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The Best System Monitor for iPhone

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At a glance, system monitors might not seem as useful on your iPhone as they are on a desktop computer, but they can pack in a lot of good data. This includes detailed battery life breakdowns, storage space, data speeds, and more. For the average user, our favorite system monitor for the iPhone is Omnistat.


Platform : iPhone (and iPad) Price : .99 Download Page


  • Customizable Notification Center widgets let you decide what data is shown and where it shows up
  • Universal app for iPad and iPhone. Also includes Apple Watch support
  • Shows activity and stats for: device name, device model, current OS version, current OS build number, device uptime, Wi-Fi details, mobile carrier data usage, download and upload speed, storage information, CPU usage, battery details, and more
  • Choose when your data plan resets so you can always track mobile data usage accurately
  • Estimates remaining battery time

Where It Excels

Omnistat’s biggest strength are the Notification Center widgets. A system monitor is something you want quick access to, and Notification Center widgets are a clever way of doing that. With Omnistat, you can customize which stats appear as widgets, and any time you want to take a glance at them, just pull down on the Notification Center. Omnistat gives each activity its own widget, so you can customize the layout in Notification Center easily.


Beyond that, Omnistat provides the details most people want. This includes battery life, including estimations for remaining talk, text, and data time. You can also easily track Wi-Fi and cell data usage. For data usage, Omnistat supports creating an automated reset date for cell data so it’s always in time with your data plan. If you’re running on a 16GB iPhone or you’re just always against the wall with remaining space, the storage widget is extremely helpful for keeping your remaining storage space in check. Omnistat has plenty of other widgets, from network details to device CPU usage, so it should have the data you need access to the most.

Where It Falls Short

Omnistat excels because of the inclusion of Notification Center widgets. However, Omnistat is not the most extensive system monitor available. While it does track most activities the average user wants, it’s missing a lot of data for anyone looking for a more granular approach. Likewise, Omnistat gives a lot of overview data, but you can’t focus on more specific information, like what hours you tend to use more data, a history of Wi-Fi networks, or anything else like that.


The Competition

Omnistat is great for the average person looking to glance at a few broad bits of information, but if you want to dig really deep into data, it’s not the app you want. Thankfully, the system monitor space is pretty packed full of solid apps.

For those who love massive amounts of system details, System Monitor Ultimate (Free) is worth a look. System Monitor Ultimate displays a ton of data about your CPU, GPU, network, active connections, and plenty more. System Monitor Ultimate is not exactly the best looking system monitor around nor is it packed with features, but it’s free and displays just about every bit of data you can track on an iPhone. There’s no Notification Center widget support, but if widgets aren’t your thing, System Monitor Ultimate is the app you want.


If you’re looking for the same amount of data as System Monitor Ultimate with more interactive features, then System Status (.99) fits the bill. On top of monitoring a number of data points, network information, battery, and memory, System Status also shows you file statistics, detailed page statistics, tracks three minutes of background activity, and allows you to export all those charts over email. If you love to look at and save activity monitor data, but don’t care about the widgets, System Status does the job.

Finally, Omnistat isn’t the only system monitor with widgets, Usage Widget (Free/99¢) and SnapStats (Free) both include Notification Center widgets alongside basic system monitors. Unlike Omnistat, both apps display all the stats in a single widget, so you can’t move them around or customize them quite as much. That’s a preference thing though, so if you don’t mind all your data being jammed into one spot, both apps are worth a look.

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How To: Make the Huge Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Easier to Use with Your One Tiny Little Hand

  • Best Baby Monitors for iPhone and iPad in 2018

    These smart baby monitors let you look in on junior from anywhere in the world. Mick Symons 2 May 2018 0

    A great home security camera is perfect for keeping an eye on your home while you're out, and those cameras can double as the perfect baby monitor, since many of them have two-way microphones, HD video, and more.

    These are the best smart baby monitors that you can use with your iPhone and iPad.

    • Netgear Arlo Baby
    • Nanit smart baby monitor
    • iBaby Care M7
    • Lollipop
    • Holababy P1
    • Logi Circle 2

    Netgear Arlo Baby

    See at Amazon

    Netgear's Arlo home security cameras are some of the best money can buy, and its Baby model is the adorable baby monitor you need to watch over your little one. It records and streams video in 1080p and in full color, which you can view from anywhere in the world that you can find an internet connection.

