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2: Norton Family Premium

Norton is already widely known for its web security applications. If you are already using its services before, then you will also like Norton Family Premium app. It will let you track children from its dedicated interface. Since it is a complete parental control tool, you can filter the time your kids spend online or access their information remotely as well.


• Parents can gain an instant access to their child’s current and precise location.

• It has a web-filtering tool to protect your kids from indecent content or cyber bullying.

• You can also limit their access to the net or review their online behavior.


• Fully compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows phone

• Teaches healthy online habits to kids

• Can be accessed from any device

• Comes with the trust of Norton


• It offers limited monitoring of messages and device’s content


The premium subscription pack starts from .99 a year.


Top 10 Best Phone Monitoring Apps for Paranoid Parents

11 dezembro 2017

Top 10 Best Phone Monitoring Apps for Paranoid Parents

11 dezembro 2017

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  • January 2016
  • September 2015

If you need to track down a cell phone, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re simply trying to track the location of your lost phone, or you’re a secret agent and you need to gain intel on the day-to-day whereabouts of a crooked diplomat, we’re here to give you the information you need to get the job done. It’ll be easier if you’re tying to track a smartphone, but there are ways to locate older phones as well, so don’t give up hope if you’re still rocking a first-gen Motorola RAZR or a Samsung Juke – we’ve still got your back.Tracking your phone before you lose itIf you’re here just to prepare for the day that you lose your phone (which is inevitable, really), then you’re ahead of the game. If you’ve got a smartphone, consider installing the apps listed belowsmartphone_vector_2_clipped_rev_1 For smartphones of any kind, we recommend Prey. It’s a free and open-source anti-theft application that can be used for both computers and mobile phones. After you sign up for the service, you simply sync your devices with it, sit back, and relax. The day that your phone goes missing, all you’ll have to do is find a computer, log into your account, and start tracking. It runs discreetly in the background and won’t track your phone’s location until you tell it to, so there’s no need to worry about your privacy while the phone is in your possession. We recommend this for any Android or iOS device, as well as any Mac, Windows, or Linux PC.For non-smartphones, we recommend using a GPS tracking service called AccuTracking. It’ll cost you six bucks per month (less if you subscribe for a year), but now that Google Latitude and InstaMapper are dead, it’s the best option you have left. The service uses your phones built-in GPS to track the location of your phone, and lucky for you, it works with a wide variety of feature phones. As long as your phone is GPS enabled, this service should do the trick Most modern cellphones are GPS enabled, so as long as your phone isn’t over eight years old, you should be fine. When the day comes that you can’t locate your phone, just log in to AccuTracking’s web interface from any internet-connected computer and – so long as your phone isn’t dead – it’ll immediately show you the location of your phone.Tracking your phone after you lose itIf you didn’t have the foresight to install a device recovery app on your phone before you lost it, don’t worry. There are still some easy ways to get it back. Android users can download an application called Plan B. Even though your phone is gone, you can log into your Google account on any computer install the app from Google Play. When you click install, the app will begin downloading to your missing phone, and when the download is complete it will send your phone’s location info to your Gmail account. To retrieve the phone’s whereabouts again when you’re away from a computer, just text the word “locate” from a friend’s phone and you’ll receive a text with location info.iPhone users can download the infamous Find My iPhone application. If you’re rocking a phone with iOS 5 or later, then this app will come preinstalled on your device. If not, just borrow a friends iDevice, install Find My iPhone on it, and log in with your Apple ID. Once you’re all logged in, the app will display your phone’s location on a map. You can even remotely trigger your phone to make a loud noise for two minutes, which makes pinpointing it a snap when it’s nearby.Non-smartphone users are a bit out of luck in this case. If you didn’t register your phone with AccuTracking or a similar service beforehand, you don’t have many options other than calling your service provider and hoping they can help. Most providers do offer GPS location services for a reasonable fee though, so if your phone is GPS-enabled, finding it is sometimes just a matter of activating the GPS chip.Read more:

Part 2: Top 5 Free Mobile Number Tracker Apps for Android

If you use an Android phone and the fact that tracking a mobile number via a free website is not your cup of tea, you can employ various apps to track your number of interest. The following are the leading free mobile number tracker app for Android that you should make use of.

