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Monitor Employees

Cell phone monitoring just got easier. See where your employees are, what they’re doing, and what they’re saying. Spy on your business mobile phones and protect your intellectual property.

Find out more If you’re responsible for a child, or manage an employee YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW Find out the truth, spy on the phone Real More About Xnore Software

What is Social Engineering? How it is Helpful for Hacking & Spying?

July 22, 2018 Blogs , Employee Monitoring , Tips Nicki Marie Social Engineering or “SE” is an activity that exploits a person in a way to take action that could or... Read More


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XNSPY is a smartphone and tablet monitoring software designed for parents who wish to monitor their children under 18 years and employers who want to keep track of their employees through company-owned smartphones and tablets. The buyer of the XNSPY software must either own the smartphone or tablet or must have written consent from their children or employees.

Failure to do so is likely to result in violation of applicable law and XNSPY will cooperate with the law-enforcing authorities to the full extent. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the buyer to adhere to the local laws of their country or region. The software is only to be used for ethical monitoring purposes.

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Technology[ edit ]

The technology of locating is based on measuring power levels and antenna patterns and uses the concept that a powered mobile phone always communicates wirelessly with one of the closest base stations , so knowledge of the location of the base station implies the cell phone is nearby.

Advanced systems determine the sector in which the mobile phone is located and roughly estimate also the distance to the base station. Further approximation can be done by interpolating signals between adjacent antenna towers. Qualified services may achieve a precision of down to 50 meters in urban areas where mobile traffic and density of antenna towers (base stations) is sufficiently high.[ citation needed ] Rural and desolate areas may see miles between base stations and therefore determine locations less precisely.

GSM localization uses multilateration to determine the location of GSM mobile phones, or dedicated trackers, usually with the intent to locate the user. [2]

The location of a mobile phone can be determined in a number of ways:

Network-based[ edit ]

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The location of a mobile phone can be determined using the service provider's network infrastructure. The advantage of network-based techniques, from a service provider's point of view, is that they can be implemented non-intrusively without affecting handsets. Network-based techniques were developed many years prior to the widespread availability of GPS on handsets. (See US 5519760 , issued 21 May 1996  for one of the first works relating to this. [3] )

The accuracy of network-based techniques varies, with cell identification as the least accurate and triangulation as moderately accurate, and newer "advanced forward link trilateration " timing methods as the most accurate. The accuracy of network-based techniques is both dependent on the concentration of cell base stations, with urban environments achieving the highest possible accuracy because of the higher number of cell towers , and the implementation of the most current timing methods.

One of the key challenges of network-based techniques is the requirement to work closely with the service provider, as it entails the installation of hardware and software within the operator's infrastructure. Frequently the compulsion associated with a legislative framework, such as Enhanced 9-1-1 , is required before a service provider will deploy a solution.

Handset-based[ edit ]

The location of a mobile phone can be determined using client software installed on the handset. [4] This technique determines the location of the handset by putting its location by cell identification, signal strengths of the home and neighboring cells, which is continuously sent to the carrier. In addition, if the handset is also equipped with GPS then significantly more precise location information can be then sent from the handset to the carrier.

Another approach is to use a fingerprinting-based technique, [5] [6] [7] where the "signature" of the home and neighboring cells signal strengths at different points in the area of interest is recorded by war-driving and matched in real-time to determine the handset location. This is usually performed independent from the carrier.

The key disadvantage of handset-based techniques, from service provider's point of view, is the necessity of installing software on the handset. It requires the active cooperation of the mobile subscriber as well as software that must be able to handle the different operating systems of the handsets. Typically, smartphones , such as one based on Symbian , Windows Mobile , Windows Phone , BlackBerry OS , iOS , or Android , would be able to run such software, e.g. Google Maps.

One proposed work-around is the installation of embedded hardware or software on the handset by the manufacturers, e.g., Enhanced Observed Time Difference (E-OTD). This avenue has not made significant headway, due to the difficulty of convincing different manufacturers to cooperate on a common mechanism and to address the cost issue. Another difficulty would be to address the issue of foreign handsets that are roaming in the network.

SIM-based[ edit ]

Using the subscriber identity module (SIM) in GSM and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) handsets, it is possible to obtain raw radio measurements from the handset. [8] [9] Available measurements include the serving Cell ID , round-trip time, and signal strength. The type of information obtained via the SIM can differ from that which is available from the handset. For example, it may not be possible to obtain any raw measurements from the handset directly, yet still obtain measurements via the SIM.

Wi-Fi[ edit ]

Crowdsourced Wi-Fi data can also be used to identify a handset's location. [10] The poor performance of the GPS-based methods in indoor environment and the increasing popularity of Wi-Fi have encouraged companies to design new and feasible methods to carry out Wi-Fi-based indoor positioning. [11] Most smartphones combine Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), such as GPS and GLONASS , with Wi-Fi positioning systems .

Hybrid[ edit ]

Hybrid positioning systems use a combination of network-based and handset-based technologies for location determination. One example would be some modes of Assisted GPS , which can both use GPS and network information to compute the location. Both types of data are thus used by the telephone to make the location more accurate (i.e., A-GPS). Alternatively tracking with both systems can also occur by having the phone attain its GPS-location directly from the satellites , and then having the information sent via the network to the person that is trying to locate the telephone. Such systems include Google Maps , as well as, LTE 's OTDOA and E-CellID .

There are also hybrid positioning systems which combine several different location approaches to position mobile devices by Wi-Fi , WiMAX , GSM, LTE, IP addresses , and network environment data.

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Video tracker

Track the videos taken with the phone.


Go to the purchase page and select the length of time you want to order for the Basic or Premium License. Complete all sections and agree to the Mobile Spy Legal Requirements. Then click the Place Order button and check your email.

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