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  1. Samsung Galaxy A8.
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  4. This page is dedicated for Moto G howto guide. The ability to remove the program after a certain (fixed) period of time is an extra plus.

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Step 3: Log in to Control Panel

Now that we have TheTruthSpy installed, we can access the phone information from the cloud. The spy software we have installed on the phone relays all the information on the phone to a server. We can then access that server via an account at my.thetruthspy.com as seen below.

Once we have logged in with our credentials, we are greeted by a dashboard like below. Since this is trial software, some of the capabilities are unavailable, but even this trial software comes with the ability to track the phone via GPS, gives you all the SMS history, the call history, Twitter history, and finally, Auto Answer.

Here you can see the call history screen. It lists each call, who it was from or to (I erased the names to protect the innocent), the date, and the length of the call.

Here you can see a text conversation I had with my friend Sam a couple days ago. All of the user's text messages are available here.

It also enables you to track the location of the phone (and presumably the user) wherever it goes.

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