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14 Mobile Apps to Track & Compare Prices for Shoppers

By Ashutosh KS in Mobile .

In the world of online shopping , manually tracking prices, deals and discounts are a daily routine for hardcore shoppers. The good news is the technology to help automate this process is already here. There are plenty of price comparison and price-tracking apps out there that can help you find the best prices for your favorite wishlist items.

These apps take the legwork out of the process, leaving you with only the "hard work" of deciding how much of your hard-earned money you are willing to part with to take advantage of said deals.

Here are the best Android and iOS apps to track and compare product prices from a wide variety of retailers, online and off. Also included are apps that bring the best deals in hotel, restaurant and flight bookings .

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BuyVia is a shopping assistant that helps you discover coupons or discounts and compare prices for thousands of items from your favorite retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Kohls, etc. Organize favorite products on your shopping list and the app constantly tracks their best prices.

When you are out shopping, BuyVia even geo-locates you the best offers from nearby shops .

Download BuyVia: Android | iOS


ShopSavvy takes into account prices from both online and local retailers to present the best deal for a product. Daily or weekly deals from your favorite stores and big retailers like Walmart, Macy’s and BestBuy are delivered to you automatically through the app based on your preferences.

The app also lets you scan barcodes and QR codes to find the products easily and effectively.

Download ShopSavvy: Android | iOS


Purchx is a product-buying assistant, which compares features and prices of products from numerous popular categories and stores. Packed with a powerful search engine, you can look for products using a combination of keywords and compare their prices.

Purchx finds relevant products matching your search query alongwith their best rates, and it also provides user reviews to guide you in making the right choice.

Download Purchx: Android | iOS


ScanLife is one of the finest apps to discover great deals and discounts from Amazon, BestBuy, Macy’s, Target and more. Its barcode and QR code scanning features instantly provide users with product information, prices as well as reviews.

Using the geo-location feature, it can alert you about local stores offering excellent prices for a product you are looking for.

Download ScanLife: Android | iOS


ShopAdvisor is a personal shopping guide that monitors everything about your favorite products – from their availability to prices. The app displays products from over 16,000 online and offline retailers and lets you compare prices easily.

It also offers personalised recommendations based on your search history and sends notifications about new products through the app.

Download ShopAdvisor: Android | iOS


The popular retailer, Walmart’s shopping app compares product prices with your local retailers and lists best prices for you. This award-winning app is known to provide faster results than other apps while providing updates on special savings and discounts on the products per your interests.

Walmart’s app can geo-locate local stores around you and even find products instantly using QR codes .

Download Walmart: Android | iOS


NowDiscount is another competitive shopping assistant for shopping aficionados seeking exciting deals and offers on their favorite products. This app lets you save money with its price comparison tool and discounts , and also offers a barcode scanner for finding products instantly.

NowDiscount gets products’ information from online stores as well as local shops to get you best product prices.

Download NowDiscount: Android | iOS


TTPM displays the latest price comparisons and expert reviews by just scanning a product’s barcode . With this app, you can find up-to-date product pricings from online retailers and local stores.

You can shop for products from various categories and stores of your choice and even bookmark products in TTPM app to make instant purchases in the future through this app – easily and quickly.

Download TTPM: Android | iOS


pic2shop lets you compare prices and check out product’s information with its simple barcode scanner. The app works with major online shopping platforms including Amazon, eBay, Barnes & Nobles, Walmart and more along with numerous local stores.

pic2shop lets you create a wishlist of your favorite products and the app constantly tracks the fluctuating prices of the wishlist items.

Download pic2shop: Android | iOS


SkyScanner is an award-winning flight comparison app that monitors upcoming flights and their prices from numerous flight-booking platforms. Using this app, you can get instant price change alerts about millions of flights from the best airlines.

SkyScanner offers powerful search and filter tool to help you find the cheapest flights based on flight names, class and arrival or departure locations.

Download SkyScanner: Android | iOS

KAYAK Flights

KAYAK Flights monitors flights, hotels, and cabs for the best deals and lets you bookmark travel information for instant booking and tracks changing prices and deals . The app send notifications about current deals based on your preferences.

