.
  6. Turn on Badge App Icon to display a red indicator in the upper-right corner of the Messages app that displays the number of unread messages you have.
  7. Enable Show on Lock Screen to view your text message alerts in your iPhone's lock screen.
  8. Select "Show Previews" and choose whether or not you want a snippet of each text message to be displayed in the text message notification bubble. You can set this to always show a message preview, whether the iPhone is unlocked or not, or only show message previews when the device is unlocked. Tap "Message" in the upper-left corner after making your selection.
  9. Tap "Repeat Alerts" to open the Repeat Alerts window. Choose from Never, Once, Twice, 3 Times, 5 Times or 10 Times to define how many times you want unread message alerts to be repeated. Message alerts will be repeated every two minutes until they've appeared the designated number of times, or until you open the message. Tap "Messages" in the upper-left corner of the Show window after making your selection to return to the Messages window.

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Question: Q: My iPhone is sending text messages to people who have iPhones but is receieving iMessages?

When I'm texting a certain person, my messages I send to them is a text message however when I receive a text their message is an iMessage. How can I fix this so my messages are sent as iMessages? Ps my other messages to other people send as iMessages.

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How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to iPhone

How to Transfer Text Messages from iPhone to iPhone Device Tips Restoring Data Tutorials December 22, 2017 12 4 by Sarah McGregor

When buying a new iPhone, you need to transfer all of your data from the old device to the new one. This way you’ll keep all of your photos, notes, contacts and text messages. There’s more than one option to transfer text messages from one iPhone to another. The guide below will teach you everything you need to know about transferring your data.

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