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How to Put Tracking Device on Phone

Best android camera app 2017 The Best Free Tracking Software to Spy Smartphone Gps Keep an eye on your home with these two ridiculously simple ..Powerful Keylogger

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Turn your old phone into a home security camera you can watch from anywhere Spy on Facebook 5 Free How to Keep Your Devices’ Batteries Alive As Long As PossibleFlexiSPY Spy Software Advanced Feature Set

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An example video made with 8MM Vintage Camera App

4. mSpy

If someone is paranoid enough to spy on you, they might be using mSpy . One of the most frightening things about mSpy is its ability to monitor content from apps like SnapChat. It can also monitor your GPS location, and even restrict incoming calls from a predefined number.

mSpy is marketed toward parents who are worried about their child being contacted by someone they don't trust, and it's perfectly legal. However, it is possible that the software could be installed by an untrusting spouse or employer who has access to your device. Plus, mSpy offers 24/7 customer support to help these spies find what they need.

Worried yet? It gets worse. mSpy also has a bundle kit that provides desktop monitoring too. This means that every device you access to use could be used to spy on you. And this bundle kit costs less than monthly.

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Spy Instant Messenger Chats Instantaneously

XNSPY Android monitoring app is powerful and can monitor call logs, chats, and multimedia from eight different instant messaging apps. So when it's about IM spying, no one can do it better than XNSPY!









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You are Just A Few Steps Away from Experiencing India’s Best Android Monitoring App

Tracking your kids or employees was never this easy—just a few minutes of download and installation is all it takes for XNSPY to spy on an Android phone.

Choose your XNSPY subscription

With different subscription plans and payment options, getting the right Android monitoring software is now more convenient and affordable.

Download and Install XNSPY

Use the instructions emailed to you to download and install XNSPY Android spying app on the target phone or tablet.

Go monitoring!

Login to your XNSPY Dashboard using the provided account credentials and start monitoring Android cell phones and tablets right away.

#1. Super Spy Camera Plus

When installed, this app takes pictures secretly through Android handset without making audible shutter sounds. However, it has the option of notifying the user using toast as well as the option to take photos continuously and show preview. The app is downloadable free on Android Google play store.

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2. iSupr8 Vintage Video Camera (For Android)

Another good rendition of the 8mm look, this one can add effects to the videos you shoot within the app and you can also import previously shot video and add the retro look to those too, it even works on 1080p resolution footage. The 8mm preset comes as standard along with a host of user adjustable effects like film scratches and vignette type add-ons, however, extra presets are in app purchases, so it is worth remembering that before installing.

This one can also apply its filters to stills as well, and the effect is indeed very convincing, the app uses color grading rather than filters to give a precise rendition of the super 8 medium.

Easy to use, very good effects, but extra presets cost more.

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