Along with a travel fee calculator, KAYAK Flights displays reviews on hotels and car rentals too.

Download KAYAK Flights: Android | iOS


Shopular makes you an efficient shopper by bringing weekly deals and coupons from your favorite stores. The app updates available coupons regularly and offers a comparison chart featuring the best available prices for your wishlist items.

Moreover, Shopular updates you with notifications about the changing prices of your favorite items.

Download Shopular: Android | iOS


TripAdvisor is a top-notch travel app to find great travel destinations without leaving you with a hole in your pocket. The app offers you the lowest fares on hotel bookings, car rentals and restaurants .

You can also take advantage of its active community that deliver millions of genuine reviews that can help you make better travel decisions.

Download TripAdvisor: Android | iOS


Liligo is another travel finder that finds amazing travel options for you at the best rates. Liligo searches for the best deals in flights, hotels and car rentals for you. The app not only displays detailed information on hotels and flights but also allows you to filter results based on your choices.

Fares from multiple travel agencies are available on this app, giving you the flexibility to make your choice.

Download Liligo: Android | iOS

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8 Employee Tracking Apps for Android

by Lauren Maffeo Published on 15 February 2017

They say that time is money, and few groups feel that phrase more acutely than small business owners. Whether you're a solopreneur who must track billable hours or the manager of a remote team who must measure time per project, one misstep can have a costly impact on your small business. This helps explain why employee tracking apps for Android and iPhone are not as uncommon as they used to be.

As you might expect, having your boss know where you are all day makes some uneasy. Employee tracking has even led to extreme cases where employers broke the law by trying to monitor employees off the clock.

Still, employee tracking isn't illegal in itself: "In the States, everything you do at work, on your computer or telephone, is subject to employer surveillance," explains Lewis Maltby, president of the National Workrights Institute.

Still skeptical? Consider that most employees who have used GPS tracking apps had a good experience - 54 percent, to be precise. Just five percent of employees who had been tracked had a bad experience. The same survey of 1,000 users found that the core issue here is trust: respondents were most likely to turn on an app's GPS tracking if they trusted it. So, if your team trusts you not to abuse the one you use for work, then they might be more open than you think.

Here are eight employee tracking apps for Android to consider. Each app boasts a rating of 4 stars or higher on GetApp. They also include features for employee time clocks and task tracking:


Client-focused freelancers who need a full-fledged cloud solution should consider Avaza . Its drag-and-drop option for tasks and files makes client collaboration a snap. Key features such as online time tracking, daily and weekly timesheets, and cost-to-completion tracking help users get more done with less.

Bonus for those who need a freemium tool: all key features are included. Those who need more timesheet users, customers, monthly invoices, etc. can upgrade to paid plans - but all users have unlimited tasks, projects, and project users.

"I am running my entire business on Avaza Basic Plan for .95 per month," GetApp reviewer Arslan Asad says . "It gives me access to Project Management, Time & Expense Tracking & Invoicing modules. Prior to Avaza, I was signed up for two separate products. One for project management and the other for time tracking and invoicing. It costed (sic) me a lot more and we had to enter the same data multiple times to keep the two systems in sync. With Avaza, everything is in one place and our clients love it too."

Pricing : From .95/month

Free trial? Yes


If you work in professional services and need a tool to help boost your cash flow, BillQuick is worth a look. It offers integrated time and expense tracking, project management, and billing and accounting features.

BillQuick tracks employee hours and offers diverse billing options to ensure that all billable hours are accounted for. And with over 400 built-in report templates, you're sure to find the right one for your business.

"I've now used BillQuick at two different companies for the past ten years," says Carla from Lesair Environmental. "I have been extremely satisfied with the ease of use. The customer service support is great when there are any problems, which is not very often."

Pricing : From .95/month

Free trial? Yes


Boomr was designed for the self-motivated workforce. The Android app allows employees to review their own shifts, coordinate with colleagues, and receive in-app reminders to take breaks or clock in and out. Alongside its real-time feature for time tracking, Boomr's mobile apps are GPS-enabled.

