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How To: Mirror Your Android's Display & Respond to Text Messages from Your Mac or PC12 Tips to Master Email on iOS OUR MEN AT WORKГаранционни условия30 Jul 2017 .. To recover a lost phone, you also need to make sure that your handset .. on the map shows the phone's location when it last connected to the internet. .. data, unless we're talking about someone with high-level hacking skills.

3 myQuitTime by Arete World Enterprises

The myQuitTime app covers all of the basics, including how much smoke-free time accumulated, cigarettes not smoked, money saved, and life saved.

It has a fun feature that allows users to make a list of  smoke-free rewards they'd like to spend the money they've saved on. Pictures can be uploaded, prices added and the app will alert users when there's enough money for the item. The app also tracks how long it will take to earn items on the list if there's not enough money yet saved.

Smokers learn to expect instant gratification from cigarettes. Once inhaled, nicotine quickly reaches the brain and docks with receptors that then release dopamine, the "feel good" hormone. As nicotine levels in the blood recede, a new cigarette is lit and almost immediately you feel relief and pleasure (gratification) as nicotine is replenished and dopamine is released once again.

Researchers believe that dopamine is closely linked to addiction. It is this chemical reaction in the brain that makes nicotine so addictive, and when you quit smoking, makes you so uncomfortable.

Smoke-free rewards offer new ex-smokers some practice at waiting a bit for gratification. It's healthy to celebrate the victory of piling up smoke-free days, and you should use this feature both for small rewards that you can cash in daily, and larger prizes that you save for.

Rewards also provide recognition for the work that smoking cessation takes, something every new ex-smoker rightly deserves.

The app works well and the graphics are easy on the eyes.

A Word From Verywell

A healthy quit program should include education, positive support, feedback and smoke-free rewards from time to time. While quit apps for your phone can't do the work of smoking cessation for you, they do hit the mark as a positive support tool. Download one or two to have at your fingertips when you need a boost.


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  • Does this transfer overwrite the messages in the new device? wikiHow Contributor No, it will not overwrite any messages on the receiving Android device. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 4
  • Is it possible to transfer selected conversations (messages between two people) to another Android via Smart Switch? wikiHow Contributor You will need to use a different app, as Smart Switch does not have the option to choose only selected messages. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3
  • I have a HUAWEE phone.can I use this app? wikiHow Contributor Yes, as long as the phone runs on Android. If you're not sure, go to settings, about phone, and if it says "Android version," then you have Android. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 1 Helpful 5
  • Is this applicable for Samsung Grand Duos? wikiHow Contributor Download Wondershare MobileTrans, run it, connect both phones via USB cables to your PC, select Phone to Phone Transfer, select route, select what you want to copy, and select Start Copy. Voila! Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 22 Helpful 3

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Mileage Log GPS Tracker

Mileage Log GPS Tracker is an infinitely scalable GPS tracking tool that can be used by individuals and businesses alike. It abolishes manual tracking by automatically recording all trips based on set parameters. Once recorded, the data are stored in the cloud on the company’s website. The website makes it possible to download printable log books or IRS compliant reports in PDF and Excel.

A single car can be shared among several drivers, who have the option to classify their trips into various categories. This makes it possible to see how many miles were made for business purposes and how many for personal.

What’s really great about Mileage Log GPS Tracker is the ability to assign jobs to the drivers in real time. By using this method of communication over standard phone calls, you can greatly streamline your communication pipeline and also save on cellular plans.

Built into the app is a complex suite of analytics tools designed to give you a convenient overview of how much time your drivers are spending with customers, how long it takes them to get to their destinations, or who are the best-performing drivers in your fleet.

All this information can be exported as a CSV file and imported into your payroll system or CRM. The free plan includes up to 3 vehicles and maximum of 5 reports per month. Those who want more can purchase one of four available premium packages.

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