1: Mobile Number Locator

The Mobile Number Locator is an Android-oriented free mobile number tracker app that gives you unmatched flexibility when it comes to tracking down a particular number.


  • This phone number locator comes with a fully functional 3D Google map.
  • Each and every globally used code is present on this app.
  • The automatic caller identification feature lets you know who the new caller is before answering the phone.


  • The phone number locator works perfectly with no internet connection.
  • You can call and message anyone via the app instead of using the boring call logs and messaging platforms that come pre-installed with Android devices.
  • You can view a list of all your call logs, the area of origin as well as the operator name.
  • The Google 3D map makes it easy for you to know the exact location of the phone number.


  • The phone number tracker is only applicable in India, Canada, Pakistan, and the USA.
  • It cannot trace any mobile ported number.

2: Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile Number Tracker is a free mobile number tracker app that gives you the opportunity to track the location of any number based in your locality.


  • You can track the location of your target number by following two basic steps.
  • It supports GSM, State, and CDMA mobile providers.
  • This free phone tracer comes with an inbuilt GPS map which makes it easy to track the location of the phone number.


  • It's easy for you to track any number regardless of the network provider.
  • You only require two simple steps to retrieve your number.
  • Mobile Number Tracker is free for use.


  • The phone number tracker only traces phone numbers based in India alone.
  • Multiple users have complained about the quality of the services offered.
  • You must have an active internet connection to track your phone number.

3: Caller ID & Number Locator

If you are looking for a flexible and highly dependable free phone number tracker, look no further than the Caller ID & Number Locator app . Unlike other free mobile number tracker apps, this app brings together the combination of a caller identifier and a number locator.


  • This phone number locator has a database where more than 12,982 cities are evenly stored for simplified tracking.
  • The caller ID feature lets you know the real caller of a new number before you can answer the phone.
  • It comes with an optional call blocker feature.


  • You can search for any number without necessarily using an active internet connection.
  • You can search any mobile number in over 200 countries globally.
  • You can view the location of the caller as well as the ID.
  • Thanks to the caller blocker feature, you can block any annoying caller.
  • The presence of the map makes it easier for you to pinpoint the exact origin of the caller.


  • The phone number tracker cannot function on any Android version below 4.0.

4: Truecaller Phone Tracer

It is no secret that Truecaller Phone Tracer is the world leading call and number locator app globally.


  • The block feature allows you to block any unwanted numbers.
  • You can view the name and the photo of your caller.
  • Truecaller Phone Tracer has a contact database which makes it easy for you to trace down an unknown number.


  • Your phonebook contacts are not uploaded online as it is with other apps.
  • You can know when someone searched for your number online.
  • You can make calls directly from the app.
  • With over 200 million users, you are guaranteed the best tracking and location services.


  • You must have an active internet connection for this app to work.
  • You must use your phone number to register the app.

5: Trace Mobile Number

Trace Mobile Number is mobile number tracking application that is designed for Android devices. You can try this application if you want to locate the live location of the target device. There are numerous of cellular network service providers available in this application. Every Android device running on Android version 4.0 or higher can use this application services.


  • The accuracy of location tracking with this application is very accurate unlike other phone number location tracking application for Android.
  • One of the main features of this application is that you can easily locate the mobile number in offline without internet connection.
  • The developer of this application adds new data and functions in their database and app to give you best location tracking services.


  • Engaging with is, you can also view the network cellular provider name during every incoming and outgoing call.
  • Using Trace Mobile Number is very easy to use without any extra computer skills.


  • Only limited to India, and some neighbor regions.
  • The advertisement is available that is very frustrating for the user.

Track Cell Phone When Turned Off

  1. Jan 10, 2018 .. There are actually many ways to find and track a lost Android phone. We explain all of these options so that you get your phone back in no time. .. There are a handful of phone recovery or anti-theft apps on the Google Play ..Lock
  2. More spying features than any competitors
  3. Simply the best
  4. Use Google Location History – now called ‘Timeline’ – to track your lost Android phone (even if it’s turned off)Intimate Conversations
  5. Cellphones are a detriment to our kids’ healthSupported OS Versions:
  6. Check out our list of best cell phone tracking apps for iPhone and Android5 Best Child Tracking Apps for Android
  7. Google offers its own ‘Titan’ USB security key for password-free loginsiCam - Webcam Video Streaming
  8. Seriously, try Google’s Find My PhoneSwitch to Hosting UK

