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Ran D Zee Navarro kymkat will you shut the f*$# up already ?WebsitesCommentsSome detail on WhatsApp espionagePart 3 Fixing Other Common IssuesOne easy way we’ve found to convert your cassettes to MP3s is the ION Tape check iphone for tracking software Express . Hawaii's Fraud Prevention & Resource Guide - Department of ..

The IMEI number can be found on the phone by using the *#06# code on the dialer or the case of the phone. However, if you don’t have access to any of those, this video will show you show to find the IMEI number of a lost Android or iPhone and even track it online. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Read More: this video in Hindi: How to Monday Playlist: us on Facebook: Image Credits: and Subscribe to GT Hindi:

Most smartphones have an option within the voice mail to save the message to your Dropbox, iCloud or One Drive. That’s the easiest method, because your phone will save the recording for you, usually as an MP3.Check Your iPhone for Spy Soft How to Read Deleted Text Messages Onlinehow to clean your iphone from spywareHBO’s Programming Chief Says New Owner AT&T Won’t ‘Dilute’ His Network’s Brand Four Ways to Read Text Messages Online - dr.fone

Have you ever deleted a text message from your iPhone by accident and wished there was a way to get it back? If so, you're in luck. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to recover deleted text messages on iPhone.Do you learn better by reading? A text version of the course is available at: for over 100 free courses on all of today's most popular websites & apps!

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MSPY How to view text messages on iCloud?18 Jul 2016 .. If you find one of these apps in your iPhone, then most likely your phone has .. So if you check your phone bills and notice an increase in your data .. Here are several other signs that a spyware is installed on your phone .. Its best app to spy on SMS and Text Messages

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What you should check before you buy a used iPhone

Read this article in order to avoid scams and frauds while buying used iPhone

This article gives you info on how your voicemail service works and simple steps to change features such as greetings or the number of rings before voicemail kicks in.

To listen to and manage your messages, simply dial 707 from your phone. Travelling and need to check your voicemail from overseas ?

How mobile voicemail works

Calls are directed to voicemail whenever your phone is either busy or not available. For example, your phone being turned off, out of range or on a call, or when you've rejected an incoming call. This also applies to any diverts you have set where you want certain calls to go to voicemail - such as ' Call Forward when Busy '.

Your voicemails are stored by us digitally so that you can access them at anytime that suits you and from anywhere you have a connection. They are only accessible by you and remain available until you listen to them. Once you have listened to them you can then keep them for a further 10 days, after which they are deleted unless you listen again and renew that period.

Voicemail charges
  • On Account customers, for most plans calls to voicemail are included in your On Account plan i.e. free However, not all plans include voicemail i.e. Advantage Lite doe NOT include voicemail - to be sure, please check your plan in  My Vodafone
  • Prepay customers, you'll pay a flat fee of
    • Yes, please follow our guides: FROM ZTE TO Galaxy PhoneCopy support team, 19/08/2017

    [NEW VERSION] This tutorial will show you how to set up the GPS tracking feature on your iPhone 4 or 4s and track its location using your PC or MAC, in case you lose your iPhone or your iPhone gets stolen. This tutorial is the updated version of my previous tutorial on tracking your iPhone from MAC or PC since the "Find My iPhone" user interface on has slightly changed.PLEASE NOTE: If you've already LOST your iPhone and you did not turn this feature on PRIOR to losing it, you will not be able to track it. Sorry.TRACK YOUR iPHONE using iPAD, iPOD or iPHONE INCREASE THE CHANCES OF RECOVERING YOUR IPHONELearn to prevent thieves from disabling the "Find My iPhone" feature on your iPhone 4 or 4s in this tutorial here: My iPhone was turned off. Can I still track it?A: No unfortunately.Q: I didn't setup Find My iPhone. Can I still track it?A: No unfortunately.Q: Can I turn on the "Find My iPhone" feature from my computer?A: I'm afraid this is not possible.Q: Does my iPhone need to be connected to wifi?A: You iPhone needs to be connected to wifi or your data network in order for you to track it

    .20 each time you call the voicemail service to listen to and manage your messages, no matter how long it takes.
  • For Home Phone Wireless customers, there is an additional monthly fee of .11 for voicemail but with that calls to voicemail are then included in your plan. Please call us on 0800 189 189 to add voicemail to your service.
  • For 4G Wireless Broadband phone customers, there is a different monthly service fee for voicemail . Please call us on 0800 800 966 to add voicemail to your service.
Quick guide to mobile voicemail

When you dial 707 to get to your voicemail, you will have the following options. Once you've selected an option, please follow the prompts.

  • Press 1 to listen to your voicemail messages, or Press 1 1 to listen to all available voicemail messages
  • Press 2 to send a message to someone else
  • Press 3 for your personal settings such as setting up whoCalled
  • Press 4 for your PIN options or to set up personalOperator  (if available on your plan)
  • Press 6 to record or rerecord a personal greeting
  • Press 8 for help.

Hint: Press ** any time to return to the main menu of options.

Set up your mobile voicemail

First time Voicemail users

Dial 707 and follow the prompts to set up your voicemail. The first time you call, you can take a short guided tour of voicemail features, or you can skip the tour and set up your voice mailbox and personal recorded greeting immediately. The system will prompt you later to listen to the tutorial.

