Cheating iPhone App

Download Human - Activity Tracker and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod .. we believe the best way to improve your daily activity is by understanding cheating iphone app it.MarketWatchClipsWhatsApp Messenger

iPhone has location tracking and it will also lists frequent locations but the settings are very deeply hidden. You can easily be found out where you have been going. This video explains.

Motion Stills

Google and Apple may be rivals, but that doesn't stop them building on each other's work, as evidenced in Motion Stills , an app which takes the idea of Live Photos and runs with it.

Putting your Live Photos through Motion Stills adds Google's stabilization technology to them, reducing the amount of visible camera shake, but that's just the beginning.

You can also transform them into GIFs which can be shared in messaging apps, or even combine your Motion Stills into longer movies, and do cool things like invert the direction of the action to make your subject look like it’s dancing.

If you like the idea - but not the reality - of Live Photos then Motion Stills is the app for you, and you're not limited to using it for new images - you can also fix up any Live Photos you've already taken.

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