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Is it possible to remote install spy software on Android or iPhone? Remote cell phone spy

February 13, 2017 Jeff - Technical Support Representative 2 Comments News

#1 Spy Phone Apps in 2018 Worth to Get


In this article, I would like to give you answers on all remote installation questions you might have. I created this article because of the high amount users reply about remote spyware installation questions in various forms:

  • How to remote install cell phone monitoring software?
  • How to remote install spy software on Android?
  • How to remote install spy software on iPhone?
  • How to spy on a cell phone without having it?
  • Is there any remote cell phone spy software?


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How to spy on a cell phone without having it?

How to spy on a cell phone without having it is a very frequently asked questions. Here you will learn about three remote monitoring solutions.    

Bluetooth scanner / BT scanner

Bluetooth scanner was very popular remote tracking solution. This was the attempt to remote extract features like:

  • Text messages
  • Call logs
  • Emails
  • GPS location


How to monitor a cell phone with Bluetooth scanner? Bluetooth scanner relies only on a Bluetooth signal to establish a connection with the target phone so there is no need for remote install spy software. Once a Bluetooth connection is established you can see target phone information. Bluetooth scanner software was intended for computers. So you have to install it on the computer and it must be closer to the target as much as possible. Once the connection is established it needs to provide you the way to make cell phone spying without installing software. The biggest distance is 25 miles away.


What are Bluetooth scanner advantages? The advantages of this remote tracking software are:

  • No target phone access need because there is no installation or seting up procedure.
  • No root/jailbreaking need.
  • No Internet connection need for monitoring.


The problem with this solution was that in many cases the connection was not established. It is not the reliable solution and it does not work as it should.



String Ray is a special innovative remote monitor technology which can remote extract target information. It can remote monitor on signals inside the house, vehicle or any other building and it works on the principle of fake wireless carrier cell tower. Mobile phones which are nearby are connecting to this device and then it takes and analyze the data.

Who uses this technology?

This technology is the advanced, powerful and it works perfectly. However, this is not accessible to everyone and today only used by law enforcement.


mSpy and Highster Mobile No jailbreak and No install feature


This remote monitor without having the phone actually works great. However, note that this feature is for phones only. So this solution will not work with Android, Blackberry, Windows phone or Symbian device.  

Will I need to jailbreak or install the app? This is the innovative and powerful mSpy and Highster Mobile remote monitor feature. This feature does not require the jailbreak, install or possession of iPhone device. Also, you will not change or install anything on the phone so there are no suspicious activities.  

mSpy - from .33/month

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Highster Mobile - Try It For Only .99! - Lifetime License

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Are there any requirements for remote cell phone spy?

However, there are requirements for this remote monitor iPhone solution to work. You will need to:

  1. Know Apple id and Password.
  2. Make sure iPhone iCloud backup is activated.
  3. Have the monitoring app online account.


Apple id and password are needed to connect to the iCloud backup account. There will be information which will be extracted by mSpy or Highster Mobile app. Also, that is the reason why you will need to make sure that the iCloud backup is activated. If the target has this feature activated then you can remote monitor iPhone without touching anything. However, if this feature isn’t activated you will need to take the device and activated it. Here are three easy steps to activate iCloud backup: STEP 1 Device Settings First, take the target iPhone device and select settings.

STEP 2 Find Backup Settings Find and tap on iCloud to enable it backup setting. Tap on “iCloud” and then select “Backup”.

STEP 3 Turn Backup Settings on Turn the iCloud backup on and then press “OK” to confirm it. In few second it will turn on or it will ask you to enter the password and then it will turn on. Now iPhone information’ s will backup automatically in time.

  The last requirement is to have mSpy or Highster Mobile account. These two apps are Best iPhone remote monitoring solutions on the market. mSpy and Highster Mobile will act like iPhone Spyware Without Access to Phone, allow you to remote extract features like the call, spy text message, GPS, photos, video logs as well as more advanced social network logs. Highster Mobile is less expensive and provides you with a lot of features and that is why people use it more. However, the list of features is different for both monitoring apps so check the full list in the article bellow.  

Can you use it legally? This remote spy solution is only and the best way for you to find out device activities without having or installing the apps on the phone. If you use it by the Privacy laws this feature is legal and it can be used, everyone. In just a few second you will learn is there a way to remote monitor Android phones.


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PC Spy Software 12.01.01

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PhoneSpector for Android

Cell phones are fairly easy to monitor. Their security system is such that it makes them vulnerable to cell phone monitoring software without the user ever knowing.

After establishing a remote connection with the device using the PhoneSpector cell phone utility spy app, information from the monitored device will upload freely to your control panel. You will be able to see virtually everything that happens on the cell phone from within your User Control Panel. You can monitor the target device, anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

The installation process is quite simple. After purchasing the program, you will receive an email that contains your username, password and license key (your password license key are the same). You can download the app through an OTA (over the air) link. After the download is complete, you have to enter your license key, the telephone number of the target device, and a few taps of the activation key.  

There are three basic steps to using this app:

1. Download – Use the OTA (over-the-air) link to download the app to the phone you want to monitor.

2. Activate – Enter the license you get from PhoneSpector to activate and the target phone number.

3. Monitor – From your cell phone, tablet, or computer, view texts, calls, GPS, and all available information from the target phone.

Once installed, you can monitor a cell phone from your internet connected cell phone, tablet, or computer. The important thing to remember when using this type of software is that it’s not rocket science. It really is quite easy if you just take your time and listen to the instructions. PhoneSpector comes with video tutorials and written instructions, which makes it quite simple to install and use. Even the most technologically challenged person can be successful with PhoneSpector.

Visit their site: https://phonespector.com

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How to Detect and Remove Spyware from Your iPhone

Is a compromised app causing the problem?

Rather than a virus affecting iOS itself, it's possible that you've simply got a problem app. This doesn't necessarily mean the app is bad or that the developers are at fault; conversely, the fact that an app is legitimate or was made by a reputable company doesn't mean it can't be hijacked by malware or hackers. Because hackers cannot break into iOS itself, one of their most common strategies is to crack a developer kit, which may in turn be used by well-meaning and unaware app developers. The crooks thus gain the ability to redirect you to a dodgy website when you use the app which uses the compromised developer tool.

It's usually obvious when one particular compromised app is causing the problem, because you only have problems when using it. The usual giveaway sign is that, when you've got that app open, you will periodically be redirected to a web page, or to the App Store, without your permission.

If you think one app is the problem, first of all have a look to see if an updated version of the app is available, since the problem may have been noticed and fixed. Also check the app's website (if it has one) and/or the developers' Twitter feed (if they have one) to see if the issue has been reported or discussed in those places. If the devs are contactable then you should report the issue to them; they may be able to offer a solution, but even if they can't, they are more likely to find a fix if they know about the problem.

Assuming that updating the app doesn't solve the problem, uninstall the app and try to manage without it for a while. If the problem disappears then you've found your culprit, and it's time to decide if you can manage without the app in the long term. Even if you do decide to give it the chop, however, remember that you can check in with the developers from time to time and see if a satisfactory update has materialised.

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