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        College students are already trying to hack new anti-cheating 'spyware'

        Kashmir Hill 3/18/15 12:17pm Filed to: Real Future Filed to: Real Future
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        For years, colleges and universities have used computer programs like TurnItIn to keep students from plagiarizing on papers, and old-school methods like spaced-out seating to keep them from cheating on in-class exams. Now, the online education sector is testing out new, more sophisticated tools to keep remote students from cheating as well—and privacy-minded students are already rebelling.

        One popular anti-cheating software program is Proctortrack , which monitors computer activity, collects audio and video from a student’s webcam and uses facial and knuckle scanning to make sure an online student isn't looking up answers during an exam. Security specialist Jake Binstein took exception to Protortrack, which he  called  "incredibly invasive" spyware. Recently, Binstein came up with a list of tips for students hoping to undermine the program, in effect allowing them to cheat the anti-cheating software. Instead of simply letting Proctortrack govern their online educations, Binstein suggested that students develop "a hacker mentality that will allow them to bypass ridiculous systems."

        Binstein's anti-Proctortrack advice ranges from highly technical (how to intercept Proctortrack's video feed) to analog (how to write answers on Post-It notes stuck to your monitor, where a camera can't see them). “If a student wants to cheat, they will, and expensive technological solutions only put hurdles in their paths, but will not stop them,” wrote Binstein in the January blog post . “Actual trust of students, or providing them with problems that are worth their time to solve, are real solutions.”

        From Binstein's 'On Knuckle Scanners and Cheating – How to Bypass Proctortrack' post

        Tim Dutta, the co-founder of Proctortrack's parent company, Verificient Technologies, scoffed at Binstein’s advice. “If you follow that blog post, you’re going to get caught. None of it works,” he said in a phone interview this week. “We’ve been able to see candidates who have read the blog and tried to use it. Those students who choose to do that are identified instantly.”


        Over the last year, Verificient Technologies has rolled out Proctortrack to the computers of 25,000 students, according to Dutta. The program has technological roots in national security surveillance. While at Georgia Tech, Dutta says, Rajnish Kumar, the company's CTO, worked at the school's VentureLab on a TSA project to review surveillance footage to detect “facial anomalies and behavior abnormalities." Dutta and Kumar met three years ago. Seeing the rise in online education initiatives, the founders realized they could take technology designed to catch potential terrorists and use it to flag exam cheaters.

        Dutta wouldn’t say how many of these students have been caught cheating by Proctortrack, or which techniques they used, although he did show me a demo video in which a student was caught consulting with another person in the same room, and firing up her e-mail, perhaps looking for illicit answers. Both of these activities were flagged by Proctortrack's algorithms. “We know what’s going on in her system,” said Dutta.

        Via Proctortrack


        Proctortrack has been around for over two years, but only started selling its technology to universities last year. Dutta says the company's first customer was St. George's University, a medical school in Grenada. Since then it’s rolled out to other schools that specialize in online education programs: University of Southern California, University of South Florida, and Rutgers.

        Not all of these rollouts have gone smoothly. In February, Rutgers senior Betsy Chao was informed she had to pay to download Proctortrack to her computer to ensure she didn’t cheat when taking exams for two online classes in which she was enrolled. (Unlike other universities, Rutgers has opted to make students pay the cost of the software.) She started an online petition calling for a boycott of the intrusive software.

        From a USC Powerpoint presentation on Proctortrack


        "Making Proctortrack MANDATORY software for all online course students is infuriating. It's unnatural that students are faced with the prospect of compromising their privacy in order to earn a grade," wrote Chao.

        Chao petition only has 870 signers, but it has attracted the attention of the media. A local reporter at New Brunswick Today , Daniel Munoz, has done a series of critical reports on Proctortrack, focusing on the lack of adequate disclosure from Rutgers that students would have to pay for and use Proctortrack in order to complete courses they could no longer drop.

        In a phone conversation this week, Dutta seemed completely blindsided by the flare-up. He argues that Proctortrack is transparent when it’s taping students; that the information it collects is encrypted in transit and while stored on Proctortrack’s servers; that it's only gathering data about the computer's operating system not looking at what's in folders; that the student data is deleted within months of collection; and that it allows students to take their exams in a “private, personal space” of their choosing. The larger issue of students being uncomfortable having their own devices enlisted to spy on them on seemed to elude him.


        “The local newspaper kept writing and writing about this stupid stuff. And then other news sources copy it,” he said, pointing out that 3,000 students at Rutgers have downloaded Proctortrack "smoothly" despite the petition. “Online education is growing and it requires tools like these. We’re helping Rutgers go through a period of change.”

        But it's not just Rutgers, and not just college students going through change. Proctortrack has also gotten at least one employer, payroll company Indiepay, to start using its software for online job applications. Applicants download the software and take a surveilled skills test from the comfort of their own home. “They’ve had 1,200 candidates go through the process in 7 weeks,” says Dutta. "They register on their website and take the test. Indiepay can then take voice or picture samples."

        While Verificient Technologies is tiny now, if it has its way, temporary spyware will be required for university students and job hunters. Privacy will be the price of admission.


        * This story originally included a slide with a photo of a student from a University of Southern California Powerpoint about a Proctortrack pilot program. Fusion took the slide down after realizing it was a real student and not a demo image. We did not mean to imply she had been flagged as a cheater by the Proctortrack system.

