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Let Three Help & Support section, teach you the tips and tricks of your iPhone.

Apple Music

Apple Music is Apple's answer to rival music streaming services like Spotify, offering users the ability to browse and listen to an unlimited amount of music for a monthly fee. However, what some users may not realise is that every song, album and playlist added to your collection is stored in iCloud and is available to download on any iOS device. To transfer your Apple Music collection to a new iPhone, simply do the following:

  1. On the new iPhone, open the Settings app and tap Music
  2. Toggle 'Show Apple Music' and 'iCloud Music Library' on (make sure you have a decent Wi-Fi connection)
  3. Your iCloud Music Library should then download on the iPhone.

As with the above solutions, the download time may vary depending on your Internet connection. It's also worth noting that this can also be done on iTunes on a Mac or PC, providing an easy way to transfer your collection to/from your Mac/PC.

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  1. Turn on your new device and place it near your current device running iOS 11. The Quick Start screen appears on your current device and offers the option of using your Apple ID to set up your new device. Make sure it's the Apple ID that you want to use, and tap Continue. If you don't see the option to continue on your current device, turn on Bluetooth.
  2. Wait for an animation to appear on your new device. Hold your current device over the new device, then center the animation in the viewfinder. Wait for a message that says Finish on New [Device]. If you can't use your current device's camera, tap Authenticate Manually, then follow the steps that appear. 
  3. When prompted, enter your current device's passcode on the device you're setting up.
  4. Follow the instructions to set up Touch ID or Face ID on your new device.
  5. When prompted, enter your Apple ID password on your new device. If you have multiple devices, you might also need to enter their passcodes.
  6. Your new device offers the choice of restoring apps, data, and settings from your most recent iCloud backup, or updating your current device's backup and then restoring. After you select a backup, you can choose whether to transfer some settings related to location, privacy, Apple Pay, and Siri. If you want to update the backup on your device, make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled on your device.
  7. If you have an Apple Watch and you're setting up a new iPhone, you'll also be asked if you'd like to transfer your Apple Watch data and settings.

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  • If your carrier gave you a new SIM card, put it in your new device. 
  • If your new device uses the same kind of SIM card as your previous device,  transfer the SIM card to your new device .
  • If your new device needs a different kind of SIM card than what you have, or if you aren't sure, contact your carrier.

Part 1 Backing Up Texts to iCloud

  1. 1 Open your iPhone’s Settings . You’ll usually find this app on the home screen.
  2. 2 Tap your Apple ID. It’s at the top of the menu (the option with your name).
  3. 3 Tap iCloud. Your iCloud settings will appear.
  4. 4 Tap iCloud Backup. A pop-up message will appear, warning you that if you proceed, your iPhone will no longer sync automatically with iTunes.
  5. 5 Tap OK.
  6. 6 Tap Backup now. Your iPhone’s data, including your text messages, will now back up to iCloud.

Part 2: Top 10 Data Usage Tracking Apps for Your iPhone

Now you are going to know about the top 10 data usage tracking apps for your iPhones which will help you stop from being overcharged after your limited data pack gets finished.

There are many data usage trackers available in the store but here are the most reliable and popular ones.

1. DataMan Next

It is one of the best data usage tracking apps for your iPhone which works with no bells and whistles on your iPhone. Being compatible with all carriers, it monitors both cellular and Wi-Fi usage. You will get an interface showing your data usage and it gives you four alerts. Though it is not a free app, it gives you a cool data. 

2. DataMan Pro

DataMan Pro is one of the best data usage tracking apps when it comes to monitor your cellular data and help protect you from being overcharged after your data limit is over. 

It gives you the accurate data statistics of how much data your iPhone has consumed so far. It gives you the data reports every hour and every day and helps you stop wastage. 

You can also maximize you data plan using this app. 

3. Data Usage Pro

A wonderful data usage tracking app that reminds you when you need to cap over your data to help you manage your data accordingly. You can use it with any iPhone and one of its cool features is that it lets you set usage alerts so that you stay on the top of things.

4. My Data Manager

My Data Manager is an amazing app totally dedicated to track your data usage so that you can prevent yourself from being charged more money. It lets you know the data usage with accuracy so you never cross the data limit. It also helps you track your roaming and wifif in a very user-friendly way. You can even costimize this app as per your need and set alarm to keep within the limit. It tracks the history of your consumpton as well. 

5. DataWiz 

DataWiz is a free app that predicts your data usage on patterns over a week and help you save you money. It is best for a clean minimal and interesting user as you have to keep your cellur on all the time. It is a great and cool app but it slacks in accuracy if you switch off your iPhone.

6. Data Monitor

As a decent data tracking app, Data Monitor is a perfect if you want the data usage report quickly. It gives the statistics of the cellular data usage and that of wifi separately. It is simplely the best app in general for normal users. 

7. Onavo

As a smart and intelligent data usage checking app, Onavo helps you save you money by tracking your data usage. It is user friendly app which runs in background and gives you a bird's eye view of your data usage. It also compreses all data like image, texts automatically. It helps you strech your current data plan to help save your data. 

