Can I Hack a Person by Their iPhone 6

How to hack iphone passcode without computerHow Google's Safe Browsing Helped Build a More Secure WebYou want to hack any facebook account?They are commonly used in spying and tracking the deleted text messages22 can i hack a person by their iphone 6 Jul 2016 .. A security flaw in Apple's software has allowed hackers to take over iDevices that haven't been updated with the latest operating systems.


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July 25, 2018

4. Spymaster Pro

This iPhone hacking app provides a sense of control to its authority. The app has come up with a unique approach of generating gathered information in an accessible format which makes it easy to get your hand the target’s mobile activity. Neither the target’s phone need to be jailbreak nor does it require you to install it on target’s mobile. The app lets you access a lot of information such as text, multimedia, apps, videos, location and all the essential that you will ever need to know about your children, spouse or concerned employee.

Price: Approximately per month onwards



No need to jailbreak or install the app on the target’s mobile


The monthly payment plan can be problem unless you set up a recurring payment

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This videos explains how the security exploit on iOS 7 can allow a person to access the camera roll on a locked iPhone (something that shouldn't be possible!) by using Control Center.The purpose of this video is to explain how this exploit works and how to protect yourself from it. Always respect the privacy of others, especially when it comes to messing with their personal photos. Special thanks to Jon from NEPA iPhone Repair for requesting a video on this exploit. made using Screenflow by Telestream - by Squirrels - http://airsquirrels.comWindows Alternative to Screenflow -

Apple Hacks - Dual-Boot Android on Your iPhone

The Gadget Hacks team has built a simple one-tap mod that allows you to dual-boot Android on your iPhone right from your browser by utilizing a mobile-webkit buffer overflow, and taking advantage of the fact that both Android and iPhone CPUs use the same ARM instruction set. Using the same techniques, we've also built a way to dual-boot iOS from Android. Visit from your Android phone for that mod.

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