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#5 Timesheet

Among 20+ time-tracking apps we tried, we think Timesheet is the best-suited for freelancers. The app has been designed in a quite flexible manner. Unless you really want an advanced feature, you won’t be forced to use that. For instance, if you want a simple-enough interface for keeping all the tasks on time, there won’t be an option better than Timesheet.

Timesheet provides enough control for the freelancer. To start with, you can easily manage your Projects, Tasks, Tags and even Rates. So, when it comes to adding a new timer, it will be a matter of seconds. Once it has necessary data, Timesheet can show you advanced statistics as well. You can drag the sidebar to access any area of your choice.

More importantly, Timesheet does not want you to have an account. All the apps we have covered above require an account. In the case of Timesheet, you don’t need an account unless you want to sync information with the web app. For those advanced features, however, you will need the paid subscription of the service. It’s impressively customizable too.

Pros: Simple UI, topmost customization, detailed statistics, Scalable system

Cons: None worth mentioning

The Verdict : Timesheet is the perfect time-tracker app for Android for almost every freelancer out there. It gives you the freedom to choose the features you need and leave the rest. For instance, if you don’t want to sync data, you don’t have to register. Despite all the minimalism, Timesheet offers some cool features such as Automation and Export/Import.

Check Out Timesheet (Free)

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Whenever you purchase something online, you are given a tracking number so that you know when your package will arrive on your doorstep. Of course, you can download the individual applications for each of the shipping couriers to keep track of your item or you can simply download AfterShip. This free application features support for over 370 couriers worldwide without any ads. One of the best features of the app is that if you have a tracking number in your clipboard, Aftership will automatically detect it and offer to track your package.

Aftership was recently redesigned to make it easier to keep track of current and past packages. Additionally, you can sign in with your Google account and track all of your packages across all of your mobile devices.

Download AfterShip Android package tracker app to track all your shipments in one simple and beautiful app! AfterShip is the only Android package tracker app to support 370+ couriers!

– Download on Google Play

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DescriptionBonrix GPS Employee Tracker is a DEMO Android app for tracking Sales Staff or any other company employee who are deployed in field and have been assign with various task in different part of city , state or country.This app track employee provided internet service enable in handset, Tracking is based on GPS and its real-time. the app keep on updating accurate location data like latitude longitude and speed to a given web based employee tracking platform. The manger who owns the access in web based platform can monitor each move of staff across city using maps.Additional to Accurate and real time location based GPS tracking this app provided following functionality.1. Task Management: Manager can assign the task to employee or employee can select the task based on their near by location.2. Task Status Management: Further to task allocation, employee can mark various status on task thus define its progress so that manager can monitor overall task report.3. Feedback: Employee can give necessary feedback on task which will we the history of how task get completed and referred by manager on later stage or any other employee to check its life cycle.4. Image upload with Task: employee can upload image of photo captured with camera to mention task progress. This image can be used as proff of task completion or can be used as landmark on map.5. Move on Map: Employee can track his own move on map. Additional to it employee can view task location and map and able to draw shortest route to the task.Web based Platform which is available on is exclusively for the manager for remaining purpose or funcationality which needs to carried out by manager to maintain sales force (employee team) like, task generation , task allocation, task tracking, movement tracking on map, reporting.Further more to it this GPS Employee Tracking Android app is equipped with Cloud Messaging Service which useful for real-time notification (similar to SMS or WhatsApp message) to employee regarding any status change. Even cloud messaging service can be used for intra communication among employee for information sharing.

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