8. My Data Usage Pro

My Data Usage Pro is a popular data usage tracker as it is very easy to use. It monitors your data usage and keep you update of your payment cycle. It is a very good app as it tells you when to stop the data plan and help you save your money.

9. Data Usage

If you are serious about data plan, then Data Usage is a great app to help you save your money. This app takes the entire look of the data your iPhone consume and make you alert of it. This app has a unique feature of usage badge to display you a percetange of data usage. You can get the whole chart and graphs of your data from this app. 

10. Data Counter

When you find you are charged more every month because your limited data goes over and you cannnot stop it, now you need not worry about it. Data Counter is an app which ensure you this over charging will never happen again. With this user-friendly app, you can set your own data limts and enjoy your internet as per your need. Data Counter tracks your cellular and wifi data usage and help you manage it. You don't need even an internet access to use this wonderful tool as it works in background. You will have your data report within 10 minutes after you stop your data. 

Now you came to know how to track your data usage on your iPhones and prevent yourself from paying more money. If you use any of the apps mentioned above , you will be benefitted economically.

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The Best Data Usage Tracker for iPhone

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The iPhone isn't lacking in data usage trackers, but many of them offer few features or do little to ensure they're tracking your data accurately. We like Data Usage because it helps keep you on top of all the data you're using, alerts you as much or as little as you want, and provides in-depth statistics.

Data Usage

Platform: iPhone Price: ( for Pro ) Download Page


  • Set data usage limits by the month, week, and day
  • Separately track and monitor your cellular and Wi-Fi data usage
  • Automatically reset tracking data when your billing period ends
  • Receive notifications when certain percentages of your data plan has been used up during a billing cycle
  • Ideal data usage is calculated based on your current consumption
  • Offers charts that display your data usage over time
  • The app teaches you how to use it when you run it for the first time
  • Keeps track of where data was used
  • Universal app, so you get an iPhone and iPad version in one purchase

Where It Excels

Data Usage is a very thorough app. Unlike most of the other apps on the App Store, it ensures you've set it up correctly when you launch it. The app notifies you on startup that you need to do something if it isn't able to fully track your data. Setting up is very easy, too. You just go into the settings, tell it the start and end date of your billing cycle, and input your data cap. From there on out it'll track your data. By default it'll notify you when you reach 50% usage, and at every 10% marker from there on up until you hit your cap. You can, of course, turn off notifications for any percentage if you don't always want to know. Checking the app, itself, can provide you with much more information, too. It provides detailed graphs so you can see your data usage over time and also gives you a more specific overview of what has been used. Data Usage is a very comprehensive app and handles just about everything you'd want.


Where It Falls Short

There really isn't much to dislike about Data Usage, but it does have one disadvantage that every app has: background issues. In order for data usage to work properly, you have to remember to open it up every time you restart your phone to ensure background tasks are active. This isn't the app's fault, but rather the fault of Apple's restrictions on all of its apps. That said, Data Usage does something the other apps don't: it tells you this is a problem and to remember to open it up after a reboot.

The Competition

DataMonitor (Free, Jailbreak Required) is much like any of the data tracking apps, but it also monitors your battery. More importantly, it runs just fine in the background because it's a jailbreak app. If you're jailbroken, you may want to consider it instead as it doesn't suffer from Apple's restrictions. (Search for it on Cydia if you want to download.)


Data Usage Monitor (, Jailbreak Required), not to be confused with our top pick, is actually a great addition to it. It's a jailbreak tweak that displays your data usage only when you're actually using it. Instead of working as an app, it shows the current usage stats in place of the clock in your status bar whenever you're actually using cellular data. This way you don't have to regularly check your data usage but will be reminded of it when it's going up. (Search for it on Cydia if you want to download.)

Wee Track Data (, Jailbreak Required) keeps track of your data just like any of the apps, but puts the stats in Notification Center. If you want an unobtrusive look at your data usage while still maintaining quick access, this is the way to go—if you're jailbroken, anyway. (Search for it on Cydia if you want to download.)

DataMan (Free, for Pro ) is a simple data tracking app. If Data Usage is too overwhelming for you and you want an app that just sets alerts and gives you basic information, check this one out instead.


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3 Ways You Can Locate & Track Someone’s iPhone Location (Even Yours)

Last Updated on January 20, 2017 by Mike



Having a tracker on your iPhone is essential because you never know when you might misplace the device or if there is a thief who decided to visit your pocket one day. Luckily, you can turn on this feature right on your iPhone without having to install an additional app.

Reporting a stolen iPhone

If you want to make a claim on the insurance for your stolen iPhone you will need a Police Crime Number, so you will have to report the iPhone as stolen.

When you report a lost or stolen iPhone to the police you may need to give them the serial number of your iPhone. You obviously don't have the device itself to check but you may still be able to find it. Here's how to find an iPhone's serial number :

  • If you have Find My iPhone set up you will be able to find the serial number by going to Settings > Your Name and tapping on the device in question. You will need to enter your Apple ID password and also answer two questions that you have previously provided questions to, but once you are in you will see the serial number for that device.
  • If the iPhone is synced with iTunes you should be able to find the serial number in iTunes.
  • If you have the device's original packaging you should be able to see the serial number beside the barcode.
  • If you have your receipt for the iPhone the serial number should be on it.

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