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8 Dreams About a Little Girl or a Little Boy

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud viewed dreams as the gateway to the unconscious mind. His study of dreams uncovered that your state of mind could be understood by analyzing the involuntarily images in your dreams. These images are significant in meaning, and can say much more than one word could describe.

As the due date approaches, delivery is naturally a growing concern. It is common for pregnant women to have dreams of childbirth, specifically giving birth to a particular gender. But is this a sign of things to come? It’s possible, but not probable.

If you’re pregnant, and envision a little girl, there is a possibility the dream is a premonition that you’re having a girl. The girl in the dream can also represent you at a younger age . You are reminiscing about your younger self, or channeling your inner child. Dreaming of a little girl could also be your honest vote of your preference in gender.

Is your subconscious predicting the gender of your baby?

Again, dreaming of a little boy could be your intuition into the gender of your baby. The boy in the dream could also embody the power you’re gaining in your family and in your new role as a mother.

A 1999 study from John Hopkins revealed that 55 percent of pregnant women correctly predicted the sex of their babies using any method, including dreams. There is a 50-50 chance in predicting the birth of a boy or a girl, so a random guess would have virtually the same result. There are other cases of people reporting precognitive dreams, but these are usually uncommon events.

Dreams are presented through a symbolic language. There are rare occasions when they are literal, but most times, they are metaphorical . You can begin to unlock the mysteries of your dream by examining everything and everyone as a symbol. You know yourself better than anyone else, so you are your own expert in deciphering your dreams.

11 He Wasn't Ready To Be A Dad

Jennifer’s story paints a picture of what marriage sometimes looks like after adultery. There is no going back and no way to make it what it once was. She shared: “My husband and I got married after what a lot of people would call a whirlwind romance. We didn’t know each other very long. Only six months in fact. Our wedding was amazing, but by the time we reached our one year anniversary, everything had changed.”

“I got pregnant unexpectedly a few months after we got married. While we were financially stable and the surprise wasn’t awful given that we were husband and wife, my husband wasn’t ready for it. He wasn’t ready to be a Dad. We had had plans to travel and live out our 20s without kids, which we assumed we would have far down the road."

"When I found out I was pregnant, I was stunned, too, but I was quickly able to accept it and move on. “

“He just couldn’t, and that ultimately resulted in an affair with a coworker. I still struggle with it because I feel like it was partly my fault, but I also know he needs to be held responsible for his choices, and I have a lot of trouble trusting him. Having found out just weeks before I was due, I couldn’t bear the idea of leaving him. Our daughter is two now and our marriage is far from what I thought it would be.”

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