    It features a two-way microphone, so you can hear your baby cry and talk back to soothe those tears. The handy night vision lets you watch your infant in total darkness thanks to infrared LEDs. If you don't feel like staring at your phone 24/7, you can also enable motion, sound, and air quality notifications, so that if your child cries in the night or while you're on the couch, you'll get pinged and can react right away.

    The Netgear Arlo Baby works with Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, making it perfect for iPhone and iPad users, as well as other folks in the house who aren't in the Apple ecosystem. For the base model with gray bunny ears, it's roughly 0. You can get a cat or puppy case for about .

    Nanit smart baby monitor

    See at Amazon

    Nanit's smart baby monitor kind of looks like a showerhead, and it's the perfect way to get a top-down view of your baby while they sleep. You can mount it on the wall and watch real-time video with audio. It'll give you motion alerts, and it has temperature/humidity sensors, night vision, zoom, and even a ceiling-directed nightlight.

    The most interesting feature of the Nanit monitor is sleep tracking, which, through motion detection, can tell you how long your baby slept for, how many times someone visited the crib in a certain period, and it provides an overall Sleep Score to tell you how well your baby is sleeping. Using data from sleep tracking and its sensors, Nanit will also provide you with helpful tips through the app. You can grab it off Amazon for about 0.

    iBaby Care M7

    See at Amazon

    iBaby's Care M7 might be the cutest monitor on this lift after the Arlo, since it looks just like Star Wars' BB8 tilted on its side. It features an HD camera with full 360-degree rotation, and a soothing moonlight projector, which shines a sleep night sky pattern on the ceiling in your baby's room. Like the other cameras on this list, you can check in on the camera from anywhere there's an internet connection, thanks to the iBaby Care app. You can add an unlimited number of users to the app, and they can all monitor the temperature and humidity in your baby's room, enable the moonlight soother, check the air quality, and pan and tilt the camera.

    You'll also get motion and sound alerts so that you can jump in when your baby wakes up or cries. The Care M7 is about 4 on Amazon.


    See at Amazon

    The Lollipop lives up to its name in looks, since it's essentially a circular camera on a stick. The stick wraps around your baby's crib bars and secures tightly in its closure. You can then orient the camera as you see fit. The coolest feature is the audio mode, which lets you turn off your iPhone or iPad's screen while continuing to play audio through the Lollipop app, kind of like Apple Music or Spotify.

    The Lollipop is cute, only 9, and it comes in turquoise, "pistachio" green, and "cotton candy" pink.

    Holababy P1

    See at Amazon

    Holababy's cute little P1 monitor looks like a cute little robot that you might find toddling about your home along with your baby. It's kind of reminiscent of WALL-E and the Pixar lamp. It has temperature and humidity sensors, as well as a top-mounted projector, which shows a soothing light show on the ceiling, so you can calm your baby and get them ready for sleep.

    The Holababy P1 features night vision, like most of the other cams on this list, and you can grab it in pink or blue for about . Being a budget option, it doesn't have the sensors or other bells and whistles that other monitors might have, but you can still monitor your baby 24/7/365 from anywhere you can get an internet connection thanks to the app.

    Logi Circle 2

    See at Amazon

    The Logi Circle 2 isn't specifically a baby monitor, but it is one of the best home security cameras you can get, and the wired model is HomeKit-enabled, so you can get the full experience on your iPhone or iPad. It also works with Alexa!

    With the Circle 2, you get full 1080p recording and streaming, and it features night vision, as well as a 180-degree lens. The Smart Alert snapshot gives you an instant photo of detected motion, which is then sent directly to your phone, and you don't even have to open the app. You can also, of course, monitor the live feed 24 hours a day, and the app features advanced motion filtering, so you don't have to dig through old footage if you're looking for specific moments.

    The Circle 2 has a two-way microphone, so you can hear your baby and talk to them from anywhere, and you get unlimited streaming, can add an unlimited number of users, and an unlimited number of cameras to your network.

    For 7, this is an awesome camera packed with premium features.

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