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47. BugAwareHow gps tracker tk102 android app Hackers Perform SS7 Hack Attack in Details?33 COMMENTSCompany Info

To some, checking emails/texts isn't 'snooping'

Kitty, who is not married, says that in relationships, she and her partner have an understanding that they are always free to read each other's emails and texts.

    Step 2: Set Up Frequency

    Setting up Frequency is as simple as it gets. After you download it, just open it up, and it'll start doing everything it's supposed to. It runs in the background and tracks which apps you use and how long you use them.

    If you like, you can head over to settings and check the box for Run at startup , so that you never have to manually open the app.

    If you want Frequency to stop tracking, just uncheck App usage tracking in settings.

    You can also decide how accurate the tracking is by selecting App usage accuracy and adjust how often Frequency checks in on things; from 2 minutes to 5 seconds.

    In theory, less checking means less of a drain on battery life, but in my testing, even higher accuracy wasn't enough to make Frequency even show up on the battery usage meter.

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      11. Zanti

      ZAnti is one of the best android app related to hacking from android phone. It has almost all security tools related to hacking any Wi-Fi networks.


      This cell phone tracker is said to be the most powerful. This is because it has innovative features. The features have high level of efficiency and performance. This app will enable to monitor on any target phone virtually. It is easy for companies to track company- owned cell phones. This is important in making sure that employees do not waste time browsing in the net on working hours. Employees cannot notice that they are being monitored. This app is compatible with all kinds of operating systems hence can be used in any phone. Like other cell phone trackers for android theTruthSpy app is simple to use. Additionally, there is a team of support that provides services 24/7. So, users can also seek help on how to use the application.

      Thus, as a parent, employer or Spouse you do not have to worry about what might be happening behind your back. You can use these spy apps for Android phones. They can help track anyone. You can know their physical location to the kind of activities taking place in their phones. This is why these cell phone trackers are considered to be top android spy apps. You can also check the list of top iPhone Spy Apps here , provided by Cell Spy Apps. This is a testimonial by a parent who feels that cell phone monitoring apps have been of great help.

      You never truly understand the meaning of the word “worry” until you become a parent. Our kids think that they are adults hence do whatever they want. I want to believe they are mature, but their actions only bring doubt. I only confirmed what I already knew with android spy apps.


      1. gil says

        October 12, 2017 at 8:09 pm

        the Truth Spy is unreliable. because it did l not track the target cell for days at a time and when I contacted customer service 10 different times they never responded to

      2. Ubaid says

        November 10, 2017 at 1:39 pm

        Will try these soon

      3. brogey says

        February 15, 2018 at 7:54 pm

        check out this one too … I don’t know if it’s good for spying but sort of… maybe for reconnaissance lol


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