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To create an ad that opens a conversation in Messenger (without a Facebook pixel):

  1. Go to Ad Creation and select Messages and click Continue.
  2. In the Message Destination section, select Click to Messenger.
  3. Edit your Audience, Budget and Schedule and click Next. Note: Unlike other campaign types, you cannot target ads that click to Messenger to people under the age of 18.
  4. Create your ad in any format except Canvas. Compatible formats are Carousel, Single Image, Single Video and Slideshow. This is how the ad will appear on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. Keep in mind: Slideshow formats aren't available for Instagram or Messenger.
  5. Select Messenger Setup . The content in this section will been seen by people in Messenger after they click on your ad.
  6. To finish editing your ad and publish, click Confirm .

About Facebook's attribution system

When a person sees your ad on Facebook, Instagram or the Audience Network, there are several actions that they can take, including watching a video in the ad or visiting your website and buying a product.

To see the actions taken directly on your ad, such as a video view or link click, you can navigate to Ads Manager and view the respective metric columns. For actions taken off your ad, such as a purchase on your website, Facebook attributes these actions to your ad if they happened within a specified number of days.

Use this guide to understand how we attribute actions and how we report on these actions in Ads Manager .

In this article:

  • About types of actions
  • About attribution windows
  • Understanding your results

About types of actions

Actions that occur on your ad:

Some actions can only happen directly on your ad, and we show these actions in their respective columns in the reporting table in Ads Manager. For example, when someone views your ad and clicks on the ad, we will report 1 impression and 1 link click in the Impressions and Link Clicks columns. Other examples of actions that only occur on your ad are: video views, post reactions and post shares.

Actions taken off your ad:

Actions taken off your ad, such as a purchase on your website, are attributed back to your ad if they happened within a certain number of days after someone viewed or clicked on your ad. By default, we show these actions based on 1-day view and 28-day click, which means your reporting table will show these actions if they happened within 1 day of someone seeing your ad or within 28 days of someone clicking on your ad.

If you change your attribution window to show view and click attribution, then you'll see two columns for each metric: one for view-through attribution and one for click-through attribution. If someone clicked your ad and then purchased a product on your website, that purchase would be reported under click-through attribution. If someone viewed your ad and then purchased the product, that purchase would be reported under view-through attribution.

If both an view and a click occur, Facebook only registers the click for purposes of attribution. (See below for more information on attribution windows.)

Actions that can happen on and off your ad:

Some actions can be taken both on and off your ads. For example, if you're running an ad to promote an event, people can select Going/Interested directly on the ad, or they can click on the ad, visit the event page and then select Going/Interested on the event page.

If you change your attribution windows to show view-through and click-through, you will see a column for on ad actions in addition to the columns for view-through and click-through attribution. The on ad metric column will show all the actions that happened directly on your ad, while the columns broken out by attribution windows will show off ad actions.

About attribution windows

The number of days between when a person viewed or clicked your ad and then subsequently took an action is called an attribution window . We report off ad actions based on views of your ad and clicks on your ad:

  • Clicks: A person clicked your ad and took an action . This is called click-through attribution.
  • Views: A person saw your ad, didn't click it, but took an action within the attribution window. This is called view-through attribution.
By default, your attribution window is set to 1-day view and 28-day click, which means you see actions that happened 1 day after someone viewed your ad and up to 28 days after someone clicked your ad. You can change the attribution window to show 1-day, 7-day and 28-day view and click attribution.

If you want to see all activity related to your ad, you should select both view-through and click-through attribution for the same time period. For example, if you wanted to look at the purchases that occurred after someone viewed or clicked your ad in the last 7-days, you could select a 7-day view and 7-day click attribution window. Once you have these columns, you can see if people are taking action after seeing or clicking on your ad.

Learn how to change your attribution window.

Understanding your results

When you set up a campaign, you select an objective such as post engagement, video views or conversions. Based on your objective and other factors, the Results column will show the specific actions that you want to happen as a result of your ad. For example, if you select the conversions objective, the Results column may show purchases or how many times an item was added to a shopping cart. To measure actions off Facebook, you'll need to use Facebook pixel , mobile SDK or offline events .

After selecting an attribution window, you can see how many actions occurred as a result of views or clicks.

While the Results column will only show actions related to your objective, your reports may show other activity that occurred as a result of your ad. For example, if you create an ad to increase purchases, and someone clicks on your ad, buys an item on your website and later likes your Facebook page, the “like” will show in your reports under the Page Likes column. The “like” would not be counted towards your Results though.

In the scenario below, the ad objective was to increase sales on a website. Facebook will attribute a purchase to the ad click that occurred on Feb 4, and this will be reflected in the Results column. If you customize the columns further to show other metrics, the report will also show 1 page like and 1 post comment.

Important information about Facebook attribution:

  • By default, Facebook uses a last-touch attribution model, which means we will attribute full credit for a conversion to the last Facebook ad the person clicked or interacted with. If the person did not click on an ad, full credit is attributed to the last Facebook ad viewed. If they clicked the ad, it will get attributed to the ad clicked. If they didn't click, it's attributed to the most recent Facebook ad they saw.
  • Click-through attribution may include engagement clicks, such as likes, comments or shares on your ad. This means if someone liked your ad, conversions would be attributed to the click-through attribution window you've selected.
  • If one person clicks on an ad multiple times in a short period of time, Facebook will treat these as duplicates, and only count it as a single click in our reporting.
  • Any events outside the maximum conversion window (28 days) are not counted.
  • Conversions and actions are counted in your reports on the day the click or view happened. You can also choose to report conversions based on the date the conversion occurred using our Ads Insights API.
  • Numbers will continue to update through the 28 days following the end of a campaign. If you're pulling your ads attribution data into your own models or data storage, you may want to backfill it with the final numbers after the full 28 days have passed.