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        Top Universities in the US for Computer Science in 2018

        10:30AM Mar 21, 2018 Save i This content can be saved to the "My Activity" tab in your user profile. 84 shares Save i This content can be saved to the "My Activity" tab in your user profile. 84 shares

        If you want to study computer science in the US , there are no shortage of options, with 93 US universities featured in the latest ranking of the world’s 500 top computer science schools.

        Computer science is just one of 48 subjects to be featured in the recently released QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018 , and six of the top 10 US universities listed below are also in the top 10 globally.

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        Best antivirus: All of our reviews

        Looking for a cheaper option or something with more flexibility? Or perhaps you just want to see what else is out there? Below is a list of all the antivirus suites we’ve reviewed. We’ll keep evaluating new ones and adding them here, so be sure to come back to see what else we’ve tested.

        To comment on this article and other PCWorld content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter feed. At a Glance
        • Norton Security Premium

          Read PCWorld's review .00 See it on Symantec

          Norton Security Premium still does an excellent job of protecting your PCs, doesn't bother you too much, and has a very easy-to-use interface. Norton protection doesn't come cheap, however, at 0 per year for up to 10 devices.


          • Very simple and easy-to-understand interface
          • Liberal device licensing
          • 25GB of online storage and built-in password manager


          • Very expensive after your first year's subscription
        • Avast Premier

          Read PCWorld's review .00 See it on Avast

          Avast has highly-rated virus and malware protection, a nice interface, and a ton of features that don't overwhelm. It's pricey compared to others, however, at per year for a single PC.


          • Highly-rated protection
          • Well-organized interface


          • It's expensive
        • McAfee Total Protection

          Read PCWorld's review .99 See it on McAfee

          McAfee Total Protection offers good PC protection and the pricing is okay, but the desktop program's interface could stand to make a better use of space.


          • Good PC protection
          • Small impact on performance


          • Total Protection's rotating carousel takes up too much room in the UI
          • Multiple windows for nearly all actions is excessive
        • ESET Internet Security

          Read PCWorld's review .99 See it on Eset

          ESET Internet Security is a highly rated antivirus suite that's easy to use and offers enough powerful features to protect most users. Its performance had inconsistent results in our tests, but most users shouldn't notice any major slowdowns. Budget seekers, however, may want to look elsewhere for a suite with more liberal licensing.


          • Helpful local network monitor for smart devices
          • Drag-and-drop file-scanning feature


          • Scored lower in our performance tests than other suites
          • Base price for suite covers just one device
        • Trend Micro Maximum Security

          Read PCWorld's review .95 See it on Trend Micro

          Trend Micro Maximum Security has an easily navigable interface, great protection, and the price is right. Some of its privacy features didn't work reliably in our tests, but the cloud protection scanning is an interesting feature, and Mute Mode is a great take on the usual gaming mode feature. Overall, Maximum Security is a good choice for antivirus on Windows.


          • Mute Mode is an excellent feature for power users
          • PC Health Checkup helps clean-up your PC


          • Some of the privacy features didn't work reliably
          • Data theft prevention not as robust as it could be
        • AVG Internet Security

          Read PCWorld's review .00 See it on AVG

          AVG does an excellent job of protecting your PC. Its interface is not great, but for you can protect all the Mac and Windows PCs in your household, as well as your Android devices.


          • Highly-rated antivirus protection
          • Install on all Windows, Mac, and Android devices in your home


          • Tries to sneak in a bundled software download
          • The interface leaves a lot to be desired
        • Avira Antivirus Pro

          Read PCWorld's review .00 See it on Avira

          Avira Antivirus Pro has the basics down, it's a good price, and the performance is where it needs to be. The problem is, the free version isn't that different.


          • Excellent performance
          • Very easy-to-understand interface


          • The free version is probably fine for most users
          • The thumb drive warning is too indiscriminate
        • Bullguard Premium Protection 2018

          Read PCWorld's review .95 See it on Bullguard

          Bullguard has all the features you could want in a PC security suite, including disk scans, vulnerability alerts, home network monitoring, parental controls, and backups. But it could zap a bit of performance from mid-range PCs, and its security alerts can be a little overzealous.


          • Simple interface
          • Informative home network scanner


          • False alarm network security alerts are not uncommon
          • May see small performance drop on mid-range PCs
        • Windows Defender Security Center

          Read PCWorld's review

          Windows Defender Security Center is a fine basic security suite for Windows 10, but it's not as robust as its third-party counterparts.


          • Doesn't slow down your system
          • Doesn't interrupt with too many notifications


          • Less capable at detecting malware than third-party software
        • Comodo Internet Security Pro 10

          Read PCWorld's review .00 See it on Comodo

          Comodo is fine at catching viruses and other malware, but it tries to add too much extra software to your PC. It also offers to change your default search engine and browser homepage to Yahoo upon installation. Then when you try to get rid of it, Comodo requires you to uninstall multiple pieces of software. None of this is user friendly.


          • Helpful desktop widget with easy access to key features
          • Highly rated for malware detection


          • Tries to add unwanted software and change your default browser's search engine
          • Difficult to uninstall
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        • Software
        • Security
        • Enterprise

        Ian is an independent writer based in Israel who has never met a tech subject he didn't like. He primarily covers Windows, PC and gaming hardware, video and music streaming services, social networks, and browsers. When he's not covering the news he's working on how-to tips for PC users, or tuning his eGPU setup.

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