Set up your greeting and voicemail PIN When you record your greeting, you will also be asked to change your voicemail four-digit PIN password. This is very important for your security and privacy, because the PIN must be entered before your messages can be opened from any phone other than your mobile, giving you control over who can access your voicemail.

Your PIN must be between 4 and 6 digits long. Remember that the longer the PIN is, the harder it is for anyone to guess it.

The PIN can't be any of these:

  • A sequence of numbers, e.g. 1234 or 9876
  • A set of repeated numbers, e.g. 222222

Avoid using numbers that are easy to guess, for example a birthday, phone number or post code. We recommend NOT using your bank's ATM card PIN number.

Record a temporary greeting for your mobile voicemail

If you set up a temporary greeting, it will replace your main greeting until you turn it off.

  • Dial  707 for voicemail
  • Select Personal Settings (Option 3)
  • Select Temporary Greeting from the main menu (Option 6)
  • Select one of the following
  • Press 1 to save
  • Press 2 to Record again 

After recording and saving the greeting, you will hear a pre-recorded confirmation that the temporary greeting has been saved.

If you call 707 after hearing the confirmation, you will be advised that a temporary greeting is currently active.

To remove your greeting, follow the steps as above but for the last step Press 3 to Cancel.

Provide a message for callers but turn off the ability for them to leave you a message

If you set up a temporary greeting, see above, you also have the option to turn off message recording so that you can leave callers a greeting message but they can't leave you voicemail. After recording your temporary greeting

  • Press 1 to turn off message recording
  • Press 2 to enable callers to leave you messages after hearing your temporary greeting.
Listening to voicemail from your phone

You access your voicemail by dialling  707 from your mobile; this is the short code for our full voicemail number of 021 700 700. The system will recognise the number you're calling from and play your messages straight away. On Account customers can request an extra level of security where the system prompts you for the PIN you've set; call Customer Service on 777 if you wish to have this activated.

Set the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail

Change the number of times your mobile rings before your calls are transferred to voicemail  >

Access voicemail from a different phone (mobile or landline)

To do this from a landline or another network's phone just call 021 700 700  and follow the instructions.

Please note: You are unable to access your voicemail from another Vodafone mobile.

Voicemail functions - when you listen to messages

Press this key



Call return

5 Delete
6 Skip to the next message
4 Save the message (for 10 more days from the current date)


Fast forward eight seconds


Fast forward to end of message


Rewind eight seconds


Backup to beginning of message


Backup to beginning of previous message


Pause/resume message


Complete current action


Cancel last action and back up one




General introduction


Voicemail setup tutorial

At the end of the message you will receive a list of options including (if available) the option to forward the message or reply to the caller.

Note: All messages within the voicemail system are kept for a maximum of 10 days, after which they are deleted. To keep a message from being deleted, just listen to it again before the 10 days have passed and press option 4 to save it for another 30 days. Once a message has been deleted it can't be recovered.

Voicemail callback notifications

On Account customers can choose to have the voicemail system call them back with the message instead of TXTing them to let them know. To arrange this call Customer Services on 777 .

Send a message from your voicemail to another Vodafone mobile

When you send a message from your voicemail box to another Vodafone mobile it will be placed directly into the recipient's voicemail.

Example: The person you've sent it to will receive a text message notification advising them of a new message (their phone will not ring). This will cost 20c.




Dial 707 or 021 700 700 .


Press 3 .


Enter mobile number of the person who will receive the message, e.g. 021 xxx xxx.


Press # .


Record an optional voice message with the forwarded voicemail.


Press # to end.


Press 1 to listen to your recorded message or Press 2 to record a new one.


Press # to send the voicemail (and message if you record one).

Removing mobile voicemail

If you want to have voicemail removed, please call customer services on 777 and we will manually remove it from your service.

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Hawaii's Fraud Prevention & Resource Guide - Department of ..4 apps to spy on WhatsApp chats for iOS, Android and Windows .. Free Online Spy Text Messages A digital answering machine or landline voicemail systemDetecting Cell Phone Spy SoftwarePos Terkait

This is a very simple and extremely effective way to track an iPhone/iDevice. Don't worry about being charged, it is 100% free. Also, don't worry about your Apple ID being stolen from you by using this website, because this website is made by apple, it isn't an outside source. Make sure to subscribe because March 1st, I am officially launching LucasGotTech!Follow on Twitter @LucasGotTech YouTube: YouTube:

3- Noise in Call:

This can be a bit tricky as it can be caused due to the bad connection, however, if this keeps happening regularly there is a good chance your phone has hidden spy software in it. The sounds might not be same as normal also, it can be beeping, clicking, static or even voices if the phone is infected. Some software offer calls listening and recording feature that can cause these noises because another call is ongoing as a conference call.

Part 1: Read Deleted and Existed iPhone Messages Online (Free)Check out MetroPCS® coverage for your neighborhood. See a map of our wireless service coverage for your cell phone across the country. The Best New Application for Android to Spy Text Messages AT&T Store LocationsLatest DealsBut, the term still held a lot of weight

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