Whatsapp Spy Free Download The Best Whatsapp tracker for Android and Iphone?5 days ago .. Google's Find My Device app is a must-have for Android users and one of our favorite Android apps. If you added a Google Account to your ..Anti-Theft Part 9: spy a smartphone someonesWhere’s My Droid Can I Put Monitoring on a Cell Phone Free Android Phone Tracker Onlineperiod Tracking Apps; What is the Way to spy an Cell Phone! There Is a You can to Browse Multimedia Content Secretly.Remote Control

Download link:

  • Call intercept: This feature allows users to eavesdrop on live cell phone conversations. The individual being targeted is not aware that he/she is being monitored.
  • Call Recording on the target mobile device. This mobile tracker app records all outgoing and incoming phone calls. Users may access recordings within the app’s online control panel anytime. Whenever they have an internet access.
  • The software supports recording of surroundings. Users may record surrounding sounds.
  • The recording is then uploaded to online control panel making users able to listen to what is taking place as it occurs.
  • FlexiSPY has a password cracker feature. It enables users to access all passwords for installed applications. Get login details for emails and social media from the target mobile devices.
  • The software has a remCam feature. This secret tracker app for apple iPhone allows users to take control over the target cell phone camera. Users may take photos which are uploaded to online control panel afterward.
  • GPS location tracker. The tracker enables users to locate stolen cell phone signal location on a map. Making a real-time tracking of the family members’ mobile devices easy.

Cell Phone Child Locator Parental Control AppMobile Tracker Free | Cell Phone Tracker App | Monitoring App for .. There looks to be an issue with web server settings. Please contact the support for an updateThe copy9 is the best spy app available on the market. .. Copy9 is an application developed for Android and Iphone which once activated, .. Check all features .. You can view all Viber messages your children or employees send and receive .. SMS Tracker Email iOS Vk How to locate your phone using Google

  • Idcom.
  • Some Cloud apps have a cloud feature that you may not have realized was a part of the app. Mobile Phone Tracker spy and track mobile phone.
  • Last night I was watching my movies and some videos, and next morning my friend glanced me with different eyes like Anger.
  • If your data, minutes, or text usage looks suspicious, the possibility that a tracking application is spying on your phone and sending data to whoever is spying on you is real. Legally an individual or company is only allowed to install spying software on a phone, tablet, or computer they own.
  • I have tried:
  • How to Set Up Cell Phone Tracking for a Child You can also use the builtin Find My iPhone app on your iPhone Find the IMEI or MEID Number on a Mobile Phone.
  • To spy on an iphone without jailbreaking how to spy on cell access how to spy on iphone text messages for free.

Complete tutorial on making a GPS Location Tracker app for Android. We will use location Listener for handling location changes and and use Google Maps to display marker in Maps.Check out the full tutorial and source code: watch: "Adding Custom Transition (Animation) Between Android Activities Transition | Tutorial"

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If you lost your android device, you can easily track its location using an app called, “android device manager”. This tutorial explains the steps through which you can find location of your android device on your desktop or on any other android handset. I use this app to track location of my wife, whenever she is travelling out of city and gets stuck, so I help her reach out her destination by remotely tracking her cell phone.Some of the interesting features of this app are – 1. Ring – If you kept your phone somewhere but don’t remember it’s location, more over its on silent mode, you may really face night mare in tracing it. So by using this app, you can reach approximate location of phone and then click on ring and your phone will start ringing for 5 minutes at full volume.2. Lock – This feature allows you to lock your android device with password and also set your call back number, so any one with good intentions can call on that number and speak to you.3. Erase – If your phone has been stolen and there is no hope for recovery, you can simply click on erase and all the data on phone will get deleted, only data that will not get erased is the one that is on SD card.4. You can also login as a guest, which means if you wish to help someone track his cell phone, you can do that from your handset or desktop provided the app is installed on that lost handset.5. Last but not the least feature of this is – You can go to and track location history of your android device. This feature can really be helpful in tracking lost devices. ……………………………………………………………………About creator of this video: Harish Bali is a Tech blogger and Social media expert who loves to make tutorials on use of technology in day to day life.Follow us:Blog on Tech Guide: Plus Technofare : Plus Harish Bali: Subscribe to Channel: other videos on Technofare: you found this tutorial on how to track location of your android device useful, Do give it a thumbs up. Please share it on social media. Thanks for watching.