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  • Facebook can track your browsing even after you've logged out, judge says

    Judge dismisses lawsuit accusing Facebook of tracking users’ activity, saying responsibility was on plaintiffs to keep browsing history private

    Olivia Solon in San Francisco and agencies



    Mon 3 Jul 2017 20.17 BST Last modified on Fri 14 Jul 2017 17.47 BST

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    The judge also said the plaintiffs failed to show they had a reasonable expectation of privacy from the social media company. Photograph: Philippe Wojazer/Reuters

    A judge has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Facebook of tracking users’ web browsing activity even after they logged out of the social networking site.

    The plaintiffs alleged that Facebook used the “like” buttons found on other websites to track which sites they visited, meaning that the Menlo Park, California-headquartered company could build up detailed records of their browsing history. The plaintiffs argued that this violated federal and state privacy and wiretapping laws.

    US district judge Edward Davila in San Jose, California, dismissed the case because he said that the plaintiffs failed to show that they had a reasonable expectation of privacy or suffered any realistic economic harm or loss.

    Davila said that plaintiffs could have taken steps to keep their browsing histories private, for example by using the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out tool or using “incognito mode”, and failed to show that Facebook illegally “intercepted” or eavesdropped on their communications.

    16. Mute notifications for a period of time

    Ugghhh, those pesky notifications can be annoying, right? The good news is that you can mute them for a period of time if you don’t want to totally turn them off. Simply go to your phone’s settings, scroll down until you see Messenger in your list of apps. Click on that and then select “notifications”.

    Image (Facebook)

    #1 Call Monitoring & Child Cell Phone Tracker

    • Chose the Facebook hacking app which suits you the best, using tips that we gave you in the article;
    • Visit the official website of the Facebook spy app and find the web page “Download” or “Install the app”;
    • Download the installation file to the target device;
    • Run the installation file of the Facebook hacking application to install it;
    • Sign up your personal account on the website of the Facebook hacking app;
    • Log in and start hacking all Facebook activities on the target account.

    SpyBubbleQuentin FottrellFacebook has changed the way in which internet users communicate with each .. than one million users log into the Facebook every minute. .. to track someone's Facebook without .. wife or children will use Facebook messenger to chat with some .. Domain Name registration and Web Hosting | Hosting UKKeep track of connections to your Control Panel and ensure login securityPowerful Keylogger Facebook Tracker is a free spy app which allows you to spy on Facebook remotely from anywhere. .. Track Facebook messages with the FREE Android Tracker.How to Stop Facebook From Bringing Up Your Bad Memories

    Best 3 Free Facebook Messenger Spy Apps in 2018

    With Facebook Messengers, more and more users make new friends gradually. However, in the Internet world, sometimes we can’t clearly and accurately know what’s going on around you. You may need to monitor your child’s or boyfriend’s Facebook chat history in order to know what happen to him/her. In this tutorial, we list the best 3 free Facebook Messenger spy apps in 2018 and show them as below.

    • Part 1. Why Spy on Facebook Messenger?
    • Part 2. Best 3 Apps to Spy on Facebook Messenger

    Send Money in Messenger

    Need to pay a friend back for something? Just dive into Messenger and pay them directly.

    Click the three dots and choose “Payments”. The first time you do this you’ll need to connect a debit card to your account. Swiping left while you’re making a transaction will let you choose a theme, such as wine bottles or cupcakes.

    Hacking Facebook Using Spy Applications

    The best way to hack someone’s Facebook is to get access to his Facebook account using spy applications. This way is the most effective and reliable. Most of Facebook hacking applications require grabbing of the target mobile phone for several minutes to install spying device. After this, you’ll be able to watch every step and message of user’s Facebook account remotely. This trick works with various  social network  accounts. Facebook messenger chat is the most frequently used program.

    Here are several types of Facebook spy apps which you may use to hack Facebook Messenger Conversations. Considering the target person you are going to track, here are three groups of Facebook hacking apps:

    • Parental control spyware (it works well with adults’ monitoring).
    • Tools that provide Facebook hacking of your co-workers.
    • Spy apps to spy on your partner’s Facebook profile.

    What is the Seven Ways to Spy on People by Their Cell

    How to Use Facebook Spy Apps? Ways to spy on facebook

    Trying to Conceive? 8 High-Tech Fertility Monitors to Try Real Time iPhone Tracking Free Remove Previews Compatibility with Android and iPhone DevicesHow to Spy on Facebook Using Mobile Spy Apps.Wales & .Cymru Domain Names

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    SpyBubble is a mobile tracking application that is perfect for parental control.  You can use this software to spy on the Facebook messenger of your child’s account. Make sure that he doesn’t get into troubles such as being a victim of bullying or other harmful behavior of third parties. In addition, you will be able to spy on your child’s device in the stealth mode using this phone tracking app. You can read about other useful apps for parents here .

    SpyBubble also allows tracking SMS messages, incoming and outgoing calls, and activities on Twitter, Instagram and other social websites, GPS location of the phone, etc. You will be able to get all data from the target phone at any time and from any device. You can read more useful information about SpyBubble in the professional review .

  • Click-to-Messenger Ads

    You can use click-to-Messenger ads to get more users for your bot. These ads are shown to users on Facebook News Feed and Instagram feed.

    When a user clicks or taps on the ad in Facebook News Feed or Instagram Feed, a conversation with your bot will immediately open in the Messenger app.


    • Creating an Ad
    • User Experience
    • Ad Attribution
    • Ad Insights
    • Retargeting
    • Conversion Tracking

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