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Finding Your Misplaced / Stolen Valuables

In your lifetime, you will lose about ,591 worth of stuff . Be it TV remotes, car keys, wallets, iPods, tablets.

In addition to that, you will spend about 55 minutes each day looking for that stuff . The frustration alone that is associated with searching is enough to push some people over the edge.

Curbing the frustration, saving time, and not losing money are all reasons that people are choosing to use apps to keep tabs on those easily misplaced items.

Experts in Bluetooth technology claim that ranges up to 200 feet are possible with Bluetooth technology , but many realists advise consumers to assume that half of the advertised distance is what you will get if you buy a Bluetooth tracking device.

You need to be cautious when buying Bluetooth tracking devices. A lot of companies will market their tracking devices without explaining the Bluetooth limitations. TrackR is one company that comes to mind.

TrackR… fails to tell you that you have a 100 foot range for tracking until the very bottom of the page (the part that no one reads).

The website markets the benefits of tracking, but fails to tell you that you have a 100 foot range for tracking until the very bottom of the page (the part that no one reads). So if you go buy a tag for your dog because he keeps escaping, it will do you no good finding him as soon as he leaves that 100-foot range.

Triangulation—Cellular Tracking Without GPS

Triangulation is a location-based technology that was used on analog phones (remember your old Nokia or Motorola phone?) as they didn’t have GPS-chips in-built in their hardware like today’s smartphones have. Because there are still some phones out there that do not come with a GPS-chip installed in them, sometimes we need to rely on the ways of the past. The same technology can be used on your smartphone as it is not dependent on GPS.

Triangulation is tracking by using cell phone towers to get a general idea of where a person might be (tracking happens by using three cell towers to pinpoint the phones location). Because a phone is in the range of more than one tower at a time, networks like AT&T and Verizon can triangulate , or find the three closest towers, and then determine a general location – just like you get on your live maps on GPS, you can get the same via this technology.

If you would like to use this method of tracking, you do not need to install any type of app on the phone of the person tracking or the person being tracked, but in certain cases you must be on the same cell phone plan .

The drawback to this method is that it is not as accurate as GPS, and you need to get consent via text message from the person you wish to track in order for location data to be shared (but you do not need to covertly install anything on their phone). In addition, your cell phone carrier will also send messages every so often reminding the person being tracked that he/she is sharing his/her location with someone (you).

How do standalone GPS trackers differ from Bluetooth trackers?

Bluetooth trackers and GPS trackers are often confused. While they can sometimes look the same (although Bluetooth trackers are usually much smaller in size; the size of a key chain) they both help you keep track of your valuables, the technology is vastly different.

GPS tracking works with GPS satellites. This makes them available everywhere. Think about your car’s GPS; there’s rarely a disruption in service.

GPS technology by itself has some flaws that give it some locational accuracy problems. Under a clear sky with no interference, GPS is accurate within about 16 feet . Trees, buildings, tunnels, parking garages, and bridges can throw off the signal completely. Think when you drive your car through a tunnel while your GPS navigation is still on. Also the battery of the devices gets drained much faster because the technology is more powerful.

Bluetooth, on the other hand, must be within the desired range of the Bluetooth receiver. So, if the device you are trying to track surpasses the range limit (up to 100 or max 200 feet) it needs to communicate with your phone, the tracking won’t work. Although the battery on such a small device can last for up to a year without needing charging or changing of battery.

The easiest way to demonstrate this would be using your pet as an example. If you have a GPS tracking device attached to your dog’s collar, regardless of where he wanders off to, you can pinpoint his location.

On the contrary, assume you purchased a Bluetooth tracker with a range of 100 feet. If your dog is 101 feet away from you, you will not be able to track his movement until you get closer to him or he gets closer to you.

Of course, the range limitation makes Bluetooth tracking much less expensive than GPS tracking. But its limitations make it best suited for tracking things that won’t leave your home vs. things that could span beyond the range.

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