"My job requires me to travel to various locations, and my employer uses Boomr so I can 'check in' at the start of my shift when I arrive…on location," GetApp Reviewer Christina Mihail explains . "I can also check in with the app on my phone and my location is sent to my employer so they know I am on site at the time I check in. It's also convenient that I can check off tasks that I have completed and my employer will know right away that they've been done."

Pricing : From per user per month

Free trial? Yes

ClockIn Portal

ClockIn Portal lets all employees clock in and out from any computer or smartphone. Its Time Clock display lets staff view and log time in seconds, minutes, and hours for maximum accuracy. This makes the Android app ideal for remote teams - especially small business owners tasked with tracking their attendance and absences. ClockIn Portal can even be used to manage employee performance.

"As a small business owner, I wanted to find a tool to track my employees' hours, then I came across the ClockIn Portal," GetApp Reviewer Nino Staxx says . "I was able to sign up within minutes and the process was quite easy. My employees receive credentials by email to log into their accounts and to Clock In and Clock Out. The reports that ClockIn Portal provides for my business are perfect and I'm able to use them to track miles, add hours, and prepare for payroll. Right after I joined, they came out with an iOS and Android app which allowed my employees to easily [clock in] from their phones."

Pricing: From /month

Free trial? Yes


Need an Android app that has real-time team tracking and wins the integrations game? Hubstaff might be the answer you need. Ideal for small businesses with remote teams, Hubstaff's features include activity monitoring, real-time tracking, and GPS/location monitoring.

Employers can track team activity in views including full-screen, screenshots, and bars. You can even see how much each unique job and employee costs your small business. And if you already have a project management software of choice, fear not - Hubstaff integrates with Trello , Asana , and more than 30 other popular apps .

"I had a chance to test almost every tracking software out there and had a lot of letdowns, mostly with people not being able to install and use the tracking software," GetApp Reviewer John Parker explains . "HubStaff hasn't given any trouble and the Asana integration is a blessing."

Pricing: From /month for one user

Free trial? Yes


Small business owners of the organized persuasion will love MoneyPenny . Alongside a main dashboard to track team timesheets and more, users can also create dashboards for each project and client. Although it's primarily a cloud-based accounting system, MoneyPenny can be used for time tracking as well.

The native Android app can be used to log billable hours that will be invoiced to clients; modify hours with the timesheet calculator; and compare project progress to estimated task times and budgets. Employees can log their time manually or via the app's time clock. And clients can be billed automatically based on their timesheets.

"I'm a big fan of MoneyPenny. It's the first truly user friendly and clean invoicing software I've found," says GetApp Reviewer Iryna Denysova. "On top of that, you can track time, manage your clients/projects track spends and get paid. Plus, there are iOS and Android apps."

Pricing: From /month

Free Trial? Yes


Sick of group projects where one person does all the grunt work? Nutcache ensures that those days are gone. Team timesheets, real-time collaboration, and online web timers keep everyone accountable.

Built-in Kanban and Scrum boards are just two of the features that keep project teams on track within Nutcache. And no worries about forgetting crucial dates - overdue reminders are included.

" The app itself has a very intuitive interface, with the ability to select the project and client you're currently tracking time for, the service you're providing, and enter any project notes," GetApp Reviewer Michael DeVowe raves . "Some of my services vary in hourly pricing, so this is extremely valuable to me. I can select the appropriate hourly rate for the specific job, stop the timer when I'm done, and log my hours at any time. I can't imagine going back to writing times down on a piece of paper and recording it in a spreadsheet!"

Pricing: From /year

Free Trial? Yes


Despite all the employee tracking apps for Android, TSheets remains tough to beat. It gives employees the freedom to manage their time wherever they are, no matter which device they're on, using several different methods.

The Android app offers applicant, GPS, and vacation tracking. If that's not enough, TSheets' QuickBooks integration might seal the deal.

" The features available with this app are all-encompassing," GetApp Reviewer Kelsie Medel says . "I found that I can tailor this app exactly to my needs without feeling overwhelmed or bombarded with unnecessary features. It's ideal for persons or companies who juggle multiple clients/projects and need to accurately account for time. I would highly recommend it."

Pricing: From /month

Free Trial? Yes

Interested in more employee tracking apps for Android? Visit GetApp's full catalog to find the right one for your small business.

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