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Android App That Tells You How Fast You Are Going

by Chad Davis; Updated June 30, 2017

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Because most Android smartphones contain GPS technology, they have the data that can tell you where you are, how fast you are going and even your elevation. All you need to access this data is the right app. While apps like Google Maps can show you where you are and the direction you are headed, other apps can estimate how fast you are going too.

My Tracks

The My Tracks app provides detailed information about outdoor activities such as running, biking and skiing. The app records your distance, elevation, speed and route, and you can view this information in real-time on your device. My Tracks uses your Android device's GPS sensor to record geographic and velocity data. It also supports Bluetooth heart rate monitors. My Tracks syncs with Google Drive, and you can also share your data with others via public URLs on social networks. You can download the app from the Google Play store (see Resources).


You can use the DigiHUD Speedometer in normal mode or as a HUD by reflecting your device's mirrored display on your windshield. You can view your average speed and maximum speed for your current trip, as well as use it as an odometer. You can also set a warning speed limit to change the color of your speed display when you rise above that limit. The app includes a floating window which displays your current speed on top of other apps and home screens. You can download the DigiHUD Speedometer via the Google Play store on devices running Android 2.2 and above.

Ulysse Speedometer

Ulysse Speedometer can report your vehicle's current speed in miles, kilometers or knots using your GPS. The app has a HUD mode, and you can use the Speedometer Overlay feature to view your speed on top of your other apps, or use the app in background mode to display your speed in the status bar. Ulysse Speedometer supports car docks, and its Car Mode Home feature can help you place calls and adjust settings while driving. Download Ulysse Speedometer through the Google Play store.

SpeedView: GPS Speedometer

SpeedView: GPS Speedometer provides a clean, streamlined interface for tracking your current speed and distance traveled. The app can even display your data in a speed graph -- a unique feature of this app -- and track your running, biking or hiking information. You can export your GPS Track data using the GPX format, which is supported by Google Earth and other popular tracking tools. Visit the Google Play store to download SpeedView: GPS Speedometer on devices running Android 2.2 and above.

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