Protect Your Family

Silently monitor all communications, GPS location tracking and user behavior of a smartphone or a computer from any web browser. Install SPYERA to any mobile phone or any computer that you have legal permission to track. Reveal secrets immediately! SPYERA is undetectable cell phone spy app and computer monitoring software to protect your family.

  • GPS tracker : – this is the latest and updated feature of the SMS spy app. If the phone is out of reach or so far that its location is lost then this GPS tracking feature helps in locating the phone or mobile within few minutes on the map.
  • Spy call and call recording : – spy call feature helps an individual to auto record the call of a victim and the voice of the call will be clear in all contexts. An individual can listen to the whole conversation. A person can listen to the voices coming from both sides. From the spy call feature, one can detect the location of an individual. For that, you must have the good quality of app that you can obtain from the website, i.e.,
  • Monitor the chat : – through this feature of spy on text messages or SMS spy apps one can take the full control in their hands and monitor the chats. This means that you can chat on behalf of other person or the holder of the account or phone.
  • WhatsApp spying : – this is the most beneficial and useful feature in the world of technology. Whatsapp spying is that no matter who is sending the messages on WhatsApp you can easily get the sender’s number, location, time of the messages, etc. this is the most used texting app, and this can be traced easily through the SMS spy app . You can monitor and check all the messages on WhatsApp.
  • Observe: – an individual can observe all the activities of the victim. If you are in problem then only you are responsible for the problem so you must have the SMS spy app to observe all the activities of your spouse or children. You should spy immediately if you have any doubt that your enemy can harm you in some way.

How to Find Your Lost Android Phone, Even if You Never Set Up a Tracking App

by Chris Hoffman on June 26th, 2013

Android doesn’t come with a “find my Android” feature, so there’s no official way to track your phone if you lose it. You should prepare your phone for loss by setting up such a tracking app — but what if you didn’t?

Your first instinct may be to download Lookout’s Plan B , which has been the go-to app for this purpose. However, Plan B only runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and lower, so modern Android phones will require a new solution. If you are still running 2.3 or lower, you should definitely check it out, but everybody else can keep reading.

How to track an Android phone

If you're someone who likes to have the latest and greatest gadgets, you know that it can cost nearly ,000 for your next Android phone. Now do the math on what that would cost if you're buying new devices for a family of four. Yikes, that's expensive!

The cost of replacing your gadget is just one reason you don't want to lose it. But there's an even more important reason you don't want it falling into the wrong hands.

If you guessed security, you're right. Think of all the sensitive data that can be found on your smartphone. Emails, passwords, and banking information to name a few things. It's critical that if your Android gadget is lost or stolen you have ways to find it ASAP.

That's why you need to know how to track your Android phone.

The good news is there are a few apps out there that can help. Let's take a look at them now.

Note : does not condone the use of these phone trackers for anything other than locating a lost or stolen Android gadget. While these apps are great at finding a missing phone, they shouldn't be used to stalk someone. Please use good judgment when using the services of the following programs.

Easily find your lost Android gadget

With the price of new gadgets, losing yours could end up costing you big time.

Replacement costs are just the tip of the iceberg. Think of all the critical information stored on your phone and if it fell into the wrong hands.

That's why you need a reliable way to track down your gadget if it goes missing. This app will help you do just that.

I'm talking about the Find My Phone app.

This is an essential tracking tool for anyone who knows the stress and worry that comes with a lost or stolen gadget. It's available for free for Android users.

Using Find My Phone's GPS tracker makes finding your lost device easier than ever. Here are some key features of the app:

  • Find a lost, stolen or missing device whether it belongs to you, your spouse or your child.
  • Keep tabs on a lost or missing gadget with real-time location updates. When the missing device is moved, its position is updated instantly on the app's map and its website.
  • You're also able to track and locate Android tablets.

The app's navigational assistance can guide you too, making retrieval quick and easy. Mobile providers know how far a gadget is located from cell towers. The app secures this information and displays your device's whereabouts on the app's map.

