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Mms tracker

Tracks incoming and outgoing mms messages. Saves the text and the image.

Part 2: Geo-Tracker

If you are looking for a flexible Android-based GPS phone tracker, look no further than the Geo-Tracker app . With this app, you are guaranteed the best GPS tracking services just in case you need to track a lost phone or pinpoint a certain direction.


-Geo-Tracker comes with an inbuilt statistical track calculator.

-It supports background recording even when switched off or inactive.

-Each and every recorded track is either saved in KML or GPX format.


-It uses Google maps and API which only means increased accuracy when tracking.

-The app automatically keeps the backlight hence simplifying the tracking and navigation procedures.

-GPS-Tracker automatically calculates track statistics and displays them on your screen upon request.


-GPS reception is affected by the weather and various surroundings such as trees.


The app is free of charge on Play Store while on Apple Store is .00.

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