How to use the app

For the tracking feature to work, the app must be installed on the device that you are searching for. Once the app is installed, log into the app's website.

You will see a pin on the map showing the location of your phone. The map also features directions to the gadget's exact location. Another key feature is the real-time updates on both the app and the website. You will see the map instantly updated whenever the gadget is on the move.

Click here to download the Find My Phone app .

Another helpful tracking app

Here's another way to find your missing Android gadget. I'm talking about Google's Find My Device app.

Find My Device is the new and improved Android Device Manager. It helps you easily locate a lost Android gadget, and keeps your information safe and sound while you look.

The app is completely free and helps you locate your Android phone, tablet and even your Android Wear device. Here are a few features of the app.

  • Locate gadget - Your missing device will ring for 5 minutes, even if set to silent.
  • Securing device - The lost gadget will lock and display a message or phone number.
  • Erase - If you are not able to find your device, you can erase all content stored on it. This keeps sensitive data out of the hands of thieves. ( Note : Using this function means the Find My Device app will no longer work in helping you locate the lost gadget.)

How to use Find My Device

If you lose an Android gadget, you can find, lock, or erase it. If you've added a Google Account to your Android device, Find My Device is automatically turned on. To use Find My Device, your lost device must:

  • Be turned on
  • Be signed in to a Google Account
  • Be connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi
  • Be visible on Google Play
  • Have Location turned on
  • Have Find My Device turned on
  • Lost Android Wear watches must also be running Android Wear 2.0 and up

Click here to download the Find My Device app .

Resourceful app helps find your missing Android

This next app is very resourceful. I'm talking about Lost Android.

Lost Android has a number of impressive features that will help you find your missing gadget. For one, you are able to control your lost phone remotely from either its website or SMS.

Here are some of the app's features:

  • Locate by GPS network
  • Read sent and received SMS messages from your phone and send them to your email
  • Wipe your phone
  • Lock phone
  • Erase SD card
  • Start alarm with flashing screen
  • Send SMS (text) messages from webpage
  • Forward calls

How to use the app

  1. Download the app.
  2. Register your phone - Simply start the program. That's it.
  3. Re-login on website - Login to the app's site by using your Google account. You should get a 'Congratulations' pop up message indicating that your phone is hooked up to the site. You can now click on the 'Controls' menu and start to remotely control your phone.

Click here to download the free Lost Android app .

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  • Call Tracker Call Tracker record all the calls taking place on/from the targeted device and more...
  • Browser History Spy on browser history with SpyHuman Phone spy apps and more...
  • GPS Tracker Track the real-time location of your children or employee with GPS Tracker and more...
  • SMS Tracker SMS tracker tracks all the sent/received messages from the targeted device and more...
  • Facebook Spy Facebook spy allows you to read the entire Facebook conversations remotely and more...
  • Call Logs Mobile Spy app record the entire call logs history with time stamps and more...
  • WhatsApp Spy Spy on all the WhatsApp messages without rooting any android device. and more...
  • App Tracker Mobile Tracker allows you to block any suspicious apps on the targeted device. and more...
See All Features

Top Programs to Spy on a Cell Phone

From my 8 years in the business, I have come across many cell phone android spy apps, but only a few that actually work. I will give you my recommendation and you can choose which is best for you.

I have chosen to provide you with the programs that have the best balance of simplicity, cost, and dependability. The recommended spy programs below also have no monthly fees and additional costs. I HATE monthly subscriptions so I didn’t want to give you something I wouldn’t buy myself. Make sense?

While compiling the How-To-Guide, I did a test run on each of these programs. So, you can be rest assured knowing that they are reliable and trustworthy. Here are my recommendations:

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    Spy Text Messages

    May 24, 2018 8:51PM

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    See more Wheres My Droid Alienman Technologies LLC Never lose your phone again with the original find your phone app. Find Lost Phone Androod Studio Locate My Phone find your stolen phone in seconds, also you can find my phone Find iPhone, Android Devices, xfi Locator Lite funrealitysoftware Quickly locate your lost iOS devices, and Android devices. Send audible sound. Track Lost Cell Phone: Lost Device Tracker Apps Luna World Track lost cell phone : lost device tracker is for phone finder & phone locater. Family Locator - GPS Tracker Life360 Family Locator lets you know your family is safe, even when they’re far away!
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